Gaming is bigger than it has ever been before and the platforms on which people play these games are better too, with a lot more variety. The newest consoles have outperformed expectations, handheld gaming has seen a sharp increase with mobile over other platforms, and the rapid growth of esports has helped PC gaming change too, but what sort of impact has this had on the changing market for gaming platforms, and what does this mean for the future of gaming as a whole?

Mobile gaming certainly looks to be the future – With how quickly mobile gaming has grown and the audience which remains most attracted to the options available, mobile certainly looks to be the future of not only handheld gaming but all gaming as a whole – gaming choices have managed to grow from smaller individual based games to wider multiplayer options, even including genres like casino which are amongst the bigger with live dealer games thriving recently. As developers re-focus efforts to ensure a mobile presence too, cross-play options will look to be a continued feature with mobile more in mind as efforts to incorporate players from all platforms into the same services look more promising.

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PC and Esports will lead the global stage – Where mobile may continue to be the biggest market for casual gaming, for those looking for a more competitive edge it seems as if there’s no slowing for the PC platform as the biggest games in the world pull in millions of viewers and players each day – the likes of League of Legends, Valorant, Counter-Strike, and many others have found more success throughout the past two years too with the global health disruption and the increased audience that has come with it, and with the promise that these options may be included on a more popular global scale with nods towards things like esports at future Olympic games, it’s certainly gaining traction quickly. 

Consoles remain just as big, and as popular – There had been a time where consoles were the start and finish line for gaming with early options being amongst the best sellers of all time – the Playstation 2 released in 2000 still remains at the top of the list with 155 million units sold – the latest console releases have been performing extremely well too with the Playstation 5 has already sold 13.4 million units in a year, but questions still remain around how it can compete with the accessibility of mobile, and the infrastructure and popularity for PC, but for casual players still remains a great option. 

There’s still plenty of opportunity in gaming as a market that shows no signs of slowing down, and excitement is only growing as a wider audience than ever before explore their own favorite options.