PDF files found to contain confidential information must always be kept secure by adding a password. Some people, however, may forget the password for the files. Your PDF cannot be unlocked by just anyone. Restrictions can only be removed by those who have permission. Only the policy author or a server administrator can update a PDF that is safeguarded by a server-based defense policy.

Because password-protected PDF files can be difficult to access, unlocking one will allow the user to alter the document’s information. Each time you want to check the file, you must first enter the passwords. PDFBear’s PDF unlock tool is available for free online use, and it allows you to remove the password.

Unlock PDF Tool of PDFBear

The Unlock PDF File feature of PDFBear can remove the password from your PDF file and convert it into an editable document. Unlocking your PDF files is also a good option if you frequently forget the passwords. Owner-locked files can also be unlocked using PDFBear’s unlocking tool, which also removes access controls. Keep in mind that if a PDF is owner-locked, a password is usually required to copy, print, or modify its components.

With a reliable gadget and a steady internet connection, password removal is as easy as one, two, three. Simply upload the PDF to the PDF Password Removal tool, and the process will begin immediately. Indeed, PDFBear is effective, and working with a password-protected PDF file can be simple. Users can unlock the password in minutes with a few clicks. As a result, all of your problems are gone.

PDFBear is completely compatible with all operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac. Furthermore, this web-based tool can be accessed via any of the most popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and others. It is all done online and saved in the Cloud with PDFBear. As a consequence, you may browse and unlock PDF files from anywhere at any time.

The tool works well whether you use a desktop or mobile browser. Users do not need to download or install any software or apps. PDFBear places a premium on its users’ privacy. Files that have been submitted and handled are automatically removed after one hour.

Procedure for Unlocking a PDF File Using PDFBear

Make sure you have a good internet connection before you begin using the tool. Here are the steps you must take to unlock a PDF file. To begin, go to PDFBear’s website and click the “Unlock PDF” button on the home page. To upload the file, click the “Select Files” button, or drag and drop the PDF file from your device into the PDF Password Remover section.

Its password will be removed, and the server will begin decrypting your specific file. Wait a few minutes or seconds for the procedure to complete. When you’re finished, you can save your unlocked PDF file to your device or an online storage service such as Cloud Storage or Dropbox. You can share it with those you trust on any social media platform by sending them the file’s link.

More Features to Utilize on PDFBear

Split PDF Feature

By simply specifying the number of pages, file size, or top-level bookmarks, you can split one or more PDFs into multiple documents. PDFBear is a fantastic tool for splitting large PDF files into single-page PDF documents or retrieving subpages to create a new PDF document. This website allows you to quickly and easily split, modify, and divide PDF files.

Merge PDF Feature

PDFBear’s Merge feature allows users to combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF file. Users can also change the order in which the merged PDF files appear. Before actually merging documents, users can add new PDF files to an existing file series. PDFBear preserves the original article’s content and structure. When uploading to a website or attaching as an email attachment, all merged files maintain the highest quality and can be accepted on any web platform.

Conversion Features

Converting PDF documents with PDFBear is an excellent choice for everyone because it is free, quick, and simple. Files are no longer limited to being a word document or a PDF document. You’ll both need them in different formats, which is why you’ll need a dependable converter that you can use right away. PDFBear provides several options for converting different types of documents to PDF, including word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, image files, and more. When you use this Converter, the transformed files are of the highest quality and contain the same information as the original PDF.

Add Watermark

Currently, if you publish your information on the internet or on social media platforms, others may assert it as their own. To put it another way, once your PDF files are online, you no longer have complete control over them. There is, however, a technique to prevent others from taking your files. The simplest way to avoid it is to add a watermark to your PDF documents. Since it incorporates your identity, words, and picture, adding a watermark to your PDF file creates the appearance that you created it and control it. With PDFBear, you can easily add a watermark to every PDF file.

        PDF Repair

PDFBear can help repair damaged documents. The damaged data is the result of malware and viruses. This program will help you save and restore your files. Quickly add the malicious attachment to the website, where it will be inspected and analyzed, to start the process. The corrupted file will then be repaired and regenerated.


Utilizing a document when you’ve forgotten the password is unmistakably nerve-wracking. It causes annoyance and inconvenience for everyone. However, every problem has a solution, and a forgotten password is no different. Use PDFBear to unlock your PDF and relieve yourself of the burden, hassles, and worries. One of PDFBear’s great features is a simple PDF password remover, which allows you to convert locked PDF files into types that can be read and modified.