If you are a Yahoo Mail user, you must know about all the amazing features that this email giant offers. But the only drawback is at times you might face some errors while accessing Yahoo. One such error is Yahoo Mail temporary error 2 that arises with the message “MailboxOpenFailed”. This error can lead to other issues with Yahoo making it unable to load. Apart from that, this error can also reduce the speed of your PC affecting its functioning.

Temporary Error 2 with Yahoo Mail can also arise due to a corrupted registry entry. No matter what is the reason, you can fix this temporary error 2 by appropriate troubleshooting. 

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Troubleshooting Steps to Take to Fix Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 2

As the name suggests, this error is temporary and most of the time, it gets resolved on its own after some time but in case this doesn’t happen, you can do the regular scanning of your PC using a strong antivirus. Doing this may fix the error as well as bring back Yahoo to its normal functioning.

In case, you are getting this error over and over again, you must not ignore it and try the given steps in order to fix it:

  1. Begin by signing out of all the devices on which you are logged into your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. After that, ensure that the browser you are using to check Yahoo mails is supported by your operating system.
  3. Your next step should be to delete all cache, temp files, prefetch, and history from your browser to optimize it and to make it function properly.
  4. Now exit your browser and reopen it.
  5. Try to log in to your Yahoo account now and see if the error got fixed. 

If the error is still there, you can visit the Yahoo help page for further guidance.

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