Mice are uninvited guests at home and their presence in your apartment can cause a whole lot of disaster to you and your belongings, especially foodstuff. If you are sick and tired of midnight disturbances, then it’s important you read through the whole content on this page.


The 10 Ways to Effectively Exterminate Mice

  1. Seal access roads.
  2. Place the mousetraps.
  3. Trap the most suitable baits.
  4. The strategic location of the traps is critical.
  5. Use rodent control stations.
  6. Install mouse scarers and repellents.
  7. Take advantage of natural mouse enemies.
  8. Apply a natural mint repellent.
  9. Call the rodent control.
  10. Try proven grandma’s advice.

Seal Access Roads.

Mice move to our homes mainly in winter. They prefer cottages, cottages, and older houses. They can get into the building with the slightest loophole. All they need is a hole as big as a pencil. Securing the home against mouse intrusion is, therefore, a priority. Go through the cellars and attic and look for mouse droppings or the typical smell of mouse urea, so-called mice. Bite pipe insulation and holes in food packaging are other indicators of mice.

Now cover all slots and potential access points with a bite-resistant material. PU foam or cotton wool is not suitable, because rodents or other pests can beat it. Better is concrete to which glass shards can be added. Make the door fit snugly against the sills when closed.

A suitable product for sealing holes is mouse-stop paste. Ecological sealing paste that does not harm or harm the animals themselves. The paste does not contain any pesticides and biocides and therefore its use is ideal wherever high demands are placed on hygiene and ecology.

Place the Mousetraps.

The best approach is to use the mice repellent to chase away mice but wooden and metal traps are a classic that just works. Classic traps can track mice in bearable spreadings. Most people underestimate the stage of mouse occurrence. If you don’t act fast to curb this unwanted guest in your apartment, it gives birth, invites its mates, and takes over the whole house including your wall in no time flat. 



When trapping, use a crust of bread baked on bacon. You can use another aromatic attraction: walnut, cheese, or salami. Nine of ten mice like oatmeal. Put the lure on the trigger with dental floss. It will not escape the trap. If you touch the trap, there is an advantage over catching moles. Mice don’t mind the human smell.

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The Correct Placement of the Traps is Important.

Position the trap in a corner so that the trigger mechanism points to the floor. There, the mouse moves right into the lure as it stalks along the walls as usual, instead of moving on the trap in the wrong way and activating it prematurely. Mice do not move more than about 6 meters from their territory. Therefore, place traps wherever you find signs of mice. Don’t forget where they penetrate inside. Mice have stable pathways. Always change the location of the traps once every few days. Fortunately, mice aren’t as smart as rats. Therefore, it is not such a problem to overcome them. Position the mousetrap correctly

Use Rodent Control Stations with Poison.

Pest control stations are closed, and lockable boxes like gel bags with poison. They are thus also suitable for use in HACCP systems. Cheaper rodent control stations that are not lockable are more suitable and are out of children’s reach. An alternative bait is paraffin blocks, suitable for humid environments.

Install Mouse Scarers and Repellents.


You repel the mice with an electronic pest repeller or odor scarers. The advantage of an ultrasonic scarecrow is that it does not bother people because it is inaudible to the human ear. Ultrasonic waves do not pass through walls. Effective protection against mice, therefore, requires the installation of a scarecrow in each protected room separately. Quality scarecrows are constantly changing transmission frequencies, so the environment very quickly becomes unpleasant for rodents and leaves it.

Take Advantage of Natural Mouse Enemies.

Cats, dogs, owls, and birds of prey, are all-natural predators that hunt mice. We can take advantage of this without raising these animals. Although an ordinary country cat is ideal for protecting a village house. She has not lost her instincts and is actively hunting mice. The mice will repel their smell and will avoid the entire marked territory. A typical alternative is snake feces, which you can get at a pet store. The snake is another natural enemy of the mouse and its droppings act as a natural repellent for the mouse.

Apply Natural Repellent in the form of Mint.

By combining with water, a natural repellent in the form of a spray can be formed from pure peppermint oil. Its use is offered, for example, in the kitchen. Apply the spray to the hole. The combination of mint oil with diatomaceous earth retains the scent of mint for a very long time. After the mixture has dried, add water to review it. 

Call a Professional.

In case of a major spreading, a professional methodological approach is necessary. The exterminator maps the terrain in detail. He will deploy the necessary traps and lures in calculated quantities. And most importantly, it assures you. Reputable mice exterminating companies should regularly replenish traps and remove dead mice.

Try Proven Grandma’s Advice.

Finally, a few “grandma’s advice” on how to get rid of the mouse. Give it a try, and maybe some of them work in addition to the effective methods described above:

  • Walnut leaves, chamomile, garlic, or mint oil.
  • Grow mint, cloves, lavender, and chili.
  • A somewhat drastic way to drive out the mice is to mix a dry mixture of oatmeal and plaster and prepare a bowl of water next to it. When they drink, the mouse plaster tears from the inside.
  • Deploy anti-moth products, someone swears against them, even mice.
  • Protect your bedding from mice with strong fragrant soap.
  • Make a pipe trap from the cardboard center of the kitchen roll. Set it on the table’s edge, and position a bucket below it. Prepare a tasty bait in the tube.

We wish you a successful fight with mouse pests.


Among all the above-listed solutions to exterminating mice in your apartment, Ultrasonic pest control is considered the best because it can easily be used to overcome many uninvited pests at home. It emits high-frequency sound waves to driveway mice and many other domestic pests that are threatening your family’s peace.