We all know how beneficial Squarespace software is for people who wish to venture online. Squarespace allows you to stand out in the digital world and transform your ideas into an attractive website. The built-in templates are suitable for all individuals and professional needs. 

Squarespace offers a premium look to your website without any struggle. Not just that, the built-in SEO tools offered by Squarespace maximize your online visibility in search results. It is suitable for both big and small business owners. In fact, the content management system is also user-friendly. 

However, it is to be known that it needs improvement to attract more leads and generate sales irrespective of how amazing your website is. 

Integrating Apps to Your Webpage

It is important to integrate such apps with your website that can help in connecting with your visitors and customers. With Smartarget, you can add apps such as WhatsApp, Popup, etc., to your website. 


  • Integrating Squarespace WhatsApp can help in increasing customer engagement and fetch more sales for your business.
  • With our apps, you can grow your business that too with free installation and customer support.
  • You can turn visitors into leads by enabling them to contact you via a preferred platform. 
  • You can significantly increase your sales figures by promoting special offers and last-time deals.
  • Our apps work with all the platforms, irrespective of the platform you choose.
  • We have as many as 57893 websites connected with us. 
  • Smartarget creates value for your website.
  • You can benefit from simple apps management.
  • You will also receive detailed apps analytics and weekly performance reports.

Here’s a look at some helpful tips for improving the Squarespace e-commerce website:

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Improve the Design and User Experience

If your website is not presentable and functional, the visitors will leave your website without browsing further. For increasing the conversions, you must present your store online in a visually appealing manner. Make sure that the customers instantly learn about your product or service. Improve your web or graphic skills. A professional can help in doing that. 

Your website should be fast, which can be achieved with the right web host. You also need to incorporate high-level security features for building the trust and confidence of the customers. 

Keep the Website Seamless

This applies to businesses that have a physical store as well apart from an online presence. Blending both mediums will help the customers find the right products, learn about deals, and get everything they need. This is known as an omnichannel experience.  

You need to make the website mobile-friendly as most of the customers access the website via smartphones. Allowing access to every aspect of your business via a mobile device will bring success. 

Accurate Information

You need to offer accurate information to the customers. If you have a physical store, people might first research online before visiting your store. You need to make sure that your offerings match the products in your store. This will help in the long run in driving conversions and encouraging customers to visit your physical location for completing a transaction. 

Focus on Analytics

You need to learn more about your consumer base, which can be done via analytics. It is important to collect data for learning about customer trends. You must know what customers wish to buy, when they are likely to purchase, where they like to buy, what payment method they prefer, and other information which predicts their behavior. Taking advantage of the analytics will help in improving what you offer to your potential customers.

Focus on Customer Needs

When you have a look at the analytics, you will get to know which segment of the customer base will respond to which marketing strategy. One size doesn’t fit all in this case. You must customize your ads for maximum impact. Implementing a specific approach for a specific target audience will improve your chances of conversion. Create temptations that directly address the needs of the consumer. 

Integrating the Smartarget apps along with making the improvements mentioned above will give mileage to your e-commerce business. You can rest assured about fetching more leads and witnessing more conversions.