Many people believe that playing video games can be very detrimental to a student’s brain. While they may have a point, especially for those addicted to gaming, these games can also have several positive effects on academic performance. 

Gamification refers to the introduction of gaming elements to make learning more fun. Using games to achieve specific learning outcomes is also called game-based learning. When you use these innovative tools in the classroom, they have the potential to increase collaboration and motivation while boosting academic performance.

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Games Improve Concentration

Many studies have shown that gaming has become a significant contributing factor in increased violence and aggression among teenagers. But the same studies have also shown how these games can improve the focus and attention span of children. 

Playing games requires plenty of attention to detail from players, which they can apply to their school work. And when students play the right types of games, they can experience an improvement in their academic performance. 

Games Promote Cooperation and Collaboration

In the past, gamers often played in solitude. Today, many games involve cooperative gaming. This means that when gamers play, they are either playing in the same room or communicating online. This is an excellent benefit of multiplayer games as it teaches cooperation to students.

A general trend among schools today is the promotion of group learning for education through collaboration technologies or project-based learning. This means that teamwork will play a key role in classrooms. This is where the benefit of cooperative play of video games comes in as it develops collaboration skills.

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Minecraft Edu

Minecraft is an amazing video game for education. The game involves digging and building different types of 3D blocks in a huge world of different habitats and terrains to explore. Many children love this game and it is cleverly linked to various curriculum areas. There are even cases where students build Minecraft models of their classrooms to visualize ways to make changes in their learning spaces.

Minecraft also teaches teamwork and motivates students to improve their math and reading skills. Students can get better at playing the game by reading about the biomes or calculating ratios, the number of minutes remaining until nighttime, dividing supplies, and more.


Aside from the amazing graphics that LittleBigPlanet offers, it is also an excellent choice for developing problem-solving and other essential skills from computer games. This game involves navigating through a robust landscape and finding various objects while exploring, many of which will help them solve puzzles that will challenge their minds.


The design of this game is very beneficial as it helps students learn new words while practicing their logic skills. A child can have unlimited chances to solve crossword-style puzzles while using only a couple of letters and free hints. 

But on some of the levels, though, the game becomes more challenging as the player will not have the ability to use 3-letter words. Wordscapes also offers daily puzzles that challenge students to guess all of the words in a specific order. To make the game easier for younger children and build their vocabularies, Wordscape provided a built-in dictionary. Students can play this game on iOS and Android.


Many who have played this game agree that it is by far the best Math-based educational game out there. It is a relatively fresh and new app where students can be instantly engaged in learning mathematics through gamification. 

The approach of this game to teaching K-6 mathematics is unique as it uses interactive and hands-on mini-games known as episodes. These immersive mini-games, which were specifically designed for personal computers and tablets, have their basis from progressive and modular spiral learning systems.


Video games are often seen in a bad light because of the negative effects they can have on students. But there are many games out there that are very educational and can help students to develop important skills, learn new things, and boost their creativity while having fun.

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