In this article, we will learn how to check GroupWise emails and archive emails without accessing a GroupWise account. To make the process simple, we have also shared a tailor-made software dedicated to converting or accessing GroupWise emails in Outlook. 


Novell GroupWise is a platform that provides collaboration and messaging services to businesses. It also helps individuals manage documents, set calendars, send instant messages, collect personal information, and send emails. Moreover, the latest version of GroupWise, “GroupWise 2018,” gives similar vibes to Outlook in many ways. 

Despite all the features of the GroupWise server, you would still want to convert the archive mailbox of GroupWise to Outlook PST, Office 365, and Exchange. This situation usually arises when you are trying to move to a new machine that is not connected to the GroupWise server. Moreover, you may also need to access your GroupWise emails when switching between emailing platforms. 

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There are numerous ways to convert GroupWise mails to Outlook PST format including manual & software-based methods. Let’s learn how you can do that without using the GroupWise server:

Transfer Archives of GroupWise to Outlook

The two major steps to begin the process of viewing the archive mailbox of GroupWise without the GroupWise server are:

  • Creating an archive directory or archive emails, both of which are of GroupWise
  • In Microsoft Outlook, download the GroupWise unlimited archives

Downloading Inbox Emails in Outlook

Now the second major step is to view GroupWise emails without the GroupWise server to download the emails in the GroupWise inbox. To complete this step, you will have to follow these steps:

  • First, go to the Microsoft AD Network tab and open GroupWise.
  • Now you will see an Inbox tab, go to the “New Folder (GW Archives).”
  • Now go to Menu and select the File tab, then select Open and choose Import.
  • From the “Import and Export wizard” tab, select the tab “Import from another program file” and then choose the next tab by right-clicking on it.
  • Go to the section that shows “Import a File,” and you will see it asks you to “select the file type to import from.” You must choose the “outlook data file (.PST)” and click on the Next tab.
  • You will see a tab that shows “Import personal folders” Here, give the name you want your PST file to be saved. Tick on the option that reads “Do not import duplicates” and choose the following option by right-clicking on it.
  • After finishing all the above steps, the last step is to go to the “Import outlook data file” tab. You will have to check the box that says “Include subfolders, choose “Import items into the same folders,” and then click Finish by clicking on it.

On completing the above-mentioned steps, your archived emails will be successfully displayed in outlook after downloading them. You can now open these emails without the GroupWise server. Next, you can solve your problem with the GroupWise Archive viewer without the GroupWise server, but this may be lengthy and difficult. Moreover, with the long and complex steps, it becomes difficult for people with limited technical knowledge to pull that off. Hence, to avoid such a mishap, you can use a more professional method that we will discuss later.

Drawbacks of GroupWise

GroupWise has certain shortcomings which make users migrate from the GroupWise server to Microsoft Outlook. Some of them are:

  • People experience regular crashes when working with GroupWise 
  • On various occasions, GroupWise crashes unexpectedly, such as viewing or sending emails
  • Another major drawback of GroupWise email clients is that it does not support shared folders.
  • Unexpected crashes showing error “The address book deinitialization function was never called by its parent application”

All these shortcomings are covered by Microsoft Outlook and hence people tend to migrate from GroupWise to Outlook.

The process of viewing GroupWise emails without accessing GroupWise accounts also has some drawbacks. The process in itself is time-consuming when we follow manual steps and committing any mistake at any of the steps might make the whole procedure go wrong. Also, the file format of GroupWise is not compatible with Microsoft Outlook.

An Easier Way to Approach This Problem

Many of you with basic technical knowledge might face difficulties going through the steps mentioned above as they require a lot of care & attention. If you miss any actions, you might alter the whole process. Thankfully, there’s an easier way to approach this problem. You can use a special application for converting from GroupWise to PST. Stellar Converter for GroupWise is great software, which converts GroupWise mail data and can greatly reduce the time and effort involved in such conversion. Also, the biggest risk in the process mentioned above is data loss, which might be a huge loss for some people. But if you use this specially designed converter application, you eliminate this risk. Hence, it becomes more favorable to use these applications.

Stellar Converter for GroupWise: A Panacea of all Problems 

One of the best applications for carrying out this process is a “Stellar Converter for GroupWise.” This application is used for performing the conversion. It can help you export almost all the items of the mailbox, for example, contacts, attachments, documents, calendar, address book, and emails, into the PST form. 


To directly export the GroupWise mail to Microsoft office 365, you can use the Technician edition of this software. It is powered by advanced conversion algorithms, which help you to convert every data of GroupWise Mailbox. The easy-to-use GUI adds the cherry to the cake. “Stellar Converter for GroupWise” can also help you convert data from multiple mailboxes to give you a better result. Moreover, it also acts as a GroupWise email viewer and helps users avoid the risk of data loss. 


The conversion of GroupWise emails involves steps that are very easy to perform, but if any mistake is committed in the execution of these steps or any of the steps are missed, then it might create a big problem for you. One wrong step can permanently lose important data you might have saved over a long period. Hence, we can see why these manual methods are now an old-age custom. 

Figure 2: Stellar Converter For GroupWiseNow

people use applications such as “Stellar Converter for GroupWise” to carry out these tasks more efficiently. This mechanical method is more convenient and reliable. This can save you from losing your data when performing this conversion. There are various applications used for this conversion process but always make sure to choose the one that is trustworthy and reliable as this activity involves using your data. Hence, we recommend our readers to use “Stellar Converter for GroupWise” as it is one of the most trusted applications out there.