Digital trading apps are taking the investment industry by storm, and StartChains is helping lead the charge. Potential new members want to know more about how the platform works, what it offers, and if it can really benefit them in their personal trading journeys. 

Below, the primary features of StartChains are broken down and explored to highlight the best bits and any possible areas for improvement.  

Review In a Nutshell 

  • StartChains is predominantly focused on cryptocurrency trading but has some other investment choices.
  • Setting up an account is quick, easy, and hassle-free.
  • You can access the platform from a smartphone or other mobile device, but not all features are available.
  • The support for beginners is excellent, with plenty of learning tools available.
  • Users can access customer service around the clock through various channels. 
  • There is a built-in currency exchange portal with its own digital wallet. 
  • The minimum deposit required to start an account is $100, which is fairly standard for this type of platform.

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Feature Review 

Here is a more detailed look into the standout features and essentials of the StartChains platform. After thorough testing, this is how each element performs and what to expect from the overall experience. 

Crypto Exchange 

One of the biggest attractions for StartChains users is the crypto exchange platform. They can buy more than 20 different coins at competitive market rates for use in further trade activities. 

There is the option to connect an external digital wallet, but it is much smoother and faster to use the one provided by the platform. That way, fees are minimal, and transactions are almost instantaneous. 

Reporting Tools 

Analytical minds will love the reporting tools available. Users can adjust reports to fit any parameters or specifications, including timeframe, currency, industry, and more. Beginners can benefit from pre-set reports that cover the essentials, while those with more experience can get as creative as they want. 

Mobile App 

StartChains is compatible with mobile devices through a separate app. It is free to download and works similarly to the primary desktop platform, although access to reporting and some other tools is limited. 

It seems that more developments are underway, but as it stands, it is an excellent way to keep track of an account on the go throughout the day. 

Training and Development 

Beginners are in luck! Anyone looking to develop their skills and build a better understanding of digital trading and investing is in the right place. Tutorials, demonstrations, pre-recorded webinars, and downloadable reading materials are readily available for anyone who wants them. 

FOREX and Other Investment Options 

As previously mentioned, crypto is definitely the main focus, but StartChains is no one-trick pony. Users can also exchange foreign currencies to invest in the FOREX market and access stock options, commodities, and indices. 

The tools adapt well to each market, and the performance level is consistent, so users can confidently cross between trading styles knowing they can rely on the platform.

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Other Useful Information

Account Options 

StartChains uses a freemium model, meaning it has free and paid subscription options. This allows flexibility for users to get to know the platform and decide if it is right for them before they upgrade. 

The free option provides access to just about everything but comes with more transaction fees and fewer perks. By paying a small monthly fee, users unlock the platform’s full potential and enjoy the lowest possible costs.

Customer Service 

Customer service at StartChains is great. Friendly agents are available all the time through various channels, including email and chat boxes. Response times were impressive, and the answers were very helpful. 

Deposits and Withdrawals 

Efficiency and convenience are what StartChains is all about- especially when it comes to transactions. Users can deposit funds from a digital wallet or purchase them directly on the platform using a bank card or wire transfer. 

Withdrawing money is equally easy and relatively fast. Funds can be moved to a bank account or e-wallet within 24 hours. 

The minimum deposit requirement is $100, and there is a three percent withdrawal charge. 

Final Thoughts 

If convenient and efficient crypto trading is what you want, head to the official StartChains website to get started. Low costs and high performance: the perfect combination!

Disclaimer: This is sponsored marketing content.

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