Do you own a rat? Are you looking for ways to take care of your rat so that he gets everything he needs? Being low- maintenance pets, rats also have the same basic needs like any other pet. This article is all about how to take care of your rat, including some of the best tips and tricks so that you can choose a cage, feed, and handle your pet rat easily.

On the other hand, rats are clean, peaceful, and easy to maintain, smart, sweet, social, friendly, entertaining, and extremely active. Their activeness can also be easily understood when we come across playing and wandering a rat in our home all around us. Though there are a lot of ways to keep your rat healthy, you need to make sure that whatever you are doing should be in a proper way.

Moreover, rats are also considered playful animals that have a great desire for human companionship. Also, being short-lived pets, rats seem to develop some health issues as well. To avoid such health issues and take care of your rat, you can buy premium quality products with PETstock Australia. Petstock deals in a wide variety of all types of food and health products that you may need for your pet, rat, and other animals.

On the other side, to make you familiar with the tips and tricks to take care of your rat, we have listed a few for you below:-

1. Feeding Your Pet Rats.

Being omnivorous pets, rats like a varied diet that includes many items such as vegetables, grains, dry dog food, etc. Moreover, you can also offer fruits, sunflower seeds, and peanuts to your pet rat, but it may cause some skin problems, so consider it as only a rare treat for your pet rat. Giving your rat the right diet and in the right amount can be a good way to take care of him at his best.

2. Focus on Health Issues.

Health issues among pets seem to be a major problem, so they should be taken seriously. If you notice any signs of loss of appetite or even lethargy, consider it a serious sign and keep checking on him regularly for a few days. Moreover, an infectious respiratory disease is also very common among rats, which usually gets transmitted from one rat to another.

3. Exercising and Entertainment are Also Necessary.

If you are looking for some great tips and tricks for taking care of your rat, exercising and entertainment must also be added to their daily schedule. You must let them play outside their cage for at least an hour regularly. Before you free your rat from the cage, make sure all the windows, doors, and even the small to smallest gaps must be covered or entirely closed.

4. Don’t Let Your Rat Be Alone.

Rats are usually seen and love to live in social groups, so it will be just unfair if you prefer to keep your lovable pet rat alone. Instead, keeping a same-sex pair of two rats will be the best trick of taking care of your rat at its best. Just be assured that a pair is not going to be inexpensive for you at all.

5. Type of Cage for Your Pet Rat.

You should also focus on the type of cage that you are using for your lovely pet rat. Since rats love to climb and are active too, prefer a taller wire cage as it will be the best alternative for your rat. The cage you are purchasing must be 90 cm long, 150 cm tall, and 60 cm deep. To avoid injuries, make sure that the floor is solid enough.

6. Handling Matters a Lot. 

How you handle your pet rat also matters a lot as it shows a lot about taking care of him in the best way possible. Always avoid picking up your rat by his tail as it can cause a serious injury. Also, make sure that you don’t hold them too tightly and instead prefer keeping one hand underneath their chest but not to squeeze at all.