As a first-time dog owner, your child must learn that your pet is a part of the family. And just like any other family member, you want to ensure they are safe and comfortable. That’s why it’s important to have the right supplies on hand. 

Before introducing a dog into your home, ensure you have all of these necessities; going to the shop in the evening because you don’t have dog food is not a smart idea. Here is a list of 11 essentials every pet owner should have.


The most basic pet necessity is food. Every dog requires healthy food, whether raw, dried, frozen, canned, or pellets. Be certain that whichever meal you choose contains all the nutrition your dog needs. 

Also, you should remember that puppies and seniors require a different intake than adult dogs. You could buy dog supplies at PETstock, which normally comes in various sizes, to choose the best fit for your child’s dog. Moreover, it is important to keep dog food in a sealed and airtight container; otherwise, mice, pests, and other harmful insects may get into your supplies.

Food and Water Bowls

You will need a food bowl and water bowl to place your dog’s food and water. You could opt for plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel bowls. 

Plastic bowls are the cheapest option, but most dogs nibble the bowl, which might hold some bacteria. Moreover, ceramic bowls could easily break, so bowls made of stainless steel are the best choice. Stainless bowls are simple to wash and make moving the bowl across the room harder for your dogs. You could also consider deeper bowls if you have big dogs.

If you frequently travel with your dog, invest in collapsible dishes so they may drink or eat quickly. A food mat to protect your floor from your dog’s food bowls is also a great idea.


You should have no problem selecting the perfect treats for your dog with dozens of choices on the market. When it comes to training and teaching your dog, treats can help. 

Supplements or Vitamins

To keep your dog healthy, you could bring it to the vet to know what kind of supplements or vitamins they need that will boost their health. 

Cushioned handle leashes, reflective collars, and LED light collars are all available for your dogs. Moreover, you could also personalize your collars and leashes. 

Bathroom Essentials

It’s important to keep your kid’s dogs’ bathroom accommodations up-to-date. With so many options available for this type of thing (like potty pads), your pup will feel more at ease when they know everything is clean and ready. You could also bring some bags with you if taking theirs out for walks just in case any accidents happen on the go.

The bathroom supplies you’ll need include the following:

  • Potty pads
  • Poop Bags

Grooming Supplies

Dogs require regular grooming, especially as they age, and have difficulty keeping themselves neat. Bathing your pet is a must to keep their fur healthy and clean. This is also good for you to remove the allergens and odor from their fur. Also, constantly brushing their fur will be great to avoid your pet getting tangled fur, particularly if your dog has long fur.

The grooming supplies you’ll need include the following:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Bath soap
  • Grooming brush
  • Nail Trimmer (to cut their nails from time to time)

Odor Removers

If your child keeps your dog inside your house or room, they could accidentally leave some odors behind. You can invest in odor removers to keep your room and house smelling great to remove these smells. 


Toys provide entertainment for pets. This is a must-have pet essential for any owner. The majority of dogs choose to chew long-lasting toys. You could also add rubber balls and let them play with them. 

Collar and Leash

Every dog should include its name, the name of its owner, and address or contact details. This allows your dog to return to you if it tries to escape or becomes lost. Choose a collar that is a quick-release fastener and comfortable for your pet. 

Leashes are essential, especially if you and your dog love to take walks outside. Choose a leash that has four to six-foot-long so your dog can move freely. Retractable leashes, poop bag dispenser leashes, 


You must provide an alternative if you do not want your dog to sleep in your bed. Choose a bed that will suit your dog’s size and has enough space to lay down properly.

Crates, Cages, or Gates

Keeping your child’s dogs in one place is hard, especially if you leave your house or clean the place. Crates, cages, and gates are ideal choices for dog owners because of this reason. Choose a cage and crate that are simple to clean and have enough space for them to move around. If you like traveling, you could also purchase a portable cage.


If you’re a pet owner helping your child raise their first dog, it’s important to have the right supplies to keep your furry friend safe and healthy. By following the list of 11 essentials above, you can ensure that you are prepared for anything.

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