AT&T offers an email account to its users that can be used for not only communicating with AT&T but it can also be used as a personal email account to work with emails. 

Apart from this, the highlighting feature offered by AT&T to its users was that you can merge your Yahoo email account with AT&T and access all the emails under one roof. This also lets you share passwords; however, some users found it really confusing using this feature; so here you will find complete details about the merger and how you can separate your Yahoo account from AT&T.

The Association of AT&T and Yahoo

The merger of AT&T and Yahoo allowed its users to use a combined account and enabled them to use the service of both AT&T and Yahoo simultaneously. A merged account comes with the following features:

  1. Sign in to your AT&T account by entering the Yahoo email address.
  2. Sign into Yahoo as well as the AT&T account using the same details.
  3. The same password will work to login to both the accounts.
  4. It is easy to access the emails from both the accounts in the same place.
  5. If you will reset the AT&T account password, it will also reset the Yahoo account’s password.
  6. When you will try to login to Yahoo mail, you will be directed to the AT&T webpage.

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All these features were available when Yahoo and AT&T were working in association but now it is no more possible as both the email services have decided to part their ways. As per sources, Yahoo and AT&T were not much excited about their union and were reportedly using ‘MY AT&T Page’ and ‘My Yahoo Page’ separately. There were a few users who were availing of the combined benefits of ‘MY AT&T Yahoo Page.’

This happened due to the fact that the association was completely new for the users and even some of them faced confusion and issues while using the email services after their association.

The Yahoo and AT&T merger also hampered the user’s experience as the interface of Yahoo changed altogether with its features and it even got AT&T logo, features, and log in facilities.

All this led to a lot of confusion among the users making them wondering about when they will be able to move back to using Yahoo and AT&T usually as before and get benefitted from them individually.

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Unmerge Yahoo Account from AT&T in Few Simple Steps

As soon as the news of AT&T and Yahoo getting unmerged hit the internet, there was so much chaos among the users as they were again going to face difficulty in order to bring the things back to normal. However, they were also happy about the dissociation as now both the email services i.e. AT&T and Yahoo will be able to offer better security features.

However, the partition also came up with lots of questions and now users have been left thinking that if they will lose access to their accounts or what will happen with their AT&T and Yahoo email account.

Go with the given steps to unmerge or separate your Yahoo email account from AT&T:

  1. Open Google search engine on a browser and search for AT&T’s official webpage.
  2. Click on the official link to go to the AT&T’s sign-in page. Thereafter, log in to your AT&T account using your username and password.
  3. After you have logged in to your account, go to the ‘Profile’ option available under the ‘MY ATT’ section; you can access this section from the top navigation bar.
  4. After that under ‘AT&T Email Accounts’, look for the ‘Account Profile’ option and then click on that.
  5. Now, navigate to the ‘User Information’ tab and select the option ‘Delete Account’ available on the right side of the ‘Member ID’ option.
  6. After some time, you will receive a confirmation message of ‘Delete Email’; press ‘Ok’ to confirm the unmerge.
  7. Now, open the Yahoo Sign-in page and use the login details to access your account; to use Yahoo individually, click on the ‘Unmerge’ option shown at the bottom-right corner of the Yahoo page. 

That was all about how you can separate your Yahoo account from AT&T and start using them individually. Hope the information will clear all your doubts. Also if you want to go for a new AT&T email account or sign up for a new Yahoo mail account, you can do the registration normally.