When it originally came out in 2006, Patch 2.0 made many modifications to the Honor system. Burning Crusade Classic continues in its lines, and it is quite similar to WoW Classic in many respects, substantially improving the experience.

What are All Changes Can be Witnessed by the Players?

The classic honor system in The Burning Crusade lets players engage in PvP combat and receive rewards by earning honor points, which may be accumulated and used as currency on rewards, weapons, and armor.

There is no longer any ranking system linked with the honor system in Burning Crusade Classic, thus you don’t have to worry about preserving your rank or standing. Players that want to rank up by fighting other players can do so in the Arena system, which is Burning Crusade Classic’s primary form of competitive PvP.

Honor points, unlike the Honor system in WoW Classic, accrue like currency (like gold and silver) and do not depreciate over time. This allows you to work for PvP prizes at your own speed, which you may buy after you’ve earned enough points.

You can earn up to 75,000 honor points until they stop coming until you spend some of them. The number of honor points necessary for each prize varies. The honor cost is the most significant portion of the item’s cost for most items, however certain Battlegrounds’ Marks of Honor are also necessary.

Moreover, dishonorable kills are no longer permitted. Because NPCs are no longer configured as civilians across the globe, neutralizing them will not affect your ability to earn honor points.

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Claiming Honor in Battle 

In a similar way to the ancient honor system, you can gain honor points. The game keeps track of your involvement in both world PvP and Battlegrounds PvP. You acquire respect by killing opponents and assisting your teammates in combat. Daily missions and some recurring quests can also give you honor points.

Furthermore, Honor is shared evenly among the members of a party when they are joined with other players. Players receive additional honor for killing other players in a group, similar to the bonus experience gained when killing monsters in a bunch.

As with monster experience, if certain group members’ character levels are substantially greater than others’, the number of honors obtained by the lower-level members will be lowered. Keep in mind that earning honor is subject to the same restrictions as gaining experience, thus players must be within a reasonable distance of an honor gain to get a share.

Players may acquire honor by beating other players in battlegrounds. In addition to player-vs-player combats, there are additional ways to gain respect in the Battlegrounds. Every Battleground includes specific goals that, when completed, award additional honor to a whole side. 

The Arena System, Titles, and Gear Rewards

You’ll be able to get titles if you’ve played WoW Classic and achieved any PvP rankings. You may use the WoW Classic honor system to show up to your greatest rank as your character’s title, but ranks aren’t used in the Burning Crusade Classic honor system.

Battleground reputations are still carried over to the new system and may be earned by participating in the different Battlegrounds, but the present prizes are now only accessible through honor points. If you achieve exalted reputation with each battleground faction, you’ll get a new title that varies by faction: Justicar (for the Alliance) or Conqueror (for the Horde).

In Burning Crusade Classic, the Arena system sets teams of two, three, or five players against each other in single-elimination deathmatch games. To take part, you must first form a team, then create a party with the required number of people and enter the queue. To practice, you may also queue for unranked skirmishes without a squad.

Your rating will change irrespective of whether you win or lose an Arena match, however you won’t be able to lose rating this way during the first few matches on a new team. Your team’s ranking will be utilized at the end of the week to decide how many arena points you’ll receive for your efforts. To be qualified, your team must play at least 10 matches, with you personally participating in at least 30% of those games.

Points secured in WoW TBC Arena matches may be used to buy new level 70 epic gear. Some of these things need a personal rating to acquire, such as weapons, which require an 1850 rating to purchase, and shoulders, which require a 2000 rating to purchase.

 In Burning Crusade Classic, all PvP gear has a new secondary stat called resilience, which enhances your survivability by decreasing the impacts of critical strikes, damage over time effects, and drain effects on you, proving its worth as the most preferred PvP gear.