A cryptocurrency exchange is an integral and mandatory part of this industry. If you want to make any purchase or sell a digital coin, it is very challenging without a cryptocurrency exchange. The fundamental of a cryptocurrency exchange resembles a stockbroker, as they also provide you with features to buy or sell digital coins.

 Profound and leading platforms offer these services to ease this challenging and hectic process. Are you interested in bitcoin trading? Visit the bitcoin revolution to know more about this process. Whenever people draw an analogy between the stock exchange and cryptocurrency exchange, they consistently mention how one can withdraw digital coins from their user exchange account and transfer it to a wallet. Here listed are the leading cryptocurrency exchange of all time to make money

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Coinbase operated with utter grace and decency when cryptocurrency exchange was accused of fraud and catching controversies. An attractive feature of this cryptocurrency exchange is its ease of use. The entry gate of Coinbase is elementary to access. 

Besides offering a lower exchange fee, this platform correspondingly comprises a custodial wallet for digital coin traders and active investors. Coinbase offers the feature of insurance if your cryptocurrency wallet gets hacked or hackers try to steal your data. The custodial wallet feature of Coinbase is what makes it superior to other international-based cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Coinbase’s simpler version is appropriate for the newbies, but Coinbase has also introduced the Coinbase pro version for advanced users. Coinbase pro levies fewer transaction fees for every exchange than the more straightforward or basic version of Coinbase. For example, the buying transaction fees vary from 0.04% to 0.50%, and when it comes to selling orders, the transaction varies from 0% to 50%. 


Binance acquired prominence globally in just a year of its release. Binance entered at a very high barrier as the place was crowded when this cryptocurrency came into live action. After the success of Binance, this exchange launched its digital currency.

 This platform’s digital or native token is currently ruling the altcoin industry as it soared by 1300% in just 12 months. Rather than just focusing on bitcoin and Ethereum, Binance concentrated on a massive variety of altcoins. 

Before Binance, no cryptocurrency exchange offered such an enormous variety of altcoins, which was a significant reason behind the impeccable success of Binance. This cryptocurrency exchange is trading in more than 100 cryptocurrencies and 18 fiat currencies. 

Recently Binance patterned with a financial organization to release Binance bitcoin debit card. Both Coinbase and Binance are the leaders of the digital currency exchange industry. Not only cryptocurrency exchange services of this platform, but its debit card is also ruling worldwide. 


Only a few decentralized exchanges have succeeded in acquiring investors’ trust, and Bisq is one of these platforms. Most decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges operate with a chrome extension and don’t have a dedicated application. However, Bisq came up with a dedicated application alongside a P2P network that makes it decentralized. Bisq serves similar fundamentals as Coinbase and Binance, but the characteristics of this cryptocurrency exchange are very different. Bisq doesn’t offer any custodial wallet; in short other than the primary user, no one can have access to the cryptocurrency assets present inside this platform. 

Bisq is cross-platform accessible. In other words, it is downloadable on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. However, bisque is devoid of the KYC program as it does not comply with a decentralized exchange; instead, e. Bisq allows you to execute orders regarding making and taking in diversified local currencies. 

Since it works on a peer-to-peer network, the pace of transactions on this exchange is not lightning. Therefore, Bisq is not appropriate for active trading. Moreover, with Bisq not being very popular, the trading volume on this exchange can be a bit low than the above-listed exchange. On the other hand, the payment option available on the Bisq cryptocurrency exchange is magnificent. 

Some Local Cryptocurrency Exchange

The above-listed cryptocurrency exchange operates on a global level. The list of local cryptocurrency exchange that operates only in India include coin switch kuber, WazirX, buy you coin, coin exchange, and a few others. Wazir X is a subsidiary of the Binance exchange and is backed by the parent company of Binance. 

These are cryptocurrency exchange that has acquired prominence on a global level.

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