The population of trading robots in the cryptocurrency market today is worth considering because it effectively renders the efforts of many investors to select the appropriate app more challenging. Many traders are victims of one fake app or the other. And that experience made them feel reluctant to embrace the idea of using another trading app. If you are among this set of individuals, your plight is understandable. However, a leading trading platform is on the market known as BitIQ. And we have dedicated this piece to giving you a summary breakdown of its honest review available on

Is BitIQ Fake?

No, BitIQ is a credible app with many genuine testimonials. Although, countless other fake apps are posing to be the real deal. However, intensive research will help discern this app from those phony ones. All reviews concerning payment and withdrawal of funds came back sparkling.

Who are the Owners of BitIQ?

The identity of the owner of this excellent trading app remains anonymous. But, this does not in any way affect the system’s credibility. It is just like the case of the proprietor of Bitcoin, who also chose to remain anonymous.

Features That Confirm BitIQ is Safe for Trading

Readily Available Customer Service

BitIQ, like any other reputable platform, has a team of customer service charged with attending to all investors’ queries. However, unlike fake trading platforms, this app’s support team is always reachable. The phone contact listed on the app is working and the address stated is not a fake one. Only an authentic trading system will leave a reachable means of reaching out to it.

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High-End Security

The result of many evaluations affirms that this trading app has complex security measures. And they are in place to bar anyone from trying to infiltrate the platform. A military-grade SSL encryption protocol encapsulates all database information on the system to leave no room for hackers to exploit. The inventor of this app even provides a dedicated team of cyber experts to monitor the system’s backend architecture.

Use of Regulated Brokers

This app’s partnership with regulated brokers speaks volumes about its legitimacy. All associated brokers to this trading platform always follow every available industry and country-specific rules and regulations. They are not the types that have no base or verified information online. Hence, BitIQ eliminates the need for investors to seek a broker to use.

Fantastic Platform Design

The proprietors of this app invested heavily into ensuring it has a fantastic design that matches its reputation. No phony app will dedicate its time so much to deceive and scam investors. Only a fake platform will go through the stress of ensuring all users enjoy a good trading experience.

Regular Tips

BitIQ is unlike other trading platforms that are after the user’s money. The app has the interest of its investors in mind. It regularly provides tips and suggestions for its new and existing users to help them stay aloft in the crypto market. There is also a demo section on each account purposely included for practicing crypto trading.

Seamless Withdrawal

A comprehensive evaluation of the many reviews online about this app suggests that making a withdrawal has no problem. Because many traders have cashed out of the platform, and many are still doing the same. And the system’s update is frequent to ensure no delay in withdrawal processes.