Chiffon sarees are one of the most elegant and lightweight saree that every woman loves. In case you do not know the right kind of chiffon saree, buying the right kind could be tough. Chiffon sarees come with a fine weave giving them a transparent appearance. Chiffon sarees are made with fabrics such as cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers such as polyester, rayon, and nylon. The quality of a chiffon saree depends upon what materials it is made up of. Hence all chiffon sarees aren’t the same.

The natural shine in a chiffon saree is what makes it different from the rest of the sarees. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about chiffon sarees.

Work and Print on a Chiffon Saree

Motifs and works on a saree are what makes it different and elegant from the rest of the sarees. A chiffon saree usually comes based on the following work types.

1. Zari Piping and Gotta Patti Work

This type of chiffon saree comes with small pieces of threads used in between the saree to give the saree an elegant look with Gotta Patti work fabric. The origin of this art is Rajasthan. Piping the saree with Zari threads makes a peculiar outfit. The designs and the weaving process in every saree of this kind is a reason for you to wear and celebrate. 

2. Printed Chiffon Sarees

Prints in a saree are the latest trend that every woman prefers to look charming. Be it Shibori print or floral print, chiffon-printed sarees are loved by women due to their comfort and elegance. With different print styles available, you can leave everyone stunned with your looks.

3. Handwork Chiffon Fabric

Women always have their love for handwork products. And when it comes to sarees, they love them the most due to their lovely personality. 

How to Wash a Chiffon Fabric at Home

Since chiffon saree, which can be purchased online on Snapdeal, is made of very soft fabric, care needs to be taken while washing it. Experts suggest giving the saree a dry clean. However, a dry clean wash may not be possible all the time. 

Hand Washing Process for Chiffon Saree

  • Fill the bucket with half the quantity of lukewarm water. 
  • Use mild detergent in the water, and swish it until bubbles appear on it.
  • Dip the chiffon saree in water and swirl it with your hands to give it a gentle clean.
  • Once you are done cleaning, rinse the saree to remove the soap content from it completely.
  • Dry it under the shade to protect the saree.

Machine Washing Process for Chiffon Saree

  • Inside a mesh bag, place the chiffon saree and put it inside the machine. Placing it in the bag resists wrapping around the machine.
  • Do not wash it with any other clothes or fabrics as it may damage the saree.  
  • Use some mild detergent in the washing machine and use cold water to wash.
  • Use the soft wash process with short-term spinning to save the quality of the saree.
  • Once the saree is washed, gently soak the water using two bath towels.

What Blouse Goes Well with Chiffon Saree Saree

The blouse of your chiffon saree can be matched according to the print of the saree. In case you have a solid chiffon saree, we suggest you try a printed or plain blouse as per your choice. If you are interested in having prints in your blouse, you can also match the saree with a floral print with polka dots in the same color. A printed blouse with a sheer chiffon saree will make everyone have their eyes over you. 

Is Chiffon Saree Expensive

A chiffon saree comes with various options such as pure silk chiffon sarees, designer chiffon saree,s, and poly-chiffon sarees. The price of a chiffon saree depends upon the fabric used and the details that go in the saree. Depending on your budget, you can choose embroideries such as zardozi and sequins to make your saree look to the next level. 

What are the Best Occasions to Wear Chiffon Saree

A woman can close her eyes and pick up a chiffon saree that can be worn on any and every occasion. Be it a normal event or a fancy occasion, a chiffon saree can be adjusted to the way you want to be looked at. Chiffon sarees are available in all sorts of different designs. 

A light, soothing, pastel color for daytime and bright, dark colors for nighttime world best.

Here’s Why Everyone Loves Chiffon Saree and What You Need to Know Before You Buy Them Online

1. Easy to Drape

Wearing a chiffon saree is very easy. Hence, wearing it is not much complicated, unlike other fabrics. There is no struggle in adjusting the pleats or gathering down. Chiffon saree just flows without any help to get it adjusted. Also, the pallu places itself beautifully pinned and just falls over the shoulder when opened.

2. Work in Casual and Formal Wear

When you hunt for sarees online, you will be confused with a variety of options. Chiffon saree not only works the best for daily wear but can also be used for formal wear.  Bandhani print, leheriya, tie-n-dye, and indigo prints are a few options that work as formal and casual wear. 

3.  Gives an Elegant Look

In a chiffon saree, even an embroidered work looks plain making you feel light. A plain blouse would go well with an embroidered saree. If you are opting for a plain saree, a blouse with the same color or a dark shade will go well with it. 

4. Accessorize It Accordingly

A perfect outfit gets the right finish only when it is matched with the right accessories. You can play any style of game with a chiffon saree. Be it a casual, traditional, bohemian, or party kind, wearing a correct set of accessories can instantly uplift the entire look. You can match your chiffon saree with accessories such as light diamond studs or a delicate neckpiece. To add a more enhanced look, wear rings, or a bracelet. Keep in mind to invest in little accessories that match your taste as well as the saree.