Using Google Ads to achieve your business goals could be one of the best decisions you can take. Currently, people across the world are using Google to make almost 5 billion search queries in a day. 

Therefore, every search provides more opportunities and chances for you to get the business in front of potential leads and customers. This means increased conversions and sales. That is where Google Ads comes into the limelight. 

They let you advertise and promote your business whenever users would search for a relevant keyword. Having said that, in this post, let’s find out how Google Ads can help you achieve your business goals.

What is Google Ads?

Provided by Google, it is a paid online advertising platform. Google has allocated the slots of SERP to different features like Paid, Organic, FAQs, Videos, Knowledge Graphs, etc.  The working mechanism of Google Ads is relatively the same. Whenever somebody searches a keyword, they get the query result on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). These results can comprise paid advertisements and unpaid results with the targeted keywords. Google only shows ads for those queries for which brands are bidding to show up their ads. 

For instance, if you search for “Google ads”, here is what you will get:


From the image mentioned above, it is clear that the advertisement gets placed with an Ad feature on them. It looks similar to organic results, the only thing that differentiates them is the bolded “Ad” at the top left corner of the post.

This is advantageous for your business if you get featured on top results as the top results on Google generally get a majority of traffic from the search queries. However, going with Google ads doesn’t mean that you will necessarily get the top spot as there will be other marketers you will be competing with for the same keyword.

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The Working Methodology of Google Ads

Google Ads works under a Pay-per-Click (PPC) model. This means that you will get to target a certain keyword on Google and make bids on the same while competing with others who will be targeting the same keyword.

The bids that you will be making will be maximum bids, meaning the maximum you are willing to pay for the ads. For instance, if your maximum bid is $5 and Google has determined the cost per click for $2, you get the ad placement. However, if the determination by Google is more than $5, the placement will be dependent on your Ads score.

Alternatively, you can also set a maximum daily budget for the ad. You will not spend more than a certain amount for the ad per day, allowing you to get a sense of how much your budget should be for the campaign. Alternatively, you can set a maximum daily budget for your ad.

In terms of bids, you will get three varying options, such as:

  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC): The amount you will pay whenever a user clicks on the ad
  • Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE): The amount you will pay whenever a user will perform a certain action on the ad, such as watch a video, sign up for a list, and more
  • Cost-Per-Mille (CPM): The amount you will pay on every 1000 ad impressions

Types of Google Ads to Try

Google provides a variety of campaign types that you can use to achieve the goals and objectives of your business. The list includes:

1. Search Campaigns

The search campaign ads come as a text ad on the results page for a specific keyword. These are the types of ads that you must be familiar with. They appear on the search result page with an Ad symbol next to the URL.

2. Shopping Campaigns

With a shopping campaign, you can visually promote products. These ads come up as images on the search results pages. Also, they can even appear in the Google shopping section. If you are selling a physical product, Google shopping ads would be adequate to get qualified leads.

3. Display Campaigns

The display network leverages the extensive website partners of Google to display your ad on varying websites across the internet. Moreover, there are a variety of ways to make the ad appear. For instance, your ads can appear on third-party sites. Your ad can also appear in the third-party apps on the app network of Google.

4. Video Campaigns

These are the ads that appear before, in mid, or after YouTube videos in the form of pre-rolls. This turns out to be adequate if you have an amazing video ad idea that you wish to test. Also, video campaigns can be put up in varying forms.

5. App Campaigns

Similar to video ads, app ads are included in the display network as well and can be used for specific, targeted campaigns. For this, you don’t have to design every individual app ad. Rather, they will take the text and assets, like photos, and furnish the ad.

Reasons to Advertise on Google

Google is a prominent and widely used search engine with more than. Moreover, the platform of Google ads exists for almost two decades now, providing more credibility in the domain of paid advertising.

Furthermore, as per Google, you can make $8 for every $1 that you will spend on Google ads. Apart from this, here are some of the ways Google ads can help you:

1. Attracting New Customers

With Google Ads, you get to narrow down the target to certain people who will turn into assets of your brand. Your most ideal customers would be the ones who like your offerings, would be ready to buy from you repeatedly, and are willing to refer you to others. 

Most of the time, businesses struggling with sales end up marketing their brands to the wrong set of people. By targeting on this platform, you can find ideal and correct customers based on their devices, locations, needs, activities, and more. This way, you can also increase brand awareness in the market and eventually grow the business. Running and getting sales via  Google has many differences. Make sure you are familiar with targeting and funnel making. Without expertise or expert guidance you may ruin your added amount without getting any sales. I will always recommend hiring Google ads experts to better understand your targeting and generate quality leads. 

2. Gaining Complete Transparency

With Google ads, you get to see how many people are clicking on the ads almost instantly. Data is loved across all industries; it helps with the user journey, performance optimization, and decision-making to get the best returns based on user behavior. Along with this, you also get detailed reports.

3. Utmost Control and Flexibility

One of the best things that help you achieve business goals is the control and flexibility that you get with Google ads. For instance, if you wish to increase or decrease the budget according to the response, you can easily do so. 

And then, you can also pause and restart your ad whenever required. Therefore, this type of control allows you to make changes instantly.

4. Paying Only When You Get Seen

With Google, you don’t have to simply pay, even if the ads are not clicked or seen. Courtesy of the pay-per-click methodology, Google only asks you to pay when people see your offer or reach your website. 

This way, you can seamlessly ignore unnecessary expenses and pay for results. And then, you can avail advantage of every lead that goes into the funnel.

5. Showing Contact Information for Credibility

You probably must have seen ad extensions on ads. But do you know how they work? With ad extensions, you can improve Google Ads with addresses, phone numbers, site landing page links, app downloads, reviews, previous page visits, and more. 

They appear below the ad description. By including contact information in the ads, ad extensions make it easier for your leads to connect seamlessly.

6. Retargeting Customers for Follow-Ups

Have you ever experienced coming across ads for the product or company you searched for? It happens all the time, isn’t it? You visit a website, be there for a while, and leave. However, you see ads across the internet. 

This is known as retargeting. With Google Ads, if an interested person has come upon your site, they get a cookie from a code that you would have put on the backend. When the leader leaves, you can target the ads to follow them on Google search or the Google display networks. 

Although you will have to pay a bit additional, it does work incredibly to increase the sales. Consider it this way, people who are interested enough to land upon your site will see you again and again and keep your business in mind. 

For instance, let’s say you are selling gadgets. An interested youngster clicks your ad and visits the landing page for a laptop. While doing so, their browser will pick up your Google ads cookie. Now, they leave your site to look around. 

And then, suppose they visit a popular gadget blog site, which is a part of the Google Display Network, they will see your ad for laptops. And the same will happen when they visit YouTube. Specifically, customers with shopping in mind will offer more sales if they will frequently see your brand name, logo, and products around.

Intent Farm Case Study

There is no denying the fact that eCommerce is dominated by Amazon. And, Intent Farm was put on to a challenge to rank a toy store higher than this eCommerce platform. Although the brand was doing quite well on its own, it was behind Amazon for essential search terms. So, the mandate for Intent Farm was to use search marketing and rank the toy store above Amazon and improve returns on paid search marketing. 

The target was to increase the monthly earning. Thus, here is what was done:

  • Best selling products of the brand were shortlisted
  • The concentration was on increasing revenue through Shopping ads
  • Smart shopping campaigns were used to provide signals to the algorithm of Google and to improve revenues
  • Opportunities for long-tail products were identified
  • Low bid search ad campaigns were set for long-tail products so that they could get organic results

After all of this and much more, here are the results that were achieved:

  • 80% increase in organic traffic
  • 61% increase in paid traffic
  • 25% increase in RoI

Begin Your Campaign Now!

Given its authority and reach, Google ads should be a significant part of your paid marketing strategy. With the reasons mentioned above, by now, you should understand why to get started and refine as well as iterate as you move ahead. 

If you are still dubious, know that there is no such Google ad campaign that doesn’t work. With the latest data and information, make sure you create a successful Google ad campaign that drives clicks and converts with ease.

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