SEO competitor analysis is something more law firms do these days than ever before. If you’re a lawyer or work for a firm and understand some SEO basics, you’ll realize what an advantage it provides.

We’ll talk about SEO for law firms in the following article. We’ll also talk about competitor analysis and why that matters.

What Exactly is SEO?

Law firms can utilize SEO for higher rankings and more leads, but what does SEO mean, and how did it rise to prominence? SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines are AI-driven algorithms like Google. Google is definitely the world’s most popular search engine.

SEO came into existence when business entities realized that they could manipulate search engine algorithms in various ways. If they used certain keywords and keyword phrases, they could often get their website to rank higher in the SERPs. SERP stands for search engine ranking position.

SEO is the practice or discipline of getting a business website to rank higher on the Google search results. Countless studies show that most people don’t even bother to look on Google’s second page when they search for something. That means businesses need to get their website onto that first page and to that page’s top if at all possible.

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Law Firms and SEO

You can do SEO for just about any term or keyword phrase that comes to mind. For instance, you can try to get your website to rank if someone looks for a phrase like “bakeries near me” or “the best Chinese restaurant in Phoenix.”

If you’re a lawyer or work for a law firm, it’s easy to see why you would want your website to rank in the way that we’ve described. For instance, if you’re in a particular geographic region, you would want your site to come up when someone typed in a search term like “the best law office in Memphis” or something along those lines.

SEO does not depend on guesswork, though. It’s an exact science, and tools exist that can help you figure out what keywords and phrases to use. You’ll need to include those keywords and phrases in your website copy if you want your law office’s site to get more web traffic.

You might hire a skilled SEO consultant to help you in this area. Dagmar Marketing SEO for law firms They can show you how to use tools that will optimize your site for certain search terms. They can even write copy for you in some instances.

SEO Competitor Analysis

Say that you work for a law office, and you want to attract some new clients. You know that getting them to visit your site is one way to do that.

SEO competitor analysis is one weapon you can have in your arsenal as you try to compete among other law firms in a crowded marketplace. You’re hiring an individual or company to look at competing lawyer websites in your area. They might look at those based on your geographic competitors, but they might also look based on the specific law style these firms practice.

They can use many different tools to try and see what your competitors do well. For instance, they might use a backlink checker. Backlink checkers see where the links on your competitor sites go. You might need to poach some of those backlinks if you see that many people use them.

When you hire an SEO expert or a team of them to research competitor sites, you’re not trying to copy what those sites do. Rather, you’re looking at them for inspiration and to see whether you can create more compelling content. You’re not attempting to duplicate their success but to surpass it.

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What Can You Do After Researching Competing Websites?

Once you hire an SEO company or individual, they will use the latest SEO tools to analyze competing sites. They will also probably come up with keyword and phrase lists they know you need to use, based on Google analytic reports they can attain.

They will show you those reports and make recommendations for how you can change or add to your site’s content to rank higher and get more business. You can then hire a copywriter to make those changes, or you can do it yourself if you have the time and aptitude.

You might add it to your FAQ section if it needs enhancement. You can add a company blog if the SEO expert you hire reports that the other law firms get positive results from theirs. You can then add videos or images if you don’t have any on your site.

Humans are visually-oriented creatures, so you’ll want excellent pictures and compelling videos on your website if you don’t have any yet. You will need to shoot some images and videos that exemplify your firm’s mission and community impact. You don’t want to use stock images since those will seem cheap and unsatisfying when a potential client looks at them.

Competitor Research Matters

Some law firms might feel like they don’t need to do any of this. They think they’ll attract enough clients without worrying about SEO.

More times than not, you’re wrong if you think this. Maybe you can use word of mouth to get clients to some extent, and you can certainly use advertising. You might create and air commercials or radio spots. You can use targeted social media ads as well.

Using SEO and basing your strategy on competing websites is critical as well. It’s also standard industry practice at this point. Every major firm does it, and they might spend a lot on it if they have the operating budget at their disposal.

Once you find the right SEO expert or agency to help your law firm, you should see more website activity and attract more clients. You can continue updating your site since fresh content is a basic SEO tactic. You can’t have a stagnant site if you want more clients to come your way.