When you are about to start any minor or major task, it’s important that you first know how to manage it effectively so that the results meet well. Every core aspect of management, ranging from planning to monitoring, has to be managed properly.

The role of management is extremely crucial when you are writing an essay. If you still are not able to digest that effective management actually plays a pivotal role in writing an effective essay, then you should refer to it with DoMyEssay so that you can understand that concepts of management are the key to writing an effective essay.

And I will be discussing some important management tips that will help you write a good essay.

You must be aware of the famous saying by William Shakespeare, “the pen is mightier than the sword”. However, the fact is that the pen is not enough; the writer should know some unique writing tips for start essay with amazing quote so that his/her writing can create an impact on the readers.

How to Proceed Ahead While Writing an Essay?

Many of your essays may not be as effective as they should be. The reason is that you are not strategically managing your content. It lacks management, and since you didn’t frame any plan before, the essay you have written doesn’t influence the readers at all.

But you don’t need to worry because I am going to share some amazing tips for writing essays, with the help of which you can improve the quality of your essays.

Understand What is Being Asked of You

First, you have to understand what is being asked of you, and once you get to know it,  that particular point should be the core idea of your essay. Make sure that you are making it a base idea and relating everything else to that essence. Considering the base, you have to create several sub-parts to talk about.

Note Down Every Significant Idea

Writing an effective essay requires extensive brainstorming, for which you have to bring a lot of unique and new ideas before you start writing. I will suggest you note down every significant idea in your notepad or somewhere else where you can find all of them in one place.

Refer to the Sources

Refer to the sources in your writing. It adds value to your essay as it shows how extensive your research was. Additionally, while you research the topic, it is crucial to make it more impactful by using quotes that have relevance to the topic you are writing about but make sure that you are not plagiarizing.

Frame a Rough Draft

It’s important to frame a rough draft beforehand. It helps you move ahead with the process easier as you have a rough picture in your mind that you can refer to while you are writing. It has been discovered that eminent professors and instructors also create rough drafts before they actually start their work.

Create a Thesis

Don’t forget to create an influential thesis. The thesis is the main argument of any essay that is the core focal point of any essay. Make it the strongest point to argue and frame content accordingly.

Start Writing the Essay

After you are done with the above-mentioned points properly, you should start writing the essay according to the draft you have planned thoroughly.


At last, you have to proofread the essay minutely. Correct all the grammatical errors and cross-check if any mistake remains. Make sure that you don’t miss out on anything while you are proofreading.

How to Frame Important Parts of an Essay Effectively?

To write an effective essay, it’s important that you know every component of any essay and how to integrate those individual parts into one single unit of the essay. I will discuss the essential parts of an essay and the tips to make each one of them the most influential:  


You should know how to present the purpose of your essay at the beginning, which becomes an introductory paragraph itself. It’s also considered the “thesis statement,” as considering this significant part, you continue writing your essay, and everything else revolves around it.

Start your introductory paragraph with something that can captivate the readers and inspire them to read the complete essay. See the examples below so that you can have a rough idea about you should start any essay:

  • Do you know how many mistakes any human makes a day?
  • “Where there is a will, there is a way.”
  • Are you searching for some ways to earn money online? Don’t worry if you have found nothing yet because you will get every relevant answer here only. 

Body Paragraphs

After writing the introduction, you have to include the body paragraphs consisting of the first body paragraph, the second body paragraph, and so on.

In the first paragraph, you should talk about the immediate topic that is the most significant out of all other details and should be discussed first. For example, you are writing about the “Effects of Autism.” After writing an introduction, you have to immediately explain Autism in detail.

Readers will want to know first what Autism means and, after that, something else. Hence, in the first body paragraph, you will explain Autism in detail. Thereafter, you can come to the other essential points, such as causes, effects, and solutions, in the next body paragraphs subsequently. In simple terms, you have to analyze which information covers the essential part of the topic. The more important the information, the topmost position it will take among the body paragraphs and vice versa.

Use Transitions Between the Paragraphs

To make your essay smooth and integrate as a single unit consisting of several paragraphs, you have to ensure that all of your paragraphs are connected. If you think it’s very obvious and nothing remains vital at this point, then you do not understand its importance.

The fact is that sometimes writers can’t observe, but the different paragraphs of their single essay seem separate pieces of text that are simply put together. To avoid this mistake, you have to be highly cautious of this point; otherwise, writing an essay won’t create any value.

You should use transitions wherever you can connect different body paragraphs. This way, your new idea remains coherent with the previous one and doesn’t create any form of assumption in the readers. If you are clueless about transitions, then have a look at the following examples; you will have an idea:

  • Speaking about this…
  • As has been noted…
  • With regard to this…
  • Despite the previous statements…
  • Considering the above-mentioned example


The final paragraph provides you a last chance to either impart a positive or negative image as you are concluding your thoughts here. Don’t make it too long; instead, include 4-5 well-curated sentences in a well-coordinated way.

Ideally speaking, the conclusion talks about the thesis statement again, and hence it can be termed your second introduction as well.

If you were not able to create a strong impact in the beginning, now is the time when you can influence your readers finally by incorporating strong thoughts.

Most conclusions start with “in conclusion, in the end, and much more. You can use any of them as per your choice and focus on restating your thesis statement again. It adds a strong voice to your content that will make readers agree with your point finally.

At least, the final sentence should provide a moral message or any “Call to Action” so that readers know what they have to follow at the end. Don’t leave them unambiguous, and make your essay justified.

More Tips to Write Unique Essays

Schedule Your Days

You may think it to be a waste of time during your exams, multiple corporate meetings, and much more, but believe it or not, planning your days helps you forecast the right time you should write at. Planning this way helps you frame a time when you can easily brainstorm a variety of ideas to start with.

Focus on Variety

An essay that consists of diversified vocabulary in a little complex way is considered an advanced type of writing. Avoid using simple words again and again. It hampers the quality of effective writing. For example, use “wealth or riches ” instead of “money,” “network” instead of “contacts,” and much more.

However, don’t try to complicate things in such a way that it becomes impossible for the reader to understand seven in a single sentence. You may lose the reader’s engagement this way and hence, understand how to balance between a mediocre and an advanced form of writing an essay.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

This is one of the utmost mantras you have to remember forever. You have to understand that you can’t write exceptionally well in a single day. It’s a gradual process that improves as you practice more and more. To excel in this work, you should write a lot of essays on multiple topics regularly.Don’t worry about the quality in the initial phase, as you are learning here. However, consistent practice of writing while ensuring that the core principles of management are being followed can bring a drastic improvement and make you proficient in writing essays on any topic given to you.