The best way to get the ultimate gaming experience is to choose the best characters that represent yourself. You cannot deny that unique video game characters bring life to fantasy games. They add flair and help you navigate through every gameplay. Game creators usually make tons of characters, so that every gamer can choose one that fits their liking and interest. The video gaming world has always been fond of these fantastic characters. Some even dress as them during Halloween or gaming conventions, especially the special lady champions. 

One of the many fantasy games that the rise in gaming community admires is League of Legends or LOL for short. It is an online battle arena game, where players can use Champions to fight and survive against enemies and earn experience points (XP). 

Yes, there are barbaric male characters to choose from, but the female ones are just as powerful. If you choose the ladies, you have to learn how to maximize their powers. Look through guidelines and instructions like the jinx build, to have the ultimate gaming experience. 

How the Champions Were Made

We agree that fantasy game characters have the same peg, with all the armor and mythical creature features. But the creators of the League of Legends champions made sure to set them apart from the rest. Not only are these champions inspired by myths, gods and goddesses, and ancient creatures, but they also have specific backstories that introduce them to the fantasy gaming world. The Rioters (the people who work at Riot Games) worked hard to make different sketches and designs for each character; from its overall look up to the signature weapons. They paid attention to detail and made sure that every champion will be memorable. 

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5 Female League of Legends Champions 

1. Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox

Ahri is a villain champion in League of Legends. Before entering the world, she was just an ordinary fox. Not until she absorbed life essence from a dying magician and turned into a wonderful human. Feeling useless, she sucked life essence from humans but then joined the League of Legends to gain her morale as a human.

Ahri’s powers are undoubtedly magical and amazing because she connects to the latent power of Runeterra. She can lure her prey by emotional manipulation, and use magic to create energy.  She also speeds up to hit close attacks, fires essence bolts and even blows kisses to freeze her enemies. She also can heal herself which activates after receiving nine enemy attacks. 

2. Cassiopeia, The Serpent’s Embrace

Cassiopeia is a serpent-inspired champion. Just like a snake, she is sinister, and every move she makes is smooth. This serpent queen came from the Du Couteau clan from Noxus. She one day went to the depths of Shurima to search for ancient power but met her fate when a serpent tomb guardian bit her. Her transformation into a half-woman, half-snake made her join the League of Legends power crew. 

Everyone fears her abilities of manipulation and speed. She has the power to blast green poison from her palms, heal by herself, and release magic energy from her green eyes that slows down her enemies, just like Medusa. 

3. Diana, The Scorn of the Moon

This champion was named and inspired by the Roman goddess of the moon. Everything she is and does is connected to the moon. The silver moon is her main power source, alongside the crescent moon blade and winter snow armor. She is better known as the warrior of the Lunari. 

Since all her powers are from the moon, she is indeed unstoppable. She can unleash bolts of lunar energy, orbits spears to damage a certain area and deal with magic to create attack variations. Thanks to the moon’s power and energy, she is a legendary League of Legends Champion. 

4. Leona, The Radiant Dawn

Leona is the exact opposite of Diana because all her powers and abilities are from the sun. She is also known as the holy warrior of Solari who battles with the Zenith Blade and Shield of Daybreak. Leona is a solar soldier of balance. She enlightens the fantasy world, but at the same time brings death to the evil ones. 

Leona’s celestial nature enables her to fight enemies with intense sunlight, resist some magic, and beam solar energy to do extra damage to a pact of enemies. Who knew that a simple sun can inspire the creation of such an iconic and powerful League of Legends champion. 

5. Kalista, The Spear of Vengeance 

Kalista is one of the unique looking League of Legends champions, because of her striking blue skin and intricate armor. She was from Shadow Isle to hunt down traitors and enemies, and will only set them free when they give up their souls. She never fails to scare people with the burning fire of the soul-spears.

Her dark aura also reflects on her powers, because she can attack in a strong but subtle way. She has a great amount of lightning bolt speed, impales attackers with her spear, and she also practices teleportation. Her powerful features and aura make her a League of Legends champions favorite. 


The ladies mentioned above were just five out of the 157 League of Legends champions, and they are undoubtedly powerful, beautiful, and fan favorites. It is nice to get to know these LOL characters because we can indeed find someone that suits our interests. Thanks to the champions’ creators, the fantasy game world is more thrilling and exciting to play. 

League of Legends is indeed a household name in the gaming community. It won the hearts of gamers around the world, hence the numerous conventions and events. 

The men and women characters not only bring life to the game but also embody the empowerment and beauty that every person has. Do you want to know more about League of Legends? Make sure to visit for all things technology, information, and gaming.