Cloud computing technologies originated a long time ago and have more than one decade of formation and development. Even today, this word form does not have a clearly defined definition. Since modern technologies are developing so rapidly, the cloud service is constantly updated and supplemented with new formulations.

In short, cloud computing is a digital data processing technology in which the resources of computer machines are provided as a remote service. The commercial focus has influenced the emergence of various service models: private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Main Advantages

Cloud application development has a number of features and benefits. The modern infrastructure of computing services has thousands of servers in different parts of the world. They provide a computing and data storage resource for online applications that are used by thousands of visitors at the same time. Cloud technology has many benefits that enable it to be sustainable and updated. It is not profitable for companies to maintain their own servers and super-powerful computers for computing; it is much cheaper and more convenient to use a cloud service. Customers of cloud technologies can save on maintenance personnel, infrastructure, computers, and at the same time receive high-quality services for computing and storing digital information.

In addition, the technology of cloud storage of files implies the possibility of not only remote access to information but also the processing of files using various software. Employees of the customer’s company can simultaneously use files using devices with different operating systems. It is very convenient and profitable. The cloud service has few disadvantages. The only downside to the cloud is that the customer is completely dependent on the service provider. Even with the proven reliability of the supplier, it is not very convenient for the client to make the performance of the entire system rigidly dependent on the actions of one counterparty. Therefore, cloud services are not used by government and military companies.

“Cloud”, as a remote server with computing functions, selects the necessary resource for solving a specific task. This flexibility and rationality of redistribution contribute to the fast and high-quality processing of information. As a result, the client pays only for the actually used time of the virtual server and computer.

The reliability of cloud technologies is ensured with the help of specially-equipped data centers, where there are uninterrupted energy sources, qualified personnel, and security personnel.

Some modern critics of the cloud storage system highlight another disadvantage of the service – the confidentiality of information. There is a lot of controversy and disagreement about the security of public clouds since there is no technology with 100% data protection. Most experts advise against storing valuable documents on public servers and using your own equipment for this purpose.

On the issue of reliability, everything is also not so simple. If the consumer has lost the stored files in the cloud, and there was no backup, he will never restore the information. In addition, if attackers manage to gain access to the servers, they will have a huge amount of valuable information in their hands.

The development of a variety of cloud technology services deserves a special place. For the modern user, packages of services have become available with a very different level of functionality and data storage capacity.

A full package of services involves the use of all software capabilities of data centers, including the interaction between “native” users.

With reduced access, the customer can limit themselves to using only the cloud infrastructure. In this case, the user is provided with virtual platforms that he can use for his commercial purposes. Hardware is very popular in this segment of services. The client can choose certain equipment and rent it for a time agreed by the parties in advance. This simplifies the solution of many modern problems in the field of programming, automation, and data management, and significantly saves the customer’s company budget.Follow the link to DevOps Services to learn more and chat with experienced professionals.

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