The latest investigations have shown that nearly 68% of people worldwide own a mobile device. Due to the fact that we are currently living in a digital era, all Internet users try to benefit from their phones as much as possible. Consequently, people opt for downloading and using mobile applications. The fact is that the more urgent and complicated the service is in real life, the more popular its online adaptation will be.

 So, it is not surprising that healthcare app development becomes more and more popular with each other day. It can be proven by the fact that nowadays there are more than 45,238 healthcare apps available on PlayMarket and AppStore. Experts believe that the digital healthcare market has already reached over 200 billion U.S. dollars. 

   The reasons for such a success are multiple! First of all, the modern realities of life require us to be flexible and time-saving. Healthcare apps have turned out to be a necessity and integral part of our lives, so starting a pharmacy delivery service, for example, has never been as relevant as it is now.

  Although, some people still can’t believe and rely on the digital healthcare market, because of a fear of being cheated. Well, if you have tried some healthcare mobile apps, you must already know all the advantages they have. If not, luckily for you, our team has created an inventory of 10 pros healthcare mobile apps can boast of. So, make yourself comfortable! We begin.

1. Easy Patient Care 

  If you feel under the weather, going somewhere to see your doctor is the last thing you really want to do. Just think about all these commuting, queues and contacts with other people, some of whom will try to have a lovely conversation with you. Brrr… It is so annoying! 

   And what about falling ill on holidays or when the working day is over? What should people do if they need help, except calling for the ambulance? In such situations, healthcare apps are entirely beneficial!

  Thanks to the doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff get information about the patient’s symptoms and conditions. Taking into account all this information about the patient, healthcare workers give an instruction of actions and offer prescriptions which can be even accessed through the application.

  The recent survey conducted by GreatCall has shown that 92% of doctors prefer such apps and nearly 40% of them believe that these online practices can help reduce clinic visits to hospitals. 

2. Fast Reply No Matter How Far Away You Are

  Well, we shouldn’t forget that there are a lot of people living in rural or even remote areas. As a rule, such patients have to overcome a long drive to get to the medical point and receive some help. Unfortunately, in some cases, it may cost people even life.

  But the solution to this problem already exists! By making use of healthcare mobile apps all people can get instructions from doctors irrespective of their location. Such help will be timely and less stressful. Moreover, patients are capable of scheduling video calls with healthcare workers to receive a prescription online without having “a pleasure” to travel to the hospital feeling bad. Furthermore, it works not only with a first visit, all patients get regular monitoring of their health condition via the smartphone app. Last but not the least, people can also get some invaluable information and tips via push notifications. 

3. Making Use of the Internet of Things (IoT)

  Not all people understand that IoT makes our life much easier. The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices worldwide that are currently connected to the Internet, collecting and sharing information. This technology enables timely and precise data exchange.

  Due to this fact, the IoT is also used in healthcare mobile apps. The reports say that the global IoT healthcare market is expected to reach $188 billion by 2023. By collecting data characterizing the patient’s health condition from the wearables, doctors get pivotal information that will help them in making a diagnosis. Your pulse, heartbeat, stress level, etc are vital for analyzing and making appropriate decisions. 

  It should also be underlined that thanks to IoT, the treatment costs are also reduced significantly enabling patients to follow instructions easily.

4. New advanced features

  Since nowadays increased attention is paid to the healthcare digital market, there is a growing number of adopted advanced technologies, which may be entirely beneficial for the patients. Do you know that there are several categories of healthcare apps? Well, there are a lot of focused specialization platforms like those for pregnancy care or for women’s health. It is interesting to notice that some categories are more popular than others, which gives app developers an opportunity to benefit from their product a lot. To tell you the truth, North America is thought to be a leader in the mobile healthcare application solutions market, although other countries are gradually catching up. 

5. Precise Diagnosis for Patients

 Thanks to IoT and other sophisticated technologies healthcare apps are extremely accurate. The possibility of errors that may harm patients is minimal. Due to precise and timely health condition monitoring, medical staff can easily prescribe appropriate medicines with the right dosage.

 It is pivotal to underline that despite the fact that patients do not see their doctors, the latter bear responsibility for the peoples’ life and health.   Consequently, they take the treatment process very seriously. Furthermore, all clients’ reports and prescription notes are saved and stored due to cloud facilities. This data can be used in two ways. Firstly, it gives healthcare workers access to the sickness record. Secondly, in case of some misunderstandings, clients can use these records to stand upon their rights. (That happens very seldom).

6. Secure payment procedure

   Just think of waiting in a queue just to pay a medical bill. Why should we do it taking into account the fact that we are living in the age of advanced technological wonders? Well, such things should definitely be left in the past!

 Thanks to healthcare mobile applications patients can get access to secure payment gateways, which enable a hassle-free bill covering process. Moreover, you will be able to choose the most suitable payment mode exactly for you. You may opt for credit cards, debit cards, or even special mobile payment gateways. (Like PayPal.) 

   Another beneficial function offered by healthcare apps is that if a patient forgot to make a payment he or she will receive a push notification as a reminder. Isn’t it a good thing to take into account the modern pace of life?

7. Bear the Bag Efficiently

  Healthcare mobile apps not only give you the ability to pay bills just resting at home, but also take care of your budget. Well, just imagine that an average clinic visit in the USA will cost you from $100 – $200 just to get an initial consultation. And now compare that figure with less than $119 payment per year for twenty-four-hour virtual healthcare support from trusted doctors. Sounds appealing, isn’t it? Well, do not think that such apps deprive you of the opportunity to get a throughout check-up! Thanks to video conferences, offered by apps, you virtually get the same services for a more beneficial price.

8. Day to Day Health Monitoring

   The main advantage of using healthcare apps is the ability to trace your health condition on a daily basis. Thanks to your wearables like smart-watches and trackers the information about some crucial vitals will be transferred to an app. Among these vitals are weight, sugar level, blood pressure, heartbeat, cholesterol level, etc. If something goes wrong, your healthcare application will send a push notification to you and if you wish, you can ask the doctor for help to prevent some serious problems and diseases. Moreover, the app will automatically give you a list of possible problem’s causes and recommended remedies for such a condition. When it comes to health, it is crucial to take care of yourself every day, not only when problems arise!

9. Avoid Additional Health Problems

  Thanks to healthcare apps people don’t have to go to the hospitals and queue for a long time. And it can insecure you from catching other diseases just because of having a compromised immunity. In terms of Covid-19, it is of crucial importance. If you can avoid some risks connected with health issues, why don’t do it? 

 10. Saving Other Lives

 We should understand that all people visiting hospitals have different symptoms and conditions as well. While some patients sit and wait to see their doctor just having a sore throat, others can suffer from fever, appendicitis, or even more serious and dangerous things.

  Consequently, healthcare mobile apps give the possibility to divide serious cases from not-so-dangerous ones and provide first aid to those who need it the most.

Drawing Conclusions

All in all, now you know about the multiple advantages of downloading and using healthcare apps or even the pros of developing such a product. Now it is up to you which way to follow! We just believe that it is important for all of us to keep abreast of the times and benefit from technological wonders as much as possible!