Let’s admit it, WhatsApp on one hand, has changed our lives so much and on the other hand, the group chat feature of this messaging tool has really revolutionized the way we communicate.

Each and every day, there is a need for new WhatsApp groups for some reason or the other. 

Considering the majority, no wonder WhatsApp groups are created overnight mainly to chat with friends, cousins​​, and family members in their free time.

However, one question that always confuses who creates a WhatsApp group for friends and family is- ‘What should be the best name for it?’

Naming WhatsApp Groups can be a great opportunity for you to show your creative side to your friends and family. So, to help you out, we have curated a list of 1850+ WhatsApp group names that you can either use just the same or take inspiration from!

How to Choose the Best WhatsApp Name for Your Friends | Family Group?

You can certainly come up with your own family/friends group names for WhatsApp to make it more personalized and relatable for other participants in the group. However, if you have no idea, consider some of these tips to choose the best WhatsApp group name—

  • Keep the friends/family group name short and precise, as WhatsApp allows only a maximum of 25 characters in the name.
  • Name the friends/family group according to everyone’s preferences or interests.
  • Name the family groups based on the surname/family name.
  • Name the family group based on the quality and characteristics of the family.
  • Name the friend’s group based on the name of your school or college.
  • Name the group after a common phrase you frequently use in your friend circle.

If these tips don’t work, you can visit this post anytime to choose the most suitable name for your WhatsApp group from the collection below.

Compilation of WhatsApp Friends | Family Group Name Ideas 2023

No, it is easy to create a WhatsApp group because what is difficult is choosing a name for your WhatsApp group. 

It has been observed that after creating a WhatsApp group, most people find themselves clueless when it comes time to give a ‘name’ to that group. Either they got confused or didn’t know what to name their WhatsApp group.

So, if you also find yourself in the same situation, then don’t just settle for some ordinary name. Rather choose the best WhatsApp group name from this list to make your group special—

Best WhatsApp Group Names for Friends

1Enter At Your Own Risk55Non-Stop Notifications
2Roommates Before Else56The Change Makers
3Selectively Social57Non-Stop Bakwas
4Madhouse58Tech Nerds
5Sadda Adda59Shake It Off
6So Called Engineers60Rant All Day
7Dream Team61Gangs Of WhatsApp
8Sarcastic Four62Selfie Sisters
9The Family Gang63Wanna Say Something?
10Fantastic 464Daily Bakwas
11Join At Your Own Risk65Mountain Lovers
12Roast Club66Get. Set. Talk
13Adults Out Of Order67Searching For The Group Name
14The Trouble Makers68Text Masters
15Only Sarcasm Allowed69Can we just talk?
16Awkward Strangers70The Action Jacksons
17The Meme Team71College Group: Fun Edition
18Spam Group72Slayers and Players
19Quarter-life Crisis73Avengers
20Mavericks Fam74Scoring Mates
21No Serious Stuff75Gaming Buddies
22Work. Party. Repeat76Parivar. Adarsh. Parampara
23Drinking Buddies77Play Your Way
24Travel Buddies78Gamers At Work
2524-Hour Drama Club79Keep Typing…
26The Chamber Of Secrets80Dill, Dosti, Duniyadaari
27The Invincibles81Mission Dosti
28Ghantaa Engineers82This Is The Group
29Result Of Quarantine83Safarnama
30Incredible five84Spartans
31Udhaari Group85Crazy People Inside
32You Can Do It86Hum 5: Eik Team
33The Girl Gang87Qualifiers 2022
34Goa Chale Hum88Homies
35Shaitaans89Wandering Minds
36Only Geeks90Family Group
37Hopeless Group91Extended Family Group
38Desi Swaggers92The Trip
39Gossip Gang93Home Sweet Home
40Dead Souls94Adulting
41Yaaro Ke Yaar95Welcome To Adulthood
42Taza Khabar96Broke Forever
4350 Shades Of Slay97Creating Memories
44Game Of Phones98Ghumne Chalein!!
45Update the Rest99Dump Photos Here
46Desi Boyz100Cheers To Us
47The Dude Guys101The Dare Group
48Selfie Dump102Phases
49Fashion Divas103Writers In The House
51Photo Sharing Group105Ghar Parivar
52Satte Pe Satta106No Calls! Just Texts
53Chaos And Calm107The Devil House
54What’s on your mind108Baatein Suru

WhatsApp Group Names for Friends Stylish

1Apna Adda115WhatsApp with you
2Happy Home116The Talk-A-Lots
3Coolest Family117No Name Squad
4Good Times118The Chamber of Secrets
5Madhouse119Berry Good Friends
6Bro Gang120Enter at your own risk
7Amazing Pals121404! Group name does not exist
8Lucky Charms122Blast
9The Top Business123Busy Buddies
10Hawk Insights124Innocent girls
11Rising Stars125Hopeless dudes
12Team Passion126Group is Alive
13Family Bond127Non-stop chat
15PUBG Pros129Walkie Talkies
16The Pro Bros130The Drifters
17The Webslingers131Just do it
18Cape Crusaders132Swag Partners
19The Meme Team133Don’t Join
20The Chamber of Secrets134unSocial Stars
21The Alter Egos135Public Square
22Area 51136All Around Me
23Memers137Alpha Dogs
24Jokers138Best Babes
25Online Hangover139Dirt Bags
26Till Eternity140Forever Tight
27Slayers141Fun Never Stops
28The Nerd Herd142Geek Squad
29Back Benchers143Get It Gurls
30Game of Phones144Green Light
31Tech Turtles145Just Peachy
32Mavericks146La Vida Loca
33Justice League147Lava Me Lava You
34The Squad148Love to Love Ya
35Family Forever149Mean Girls
36Hustlers150Mountain Folk
37Unstoppables151Party City
39We Can Do It153Ride or Die
40Best Friends Club154Rose for Days
41Create Choas155Friendly Rivals
42The Outlaws156Friendsome
43Brother from Diff Mothers157TutorFriends
45Corporate Life159FriendSecret
46Happy Hour160Thugs & Kin
47Being Productive161Dear & Dealers
48The Minions162BuddyCulture
49Unfired163Niece & Youths
50No Spamming164Honeybee Friends
51Smile Please165Friends Corner
52Pen Pals166Friends Gun
53Great Mates167PeakPerformance Friends
54Fabulousness168Friends Blue
55Walky Talky169Raven Friends
56Fraandship170Friends Pipe
57Atomic Reactors171Street Friends
58Gangnam Style172Osprey Friends
59Full On Go Getters173Hummingbird Friends
60The Unknowns174Patriot Friends
61Full On175Friends Heat
62Chat Lounge176Alpine Friends
63My People177Blend Friends
64The Bloodline178Moonlight Friends
65Housefull179LowPrice Friends
66Crazy world180Cooperative Friends
67Coffee lovers181Gentle Friends
68Strong Ties182Cyclone Fighter
69Just talk183OffRoad Fighter
70Weekend Kings184Cyberspace Fighter
71Wandering Minds185FourSeasons Fighter
72We Are Hulks186Daydream Fighter
73Kingslayers XII187Travel Fighter
74The Drifters188Geeks Boost
75Rock & Roll189Geeks Brothers
76We Talk A Lot190Starship Geeks
77The Drifters191FriendsLearn
78Hike & Bike192Friends Media
79Deals over Meals193Persons & lucks
80First Steps194Whatsappopedia
81Grind House195Group Frequency
82God’s Business196Whatsapp Champion
83Dream Team197Whatsapp Omega
84The Swaggers198Whatsapp Encore
85Fearless and Flawless199Group Nirvana
86Marketing Magic200Group Dreamworld
87North Mavericks201Whatsapp Frequency
88Remarkable Falcons202Whatsapp Masterclass
89Tech Geeks203Whatsapp Mystic
90Dynamic Drillers204Whatsapp Wonderland
91Marketing Marauders205Whatsapp Keystone
92Super Sellers206Whatsapp Advisor
93Risky Businesses207Group Beast
94The Whiz Kids208Friendship Friends Corp
95Future Billionaires209Friendship Friends Company
96Mind Readers210Friendship Angels
97Freinds League211Friendship Warriors
98Kings & Queens212Friends Brilliance
99My Folks213Friends Innovator
100Let’s Party Guys214Public Teenagers
101Oh Hello Bros215Celebrity Teenagers
102Game Changers216Teenagers Promotion
103Our Superstars217Teenagers Paradise
104Near ones218Tornado Teenagers
105The Invincibles219Teenagers Race
106Can’t We Just Talk — Khalid, “Talk”220Awakening Teenagers
107Wazzup221Evolution Teenagers
108The Talk Lounge222Music Partners
109Non-stop pings223Music Hive
110Adventures in texting224OldSchool Music
111XOXO Gossip Girls225Music Shield
112The Chatters226Teenagerys Way
113Really Great Friends227Mechanical Boys
114Selfie Squad228Boys Locker

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Funny WhatsApp Group Names for Friends

1Drama Club106Humorish
2Masti Khana107Funny Beauty
3Udhaari Group108Do Humor
4Ghanta Engineers109Jolly Humor
5Kick-Ass Boys110Funny Point
6Utha Le Re Baba111Whale Hello There
7Sponsored112S’more Chats
8Baapo Ke Baap113Egg-cited Convos
9Chalo Chale Himalaya114A Bunch Of Hot Teas
10Paglo Ka Adda115Long Time No Taco
11Funky Blast116Squad Ghouls
12Yaarana117Aloha Beaches
13Chuddy Buddy118We WhatsApp So Mochi
14Eye To Eye, Ear To Ear119My Space-cial Friends
15Awkward Turtles120Always Squeeze The Day
1624 Hour Drama121Mint To WhatsApp
17Langotia Yaar122WhatsApp With Some Bunnies
18Friends WhatsApp Group Names123Love A Brunch
19Yaar Annually124Turn Down For Brunch
20Sadda Adda125Game Of Phones
21Chat Stars126Desi Swaggers
22Best Brothers127Life Suckers
23Friends Tent128Telegram lovers
24ABCD Friends129No Spamming
25Best Friends Forever130Free Wi-Fi
26Freaky Friends131WhatsApp With You?
27Fabulous Friends132Group Name Pending
28Crazy world133My Gouda Friends
29Hopeless group134Best Fries Forever
30Crawler Funny135It’s A Full House
31Fantastic Funny136F Is For Friends Who WhatsApp Together
32Stardust Funny137Game Of Phones
33Nirvana Funny138My Bae-Goals
34Awfully Funny139Friendchips & Talk
35Nice Humor140Lettuce Talk
36Newest Funny141Mermaid To WhatsApp
37Foundry Funny142We Taco ‘Bout It
38Funny Maniacs143Chat Goes Onion On
39Newleaf Funny144Orange You Glad We WhatsApp?
40Funny Archive145XOXO, Gossip Girls
41Comedy & Absurd146Insert Meme Here
42Funny Bonkers147Selfie Sharers
43Wise Humor148Top Secret WhatsApp
44Humorly149Hot Tea Found Here
45Funny Luck150Spilling The Tea In Progress
46Catchy & Humor151My Lucky Charms
47Funny Devil152Walkie Talkies
48Awfully & Humor153This Chat Is Kind Of A Big Dill
49Funny Opinion154Grape Friends
50Funny Aware155You Butter Believe It
51Funny Posting156Time To Ketchup
52Funny Maniacs157Best WhatsApp Friends Forever
53Funny Funny Co158The One Where They WhatsApp
54Corporate Funny159Where You Lead, I’ll WhatsApp
55Funny Batteries160The Three Eggmigos
56Funny For The Money161Flantastic Four
57Funny For The Family162WhatsAppening
58Cabin Funny163Berry Good Content
59Advanced Funny164Like A Waffle Lot
60Model Funny165The Chat Zone
61Funny Friends Files166VIP Section
62Funny Friends Clubs167Watts Up
63Customized Funny Friends168Love You All So Matcha
64Funny Friends Castle169Insert Your Selfies Here
65Funny Friends Explosion170My Best Frans
66Free Funny Friends171Cerealsly The Best
67Funny Friends Everyday172Doughnut Stop Talking
68International Funny Friends173Love You A Latte
69Sweetly & Joked174Give Me A WiFi-ve
70Funny Power175All Meow Friends
71Just Funny176WhatsApp Posse
72Funny Rich177Some Cheesy Pizza Gossip
73Clueless & Feud178The Chat’s Meow
74Funny Trade179Felt Cute, Might WhatsApp Later
75Ninjas180Olive My Friends
76Gangs Of WhatsAppur181Everyone Romaine Calm
77Feel free to write182My Succutelent Crew
78Staunch Ladies183My Favorite Human Beans
79Rock’ n’ Roll184Shrimply The Best
80Just do it185Gotta Be Kitten Around
81Innocent girls186Love So Ducking Much
82We are Hulks18750 Shades Of Slay
83Super Heroes188Howl You Doin’
84Hackers189Wassa, Bae?
85Walky Talky190F.R.I.E.N.D.S
86Daily Gupshup191Soy Much Fun
87Drink Dudes192Non-Veg Friends
88The Foodies193Seven Samurai
89Silent Killers194Crazy School Friends
90Just talk195Dil Ke Dost
91The Unknowns196Snoring Mates
92Naadan Parindey197X Mates
93Trollers198Pepsi Mates
94Hats Off!199Sole Mates
95Crazy world200Rockstars
96Velle Log Group201Smile Please
97Time Wasters202Let’s Party Guys
98Hopeless Dudes203Oh Hello Bros
99Group is Alive204Game Changers
100Funny Villain205Chat Lounge
101Funny Story206Avengers
102Feature Funny207The Awakening
103Funny Sun208Bhaiya Ji Smile
104Brave & Comedy209Unfired
105Paradox Funny210Tech Ninjas
211No Porn

Best Friends Group Name for WhatsApp

1The Meme Team19The Avengers
2Best Fries Forever20Power Rangers
3The Friendship Ship21The River Vixens
4F is For Friends Who Do Stuff Together22XOXO, Gossip Girl
5The Real Housewives of ______23The Southside Serpents
6Taylor Swift’s Squad24LGBT-Cuties
7Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants25Birds of a Feather
8The Pretty Committee26Peas in a Pod
97 Rings27Girl Gang
10MerMAID To Be Friends Forever28Girls, Gals and Nonbinary Pals
11The Schuyler Sisters29Besties for the Resties
12All the Single Ladies30Name a More Iconic Duo (or Trio)
13Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice31The Coven
14The Heathers32The Spice Girls
15The Three Musketeers33Charlie’s Angels
16Core Four34The Backstreet Boys
17Quad Squad35The Circle
18Fab Five36The Donut Call List

Friends Group Name for WhatsApp

If the group has 3 friends, you could name it any of the following–

1The terrible three28Simply Three
2The trio.29Gothree
3The triumvirate30Devoted Three
4Rockstars.31Friends HQ
5Two and a Half Men.32Those three
6Warriors.33Mega three
7The Folks.34Three Autumn
8The Drifters.35Three girl
9Awesome Threesome36Three Friends Show
10Terrific Trio37Known Three Friends
11Charlie’s Angels38Three Friends Specials
12Amar, Akbar, Anthony39National Boys
13Power puff girls40Three Friends Shares
14Avengers41Current Boys
15Besties42Bros Three
16Tin tighada (Hindi)43Heart Three
17Three Little Witches44Three Friends Group
18Boss Babes45Three Friends Solutions
19Boss Bitches46Three Friends Detective
20The drama queens47Three Friends Corner
21My Support Bras48Boys Garden
22Three Minions49Trendy Three Friends
23Three is not a crowd!50Three Friends System
24Three Addict51Course Boys
25Tripfriends52Three Friends Creation
26Friends Fund53Five Stars.
27Three Home54The Breakfast Club.

If the group has 4 friends, you could name it any of the following–

1Fantastic Four14Four-titude
2Final Four15Fully Loaded
3The Solid Four-tresses16Qute Quartet
4Fortnite and Chill17The Four Seasons
5Met-A-Four18The Fantastic Four
6Four Sisters19The Fantastic Forks
7The Fly Four20The Four-runners
8Strong Signals214-Gettaboutit
9Four Corners22Mark IV’s
10Four Real23Fab Four
11The Fantastic Forks24Quartet Threat
124-Mation25The Fearsome Foursome
13Four of a Kind26Four Georges

If the group has 5 friends, you could name it any of the following–

1The famous five21Five Free Spirits
2The dream team22Wild Flowers
3the drama club23Six Minus One
4the chat family24Fab Five
5happy house25The Five Musketeers
6brothers from different mothers26House of Five
7happy hour27Dumbledore’s Army
8the chatters28Supernovas
9Chamber of Secrets29Festive Five
10Area 5130Hot Shots
11kings and queens31High Five
12gossip girls32Four Plus One
13All Us Single Ladies33My Main Beaches
14Ultra humans34Five & Dime
15chat lines35The Chamber Of Secrets
16happy hour36The Top Five
17true friends, true spirits37Drama Club
18Fantastic Five38Five in Focus
19Circle of Five39The Breakfast Club
20Five Stars40High fives
41The Fivers

If the number of people in the group is undefined, the group may be named as – 

1Gang18Bro gang
2Homies19Recycle bin
3Companions20Welcome to chaos
4Besties21Corporate life
5Buddies22Crazy engineers
7Team24The Minions
8Class of 2004 (or any year)25The Wolf Pack
9Peers26Hot Shots
10Posse27The A-Team
11Oh My Quad!28Cool Boys
12Non-Stop Chatter29Strong Ties
13Across Borders30Sole Survivors
14Unknown Friends31The Beyonces
15Backbenchers32The Pack
16Mavericks33The Talent Pool
17Through thick and thin34Squad Goals

WhatsApp Group Names for School Friends

1Dumbledore’s Army26Boiled Boxers
2The Nerd Herd27The Denominators
3Fantastic Four28The Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of the Cell
4Life of Pi29The Brain Cells
5We Who Shall Not Be Named30The Creators Collective
6This Group is A+31Best Buddies in Life
7The Collective32Devils vs Angels
839 Clues33Bingo Wives
9We Get Degrees34Ninjas
10Will Trade As for Food35Chat Lounge
11Smells Like Team Spirit36Feel free to write
12Future Presidents37Avengers
13Secret Society38Join at your own risk
14Master Minds39That Senior Girl
15Grammar Enthusiasts40Six Spoons
16Colony of Weirdos41Hard workers
17Little Moons42One Life – One Chance
18Tough Team43Just Do It
19Textbook Text Bookers44Motivational Group
20Chatting Till I Die45We can be anything
216-Pack46We can do anything
22Langoti Friends47Pencil Chors
23My Gang48Golden memories
24Birds of a Feather49Boring classes
25Chat Phobia50Staunch Ladies
51Hopeless group

WhatsApp Group Names for College Friends

1Rock stars47Always on Patrol
2Wandering Minds48Wounded Walkers
3Bachelor’s Party49Soul Mates
4Friends Forever50Walkie Talkies
5Friends for life51Walk It Out
6Mountain Movers52Black Box Testers
7Dil Dosti Etc.53Walk It Like It’s Hot
8The Alpha & Omega54Walk The Line
9Smartness overloaded55Best in Business
10The Invincibles56Workaholics
11Kingdom57The Corporate Cowboys
12The insomniacs58Bloody Business
13Chor Bazaar59Over Achievers
14The Herd60The Three-Piece Suits
15The Jumping Jacks61Professional Pirates
16Silent killers62Empty Coffee Cups
17Fabulous five63Layman Brothers
18The Desert Roses64Wise Crackers
19Only singles65Natural Disasters
20Life for friends66Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy
21Chatter Box67Serial Winners
22Nadaan Parindey68Les Quizerables
23The Folks69Schindler’s Linked List
24Game Changers70Universally Challenged
25The Knights in Shining Armor71Google United
26Fantastic 472*Company name or abbreviation* Slaves
27The Drifters73Wiki Leaks, We Don’t
28House Of Hunters74Appraisal Is Coming(?)
29We talk a lot75Compilation Error.
30Teenagers76A Pitcher On My Mind
31Awesome Blossoms77Shanivar Raati.. (Also, Saturday Nights)
32Unlimited talks78Best Among The Best
33Hangover79The Elite Group
34Fab 580Markets on the Rise
35Changu Mangus81Coffee lovers
36Three Idiots82Tycoons of the <Company Name>
37Last benchers83Blockheads
38Buddies for Life84Just do it
39Mountain Rangers85No Spamming
40Music Manic86Time waste
41Skywalkers87Recycle Bin
42Glucose Busters88Weekend Boosts
43No more singles89The Forwarders
44Walka Walka90The Untouchables
45Making Strides91Blank Head
46Hike & Bike92Pink pearl

WhatsApp Group Chat Names for Family

1All of My Bothers71Family Ho Toh Aisi
2When is Dinner?72Royal Family
3People I Tolerate73Pretty Family
4The Proud Family74We All Are One
5People I Live With75Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki
6Keeping Up With The _______76People Of My Life
7Modern Family77The Family Gang
8I Love You All But…78Dads the Word
9The Schuyler Sisters79Red Tie Matters
10The Keys to My Heart80Cluster of Cool
11The Incredibles81Each One Matter’s
12What’s the WiFi?82Life Roots
13Family Ties83At The Table
14Sibling Signals84The Chatty Ones
15All in the Family85It’s In Our Blood
16We Share Genes86Granny’s World
17Full House87Nutty Peeps
18Beware the Parentals88Daddy Talks
19Coolest Family89Our People
20Top Class Home90It’s Us Again
21Best Family Ever91The Weird Ones
22Fantastic family92Everything About Us
23Cutest Family93Folks Matter
24Rocking Family94Our Happy Clan
25Family Ties95You Truly Amaze
26Happy House96The Talk Folks
27Devil’s Home97The Family Thing
28People world98Speak Up Folks
29Bonding99What’s Cooking Folks
30My family100On The Rocks
31Yes, We are family101Bonded By Blood
32The Public Square102Unique As We Get
33WhatsApp Connection103All In The Family
34Good Times104We Are Not Perfect
35Madhouse105Us Fantastic
36Strong ties106Always Rocking
37The “surname” Family107Memory Lane
38ABC Family108Happy Vibe
39Mera Family109The Happy Family
40Happy Family110Great family.
41Home Sweet Home111Bonding.
42Family Bus112My family.
43Always Happy Family113Family ho to Aisi.
44The Family Knot114Hum Saath Saath Ha
45The (surname) Bunch115Good times.
46My Team My Family116Rocking Family.
47Naughty Family Club117Happy House.
48Meri Superb Family118Mad House.
49Meri Family119Funny Family.
50Top-Notch Home120Kahani Ghar Ghar ki.
51Loving Family121We are family members.
52I Love My Family122Sweet family.
53Family Club123Happy Family.
54Joint Family124Comedy House.
55We Are Family125The secret of the house.
56Family Bonding126Moms Talking Again
57The Family127We Are One
58Top Class Home128Happy Souls
59My Family129Childhood Memories
60The Fantastic Four130Gang Called Family
61We Are Unique131House of Love
62Karate Family132Young Hearts
63Dad Is Don133Our Superstars
64My Folks134We are unique
65Irritating Family135Heart Bonding
66Intelligent Family136Meri Superb Family
67Best Family Ever137Drama Club
68Superstar Family138People of my life
69Strong Bonding139The Public Square
70Perfect Family

WhatsApp Group Names for Cousins

1Best Group For Sharing Feelings36Cousin Syndrome
2I Love My Sister37Odd Cousins
3Most Loved One’s38Cuz Muzz
4My First Friend39Black Sheep Cousins
5My Second Mother40The Brood Bunch
6Best sisters41Cousin Quarrel Anatomy
7My Blood Share42The Cuz Hangout
8God Made Relations43Catfight Sisters
9Weekend Boosts44Where’s The Party Sisters
10Whats’s Up, Bro?45The Pretty Bunch
11Bestest Brothers46The Cussing Cousins
12Cousin’s Colony47Gossip Cousins
13The Grub Club48Single Cousins
14Cute Brothers49Young Cousins
15King of Good Times50Shopaholic Cousins
16Dear Ones51Sis I Miss
17Brothers Gang52Cousin Spree
18Chat With Brothers53Party Cousins
19Cursing Cousins54Faraway Cousins
20Brothers World55Organized Cousins
21Cousins In Distress56Cousin Talks
22Cuz We Said So57Sister and Mister
23The Brat Chat58Mad Hatter Cousins
24Couch Cousins59Newsy Cousins
25Cousins Across Borders60Cousin Confessions
26The Cuz Buzz61The Cousin Gang
27Cousin County62Those Manic Thoughts
28Brothers With Alms63Married Cousins
29Cousin Colony64Cousin Rants
30Weed Brothers65Old Time Cousins
31Cunning Cousins66Laidback Cousins
32Prime Time Cousins67Pep Talk Cousins
33To Cuz With Love68What’s Happening, Cuz
34Damn, We’re Related69Cousins Tell Tales
35To Sister With Love70The Freedom Things

Silly WhatsApp Name for Friends Group

1Codename: Kids Next Door16The Crystal Gems
2The Mane 617The Pokédex
3Chicks With Kicks18Good Times
4Walkie Talkies19The Supremes
5Harry Styles’ Fruit Salad20Non-Stop Notifications
6Future A-Listers21I’ve Got a Bad Idea
7Not Fast, Just Furious22The Karats
8The Real Drama Club23Bubble Buddies
9Bed Bath and Beyoncé24Titans
10A Pizza My Heart25Organization 13
11The Phantom Thieves26The Golden Girls
13Game of Phones28#Goals
14Area 5129Let’s Taco Bout It
15Rolaskatox30We Lit
31The Weekenders

Cool Friends WhatsApp Group Name

1Brothers from different mothers46World Of Cousins
2Childhood Choppers47Happiness All-Around
3Teenagers48People I Love
4X Mate49Buddies for Life
5Life and Music50Best School Friends
6Hangover51Best Buddies In Life
7Best Buddies in Life52We Tie Until We Die
8The Back Benchers53Nonsense Group
9The Herd54Masti Maza
10The Jumping Jacks55The Back Benchers
11The Folks56Enter at Your Risk
12Wondering Minds573 Idiots
13Amazing Pals58Life and Music
14Devils VS Angels59The Spartans
15So-Called Engineers60Chatter Box
16Chor Bazaar61Wondering Minds
17Bachelor’s62Devils VS Angels
18Counter-Strike Batch63Amazing Pals
19Fabulous friends64Counter-Strike Batch
20Lucky Charms65So-Called Engineers
21Best Brothers66Lucky Charms
22ABCD Dosts67Changu Mangus
23Junior Stunts68Busted Minds
24Valley Racers69Fab 5
25Bingo Bikers70We Talk A Lot
26Cousin Love71Hang Over
27Valet Minds72The Herd
28Clever Cats73Silent killers
29Waste Brains74The Jumping Jacks
30Trolls of disgust75The insomaniacs
31Colonial Cousins76All you need to do is Talk, Talk and talk
32Near ones77Only singles
33Dear ones78House Of Hunters
34More Than Bros79The Desert Roses
35Bingo Wives80Awesome Blossoms
36Local Losers81The Knights in Shining Armor
37Just chat82The Drifters
38Legal Bachelors83Bachelor’s Party
39Weekend Kings84Wandering Minds
40Across Borders85The Alpha & Omega
41Hindi Hands86Mountain Movers
42Cherry Choppers87Kingdom
43Little Moons88Smartness overloaded
44Higher Drifters89The Invincibles
45Six Spoons90Unlimited talks
91Music Maniacs

Girls WhatsApp Group Names 

1Backstreet Girls41Focus Fairies
2Gang Of Girls42Gossip Queens
3Pretty Girl Rock43Husband’s Queens
4Desi Girls44Don’t Underestimate Us
5California Girls45Girls Blood Bond
6Grown-Up Girls46Lovely Princess Group
7Girl On Fire47Barbie Dolls
8Girls Of The Galaxy48Cutie pies Area
9Today’s Girls49Beauty Queens
10Ball Girls50Pyaari Bahna’s
11Girls Like None Veg51Fire Ants
12Sexy Girl52Angel Online
13No Boys Allowed53Easy Breezy Beautiful
14Innocent Girls54Parlor Queen
15Immense Potential Girls55Makeup And We
16Hungry for Shopping.56Ladies Whatsapp Group
17Queens Lounge.57F**K The Boys
18Gossips Launch.58The Queens
19Bold ladies.59Smile Queens
20Gossips Launch.60Queens Lounge
21Women of Wisdom (WOM)61Drama Queens
22Women’s Power.62Gossips Launch
23Don’t underestimate us.63Just Bold Ladies
24Girly things64Beauty In Grace
25Only Girl stuff.65We Are Drama Queens
26Cute Angels.66First Ladies
27Heart catchers.67Independent Women
28Why Should have boys all the fun?68Lovely Ladies
29GirlFriends.69The Ladies
30Girls Study group.70Non-Stop Chatter
31Music Group.71Non-Stop Shoppers
32WhatsApp Single Girls72FBI-Female Body Inspectors
33Scatty Girls73Hot Shots
34Fusion Girls74We Can Talk Whole Day Without Taking A Break
35That Senior Girl75Beautiful Butterfly
36WhatsApp Single Girls7616 Forever
37Miss Worlds77Princess Peaches And Cream
38Power Puff Girls7818 Forever
39Little Angels79Dad’s Princess Club
40WOW – Women Of Wisdom

Boys WhatsApp Group Names

1Desi Boys23Rock & Roll
2The Corporate Cowboys24The Knights In Shining Armor
3Kick-Ass Boys25No More Singles
4The Dude Guys26Rock Stars
5The “Yes” Men27Music Manic
6Green Eggs And Men28Boys Adda
7Tom, Dick, And Harry29The Folks
8Cool Boys30Nadaan Parindey
9Let’s Party Guys31House Of Hunters
10Dude Where’s My Other Dudes32We Talk A Lot
11Weekend Kings33The Drifters
12Future Silver Foxes34Awesome Blossoms
13The Winners35Hang Over
14Kingslayers XII36Teenagers
15We Are Hulks37Three Idiots
16Best Dudes38Status King
17Kung Fu Pandas39Fab 5
18Rocking Stars40Buddies For Life
19Kingdom41Changu Mangus
20King Of Good Times42Crazy Engineers
21Greenish Gang43Unlimited Talks
22Real Players44Wandering Minds
45Last Benchers

Group Name in WhatsApp for Friendship

1Rockstars21Changu Mangus
2Rock & Roll22Last Benchers
3The Insomniacs23Music Maniacs
4Only Singles24Buddies for Life
5Life for Friends25Tere Jaisa Yaar Kaha
6Nadaan Parindey26Yeh Dosti hum nahi todenga
7Game Changers27Trip memories
8House of Hunters28Langoti friends
9The Drifters29Chatta batta friend
10Friendship Goal30Enter at your Risk
11Boys Adda31Hangover
12The Folks32Party only
13Hangover33Buddies for Life
14Bachelor’s Party34we Tie Until we die
15The Alpha & Omega35Best School friends
16The Invincibles36College Life
17Teenagers37Freaky friends
18Study with Friends38Friends Tent
19School Life39Smokers Adda
20College Life Moments40Funny Friends.
41Childhood Friends.

WhatsApp Friends Group Name Inspired by Hollywood Movies

1Gladiator23Road Escaped
2Seven Samurai24Fury Talent
3Zootopia25Raging Force
4War Legacy26Blade Runner Source
5Battle Streams27Majestic Blade Runner
6The Hurt Locker28Potter Garden
7Gang of Hulk29Potter Labs
8Badass Magician30Deathly Page
9Avenger Infinity War Road31Thor Ragnarok Gear
10Black Panther Squad32Castle Thor Ragnarok
11The GodFather Universe33Ocean War For The Planet Group
12Mission Impossible Quest34Dunkirk Place
13The Godfather Deals35Greatest X men
14Fighter Mad Max Fury Road36Infinity Skyfall
15Chamber of Secrets37X men zone
16Star Wars Services38Fortune Star Trek
17Star Wars Chain39Professor Skyfall
18The Dark Knight Specialist40King For Life
19Captain America Squad41KIckass Baby Driver
20The Jungle Book Land42Apocalypse Now Blocks
21Resident Guardians Of The Galaxy43Official X men
22Third Eye Marvel’s The Avengers44Bro Gang

WhatsApp Friends Group Name Inspired by Bollywood Movies

1Gang of Wasseypur22Special 26
2Badmash Company23Mubarakan
3Tashan24Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum
6URI The Surgical Strike27Bullett Raja
7Mission Mangal28Yaariyan
8Thugs Of Hindostan29Sultan
9Good Newwz30Parinda
10Total Dhamaal31Players
11Oh My God32Ek Tha Tiger
12Son Of Sardaar33Kyaa Kool Hain Hum
13Housefull34Jawaani Jaaneman
14Dil Chahta Hai35Rock On!!
16Zanjeer37Kismat Konnection
183 Idiots39Krazzy 4
19Gadar40Lipstick Under My Burkha
21Student Of The Year42Gulaab Gang

Crazy Names for Friend’s WhatsApp Group with Attitude

1Freaky Friends Hack49Crazy Friends Lessons
2Greenish Gang50Bingo Bikers
3Online Hangover51Valley Racers
4Quick and Five52Freaky Fun Room
5Shopping hoodlums53Miracle Crazy Friends
6Little Moons54Diamond Girls
7Visionaries55Lola Queens
8We Talk A Lot56WOW – Women of Wisdom
9We Tie Until We Die57Rebel Queens
10Fab 558Explorer Girls
11The Back Benchers59Center Fairies
12Six Spoons60Diva Queens
13The Queen Bees61Amaze Girls
14Alleged Engineers62Dull choices
15Hangover63Pink Fluffy Girls
16Fab Five64Combination Girls
17Fantastic 465First Girls
18Modern Family66Queenly
19Awesome Blossoms67Girls Lady
20World Of Cousins68Funny Queen
21Rock & Roll69Luv Queen
22Party Balls70Date4you
23Dil Dosti etc.71Luv Queen Girls
24The “surname” Family72Luv Queen Company
25Teenagers73Strategic Girls
26We Who Shall Not Be Named74Girls Wisdom
27Unlimited talks75Girls Codes
28Chatter Box76Attitude Girls Queen
29Rumor Mongers77Swipe Girls Queen
30Christmas Coal78Strong Girls Queen
31Maniac Messengers79Lifted Girls
32House Of Hunters80Style Queen
33Pepsi Mates81Diamond Girls
34Higher Drifters82Crazy Boys Touch
35Trolls of disgust83Crazy Boys Hub
36The Back Benchers84Crazy Boys Creations
37Lone Wolfpack85Finest Cool Boys
38Wind in Our Chest Hair86Cool Boys Trip
39Fryin’ Hawaiians87Cool Boys war
40Tattle Queens88Cool Boys Look
41Perfect emotional89Inspired Cool Boys
42Higher Drifters90Crazy Lad
43TopGear Boys Kings91Cooler Dude
44Shotgun Boys Kings92Crazyfish
45Linear Boys Kings93CoolRabbit
46Amazing Boys Attitude94Crazy Think
47Quick Boys Attitude95Classic Dude
48Professional Crazy Friends96Crazy Always

Unique and Nice Group Name for Friends in WhatsApp

1Lifetime Bonding38Three Friends Services
2Why Do Exams Come?39Boys Report
3Love Is Life40Yeah Boys
4Little Walk The Talk41Boys Mate
5Boys Local42Under Boys
6Make Everything Count43Boys Tank
7Zero Gravity44Boys Fact
8Boys Circles45Blackops Boys
9Just Chat46Favored Boys
10Maximise Walk The Talk47Boys Business
11Gift Walk The Talk48Three Choice
12Boys Many49Three Win
13VIP Members50Three Space
14Walk The Talk51Three Think
15Love is52Three Secret
16Waste Brains53White Three
17We Are Mad54Lost Friends
18We Run The World55Any Friends
19Three Friends Inc56Ordinary Guys
20Wedding Planners57Original Dark Knight Group
21Boys Goods58LiveWire Dark Knight Group
22WhatsApp Connection59Buddy Members Group
23Boys Silver60Office Members Group
24What’s In A Name61Evolved Members Group
25Nearby Losers62Intelligent Club Centers
26Boys Bright63Best Intelligent Club
27Boys Logistic64Lost Intelligent Club
28Three Friends Group Inc65Whatsapp Connection Corporate
29Three Precise66Relief Whatsapp Connection
30Actual Three67Wonders of World Group Project
31Amodeus three68Musical Mind Group Profile
32Next Three69Reserve Musical Mind Group
33Three Helping70Morning Musical Mind
34Three Calling71Know The Trouble Makers
35Boys Scouts72The Trouble Makers Cast
36Boys Key73Dream Team
37BoysLock74Friends Laboratory
75Nonsense Group

Secret WhatsApp Group Names

1Who are You?31We Know Everything
2No Entry32Spy Kids
3Ninja Turtles33Lord of Rings
4Spy Kids34Myth is Real
5Secret Zone35Mystery Solved
6Dating Formula36Ware fell Department
7Personal Space37Hidden Message
8Rockstart Army38Jurassic Worl
9Private Group39Join at your own Risk
10Mission Impossible40Fight Club
11Serious Group41Spammed Group
12Useful Conversation42Clear Doubts
13Fallout43Lost & Found
14Skyfall44Cereal Killer
15Binary Chat45Serious Relation
16Underground Community46Dream Boy
17Clear Doubts47Sherlock Holmes
18Extraction48Puzzle Lovers
19Complete Task49Trust & Dare
20Code Red50Auto Reply
21Golmaal51No Entry
22Don No. 152Personal Space
23We Know Everything53Area 51
24Kuch to Gadbad Hai54Useful Conversation
25Code Please55Eagle’s Eye
26Eagle’s Eye56Code Red
27Abhi hum Zinda Hai57Reset Group
28Couple Entry58Private Group
29Binary Chat59Secret Society
30No Problem60Chamber of Secrets

WhatsApp Group Names in Hindi

1Jaatu Log59दोस्ताना
2Padhne vale ka chota60Apna Spna
3Lauda company61Yaaron Ka Kafila
4Langotiye log62हक़ से सिंगल
5Pak Pak Gang63ये जीवन है
6Bol Bacchan Gang64Talkster
7Dilbar Dilbar65Awaargi
8Nacheele Thumke66मेरा भारत महान
9Oh Bhaiya Dhooka67Khatarnak Bhai
10Radio Active MadhuMakhi68Bakar Point
11Apna Group Sambhalo69Kuch To Bhejo Re !!!!
12Group Name ko dhundho70Kassam Khaas
13Kya gur rehe ho71बातो बातो मे
14Naam ma kya rekha h72मम्मी के लाडले
15Time waste kro73कागझ के फुल
16Dhoom vali life74Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
17School ke patte75ये जवानी है दिवानी
18Chor Bazaar76Kamino Ka Adda
19Raat ko Hoga Hungama77Awaara Pagal Deewana
20Ragini ka SMS78Pen Chors
21Superman ke rakshak79गैंगस्टर का परिवार
22Padosan Ki _80Tutak Tutak Tutiya
23Dinchak Pooja Fans81Just chat
24Maki ki Ass82बातो बातो मे
25Ek Hath Jagannath83Innocent Ladke
26Kabhi tree, kabhi stree84Pagan Panthi
27Havas Ke Pujaris85प्यारा घर
28Velle Launde86Jab Tak Hai Jaan
29Utha lere Baba, Utha le87कुछ तो भेजो रे
30Lauda aur lassan88Gangs Of WhatsAppur
31Pagal Panti89Good Times
32Naadan Parindey90बोल बच्चन
33टिपू सुलतान ग्रूप91Boliye Miyan
34Be-Sharam Gang92Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe
35Sirf Bakchodi93ये जीवन है
36Janta Maf nhi Kregi94Paglo Ka Adda
37Chaman Chutiye95सुन्दरता की रानी
38Ae Subkuch hai Mushkil..96Bakar Point
39Kamino Ka Adda97Boys Pardesi
40Keeda hai humere G me98बोलीये मिया
41Total Dhamaal99Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki
42Dostana Part 2100Kamino Ka Adda
43Yaaro Ka Kafila101Haq Se Single
44Khotha for All102पापा DON हैं
45Yaaron ka chabuttra103हमारा इलाका
46Sirf Pranks104Zindgi 2 Pal Ki
47Dil Se दिल धडकने दो105Langotiya Yaar
48Langoti Friends106मेरी आशीकी तुम से
49Pagan Panthi107Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota
50आवारों का गैंग108Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass
51हमारा इलाका109Bol Bacchan
52Kameeno Ka Adda110गोलमाल
53Golmaal111सीक्रेट सुपरस्टार्स
54Sadda Adda112दिल से
55Choriyon Ke Deewane113Yaaron Ka Kafila
56बोलीये मिया114Baapo Ke Baap
57Angur115हम सब एक हैं
58We All Are Gabrooz116चीछोरे दोस्त
117Fattu Dost

How to Change Group Name on WhatsApp?

Now, if you have chosen a name for your WhatsApp group, it is time to change it. However, if you are not sure how to do it, just follow these steps—

  • Step 1: First of all, open ‘WhatsApp’ on your respective phone.
  • Step 2: Then, scroll down the ‘Chats list’ to reach that particular ‘Group’ whose name you want to change.
  • Step 3: After that, you’ve to enter the group and tap on the ‘Title’ of the group.
  • Step 4: Now, you’ll be navigated to the next screen and there, you need to tap on the ‘Three dots’ in the top right corner. 
  • Step 5: As you do so, a drop-down menu appears on the screen. From the menu, tap on the ‘Change subject’ option.
  • Step 6: Now, type in the ‘New Name’ that you want to have for the group and after entering the name, tap on ‘Ok’.

So, in this way you can set a new name for your respective (family/friends) WhatsApp group.

Bottom Line

That’s all. We have tried our best and brought you this collection of the most searched (in almost every category) group name for WhatsApp. So, feel free to choose a name from here depending on the intent or purpose of your friends or/and family WhatsApp group.


Ans: With the new update, WhatsApp groups can now hold up to 512 members, which means you can now have larger groups. 

Ans: Keep these tips in mind while deciding or choosing a good WhatsApp group name—

  • Simple & Easy to Remember Name— There is a limit of 25 characters to set WhatsApp group name in WhatsApp, so keep the group name very simple containing important words.
  • Choose Funny Words—
  • Use recent trends— You can also set WhatsApp group names based on recent trends like favorite movie, web series, actor etc.

Ans: Some unique family names for WhatsApp groups are the following—

  • Strong Family
  • 24-Hour Drama
  • Filmy Family
  • 2 Superb House

Ans: Yes, but there is a condition. You can create a group invite link only if you are an admin. To create a group-invite link—

  • Step 1: Go to the ‘Group info’ and scroll down a little. 
  • Step 2: Then, click on the ‘Invite link.’
  • Step 3: After that, copy the ‘Given link.’ 
  • Step 4:Now, ‘Send the link’ to the person you want to add to the group.

So, that’s how easy it is to create WhatsApp Group Invite Link.

Ans: You will find the stylish WhatsApp group name ideas in the below list—

  • Safeguard House
  • BadBoy Club
  • Shining House
  • Fantastic Home
  • Diverse Home

Ans: If you want to leave or exit a group, you can follow these steps—

  • Step 1: Go to the ‘Group Info’ and scroll down at last. 
  • Step 2: There, tap on the ‘Exit Group’ option and you can leave the WhatsApp Group.

Ans: If you have created a WhatsApp group and now want to delete it, you can do it easily by following these steps—

  • Step 1: Open ‘WhatsApp.’ 
  • Step 2: Go to the ‘Group Info’ and scroll down. 
  • Step 3: Then, tap on the ‘Delete Group’ option.
  • Step 4: After that, hit the ‘Ok’ button so you can delete your WhatsApp Group