Online betting has a lot of privileges that make it the go-to option for people from all over the world. Apart from the fact punters can use mobile apps, access thousands of casino games, and wager on every sport, they also have access to various betting features. Depending on the platform, you may have the chance to utilize more than five options, all of which are worth it.

Nowadays, most top-rated betting websites have multiple features that people can choose from. Some companies try to become gathering hubs for experienced users, which is why they offer them even more alternatives. Although there is an abundance of betting features to pick from, some of them are definitely better than others, so let’s check them out.

Live Streaming

The first feature that deserves a spot on our list is one of the rarest options because only the best sports betting websites will give you access to it. Finding a platform that offers great live streaming services is not easy, even for experienced gamblers. The good news is that those who visit useful sources like Nostrabet have access to special reviews that will go over the available betting sections. These reviews will also point out everything about the given operator, such as its sportsbook, bonus section, payment options, and even mobile apps. The chapter about the betting features will point out whether the brands offer any live streaming services.

The Live Streaming option is usually available via a third-party company that is integrated into the bookie. However, some brands have more finances than others, so don’t be surprised if you come across companies that offer their own live streaming option.

Last Minute Bets

This is another rare feature that is available to people who want to punt on sports. As its name implies, Last Minute Bets gives people the opportunity to wager on a sporting event that is due to begin in a couple of minutes. What makes the feature sought-after is the fact that it offers better odds for some markets, such as 1×2. 

It is important to note that Last Minute Bets is one option that becomes available after creating an account. So, feel free to complete the registration process before checking whether it is available. 

Bet Builder

Creating your bet from scratch is always fun, especially for people who are bored of using the same markets. That’s one of the reasons why some online betting operators offer an option known as Bet Builder. Even though it has several variations, usually, it allows people to create their own betting markets by combining different options. Once they are ready, the bookie has to approve the new markets.

Unfortunately, there are iGaming operators whose Bet Builder feature is different. Instead of creating bets, it allows punters to add multiple markets from the same event to get better odds.

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Cash Out

This is every sports bettor’s favorite feature, which explains why almost every online sportsbook will give you access to it. While it is true that Cash Out is available on many iGaming sites, if you check Nostrabet and its reviews, you will see that not all of them offer the same option. The professional overview will point out everything you need to utilize this option to its full potential.

Apart from the standard one that allows you to settle your bets before an event is over, some sites offer partial Cash Out. The latter lets you pull out a specific amount of money while keeping your bet alive.

Practice Mode for the Casino

All of the features mentioned above are for sports, so it is time to point one for all casino fans. Even though there might be loads of options to pick from, the one that stands out is called Practice Mode. This feature has many fans because it allows gamblers to experience slots and other types of games for free. 

The demo mode is popular among many online casinos. However, almost none of them allow you to use it while playing live casino games. So, if you want to play alongside real croupiers, you will have to make a deposit.