Trade Capitol has made a splash amongst at-home traders with its no-nonsense, access-all-areas trading styles and services. It is a hot favorite in the industry- and this review aims to find out why.

Keep reading for the inside scoop on what makes the platform tick and how well it lives up to its reputation. 

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile trading options
  • Well-designed user interface
  • Great value for money
  • Mobile access
  • Excellent support for beginners


  • High minimum deposit requirement
  • Slow setup process
  • Unavailable in some areas

Essential Info

Here is a run-through of the most important things for people to know about the platform. 

Deposits and Payments

The initial deposit required on all accounts is $250. It may seem on the higher end of the scale, but it helps ensure that only genuine users sign up and keeps the platform running smoothly. Monthly subscription payments vary based on the type of account chosen, but they are all great value for money. 

Trading Tools and Markets

It’s all about the trading, at the end of the day, and Trade Capitol has a pretty impressive offering. It is a general trading platform, so it doesn’t stick to one particular market. Some of the standout options include:

  • FOREX (Foreign Exchange Market): Users can exchange international currencies in a fast-paced day-trading environment. The platform works with more than a dozen popular currency pairings and provides advanced live price trackers to help people keep up with trends. 
  • Cryptocurrency: Trade Capitol supports several leading cryptocurrencies, which can be traded individually or against one another. Again, the platform provides excellent tools to help make it easier. 
  • CFDs (Contracts for Difference): Trade on company share values without buying any assets. Access hundreds of possibilities to suit every portfolio, budget, and risk level- all through one supportive platform. 

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Support and Service

The general customer service team works 24/7 through email. Responses are fastest during standard business hours, but it is still pretty easy to get in touch with someone on the weekend. There is also an automated support function for FAQs and simple queries. 

Account managers support in a different way- assisting with account settings and advice for traders. Additionally, users can access expert-led webinars and interactive training courses if they want to. 

Can Users Withdraw Funds?

They can- for a small fee. Withdrawals carry a three percent charge per transaction, regardless of what method is used. There are two options: bank transfer or digital wallet.

Bank transfer withdrawals are highly secure and processed within 24 hours. Crypto withdrawals to an e-wallet are also safe and move a little faster. 

The top-tier paid subscription option waives the withdrawal fee- it is free every time. 

Does Trade Capitol Work on Mobile Devices?

Yes, it does. Trade Capitol is designed to work on almost any device that supports an internet connection and recent software updates. The mobile version is found in the relevant app stores for Android and Apple and is free to download. 

Users can log in with the same credentials they use on the desktop or web version, but they need to log out of their previous device, or they won’t be granted access. As a security measure, accounts can only be active from one place at a time. 

What does Trade Capitol do to Help Beginners?

Some of the ways Trade Capitol helps beginners include:

  • Streamlining the displays and controls to make it easier to see the big picture
  • Offering training and demonstrations for all the core trading tools and general platform practices
  • Including various levels of personalized support for paid subscribers
  • Tailoring settings to meet individual requirements
  • Providing a virtual trading space where people can practice and learn without taking any risks with their money

Trade Capitol Summed Up

Trade Capitol is impressive across the board- no doubt about it. It has plenty to offer and no shortage of investment opportunities- all for a reasonable monthly fee. If it sounds like the right direction, then visit the website today to find out more about becoming a member and prepare to take the next step forward. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.