Vinyl Plank flooring is becoming a popular choice among homeowners. With its exquisite design range, it delivers a luxurious feel at home. People currently prefer installing flooring with Vinyl Plank because of its many advantages. Vinyl Plank floorings are durable, and affordable and resemble wood and stones. A vinyl Plank Flooring of good quality that is installed properly and maintained with care lasts for around 20 years on average. 

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If you look around, there is a wide variety of VPFs in the market. You should have eyes to find the best. However, there are certain things that you must know and keep in mind when you go hunting for your VPF. In this blog, we will give you a buyer’s guide for 

the first thing that you need to consider variety. There is Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

Types of Vinyl Flooring 

Many types of Vinyl Flooring are available in the market like LVT (luxury vinyl tile), LVP (luxury vinyl plank), and sheet vinyl. It is difficult to comment until you know your needs and what suits best for your place.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are tough tiles that are easy to install and durable. LVT is mostly used for commercial places because of its clean and chic variety.

Luxury Vinyl Planks are more sort of residential flooring that is affordable, easy to maintain, and available in many designs and colors.

Sheet vinyl is a sheet that can be installed very easily with the help of adhesives or glue. 

Look at the Size

When you are searching for Vinyl Plank Flooring, have an idea of the size of the place where you want it to be installed. This will ease your effort to find the right size because many brands have different sizes. However, if you would be aware of the size you are looking for then it will save a lot of difficulty in finding what is right. You won’t have any trouble choosing the perfect size when you shop from the right provider, regardless of the shape of the rooms in your house or place of business.

Water-resistant sheet floorings are 6 or 12 feet wide.

The Vinyl tile sizes are 9 or 12 square inches. 

Plank-shaped Luxury Vinyl Tile, which imitates stone or wood, is typically 7″ wide by 48″ long.


The thickness that is measured in (mm) is one of the important factors to consider. Many brands try to conceal the thickness with wear layer thickness. Therefore you must know the real thickness of the material. You will find that it will differ from brand to brand.

This will directly affect how long your floor can withstand all the foot traffic in the upcoming years. This will be displayed in millimeters (meaning one-thousandth of an inch). You should look for planks with a 20 mil or higher thickness if you want higher-quality materials. High quality is maintained even with a slightly reduced wear layer.

Installation Procedure

Mostly the Vinyl Plank floorings are installed directly if the condition of the floor is smooth. Otherwise, an underlayment has to be installed first after which you can put on the Vinyl Plank flooring easily. Ask the brand executives about the follow-up, installation methods, and adhesives used to stick them. Search and opt for the easiest procedure.

Price Range of the Product

When looking for vinyl plank flooring, price should be considered first. When compared to using real hardwood, purchasing vinyl flooring will undoubtedly result in significant financial savings. 

Vinyl Flooring is one of the most affordable flooring solutions that give excellent outcomes in terms of looks and durability. The price for Vinyl Plank Flooring is marked according to per square foot. You can multiply the price according to the dimensions of your area. Do thorough market research on the price range and select according to your budget.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Every area and every individual has different needs. That is why it is important to know how easy it is to maintain the flooring and clean it regularly. These floorings are stain and water-resistant which makes it easier to remove all the dirt. 

On your vinyl plank floor, avoid using detergents or abrasive cleaners. These usually leave a dull film that is impossible to remove. Also, avoid polishes with solvent bases and paste wax as it can rub away the shine.

To avoid any kind of damage you must learn all the tips and tricks to clean up the flooring. 


Vinyl Plank Flooring is expected to last for 20 years. Many brands also give you a warranty for your flooring. Opt for the brand-giving warranty as it will cover you up at the time of damage (if happens). The quality of the flooring material is essential to consider for durability.

You might even find warranties up to 15 years, depending on the manufacturer you choose, protecting you against issues that could arise from the wear layer.

Naturally, outcomes can change. It’s crucial to be honest with yourself about your expectations because of this. For the heavy traffic regions where you spend the majority of your time, LVP is a fantastic resource. In living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens, LVP is becoming more and more popular. You can also extend the look into your bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements thanks to the waterproof function. One of its major advantages is that, if you so want, you can use the same product throughout your entire house.


There are several factors to consider when choosing a color for your vinyl plank flooring. Refer to the color chart of each brand because every brand has its own set of hues and tones. 

Explore your options and try matching the shades and tones with the area where you want to install them. You can select from natural tones, earthy tones to rustic themes, the choice is yours.

Order a sample to check the vibe of your place. Some brands offer free sample testing as well. 


Going out to buy new Vinyl Plank Flooring? Well, the points which we have listed above are important factors that you need to consider while shopping for Vinyl Plank Flooring.

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