When students write their essays and many other academic papers, they need to take into account various demands for writing. One of them is to use quotes. This demand may be compulsory or optional. You commonly have to use quotations when you write a scientific paper, which must be based on the works and studies of researchers. At times, students prefer to insert quotations on their own because they make every paper more vivid, unique, and memorable. Besides, a good quote adds significance and credibility to your paper. Some folks even want to start essay with quote.

In the meanwhile, they wonder – can I start an essay with a quote? If it is allowed, then – how to start essay with quote? These are interesting questions, and we will answer them here below. Moreover, we will add several great tips on how to avoid plagiarism.

Why is It Good to Start with a Quote?

You surely should consider starting essay with quote because it is one of the most powerful attention grabbers. Your introduction is supposed to interest your readers in your essay instantly. A good quote makes your intro uncommon and catchy. Therefore, we recommend beginning an essay with a quote. As for other common and effective attention grabbers, we should mention:

  • Anecdote
  • Shocking statement
  • Rhetoric question

Choose a Quote That Fits Your Purpose

No matter if you intend to quote at beginning of essay or later, your quote MUST fit the purpose of your essay. Otherwise, it makes no sense, and you will be deprived of several important grades. If you write about the Best Marketing Programs for College, be sure you use a quote that reflects this topic entirely. If you aren’t sure about its relation to the topic, you’d better use other attention grabbers.

Take into Account Your Audience

Before you start an essay with a quote, be sure to consider your potential readers. Put yourself into their place. What would you ask yourself?

  • What is the purpose of the essay?
  • Why do I see a quote at the beginning?
  • What does it mean?
  • How is it related to the topic?
  • Is it clear enough?
  • Does it provoke any associations?

After you answer all these questions and find the right answers, you will understand that your quote is correct. It will be accepted by your readers as a nice beginning to the essay.

Avoid Long Quotes

Starting a paper with a quote is truly a good idea if its length is reasonable. Too long quotes distract the attention of readers. The right quote is up to 12 words and clearly states your point. When readers look at it, they are supposed to understand it instantly.

Acknowledge the Source

All essays with quotes must provide clear references. You cannot simply implement a quote at the beginning or in any other part of your essay without acknowledging who is its author. Your readers are not supposed to ponder this point. Just add to the quotation something like this:

  • Just like “author” said.
  • According to “author.”
  • “Author” once said.

Additional remark: When you insert the quotation, it must be done according to the assigned academic writing style. This can be MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, ASA, and so on. Every style has clear demands that differ from other styles. Consider them to be sure you don’t make a mistake that deprives you of essential grades.

Connect It to Your Point

Another vital thing you need to learn about how to begin an essay with a quote is the connection to the main point of your essay. It must be related to the topic as well as to the thesis statement. This is the central idea of the entire project, and it clarifies your point. Therefore, your quotation is supposed to be somehow related to what will be claimed in your thesis statement.

Wrapping Up

Beginning a paper with a quote is a good idea that grabs the attention of your readers in most situations. Therefore, use it freely but logically. In case you have problems with it, you can always hire professional essay writers on one of the custom writing sites. They will easily solve this issue instead of you.