You may find your kids innocent as they always show you their clear side. The children of this generation are way cleverer than you were in your childhood. No matter what age the kid is, using a smartphone requires knowledge regarding how to use it, how to make it easy going, etc. But, unfortunately, the teens of this era are mobile addicted. They waste their precious time playing addictive games, visiting illegal sites, surfing & scrolling on social media apps. That is the reason Sexual predation, illicit activities, cybercrimes are being practiced excessively. 

Some stats indicate that:

  • Around 62% of companies experience cyber threats every day.
  • 87% of the kids face cyberbullying.
  • Youth experience cyberbullying on social media platforms around 42%.

So. The parents are much more anxious about their kids’ digital activities. Manual tracking is impossible now, as it may cause trust issues between parents and kids or employers & employees. Or it may affect the mental peace of teens/. But at the moment, tracking kids would save them from digital crimes. Tracking someone’s mobile activities isn’t that difficult than it was in the previous decade. There are a variety of tracking apps, which parents, employers, and spouses are using. TheWiSpy is one of the best tracker or you can say spy apps popular because of its reliability and well-supported features.

Purposes of Tracking:

You can track the activities of your child, employee, or spouse to;

  1. Avoid Time Wastage:

Teens and kids waste their time studying by sitting idly with their phones & employees can waste their time on social media apps and playing time-taking games. To avoid time wastage, parents and employers should track their online actions.

  1. Tackle Emergencies:

An emergency is something we all could not deny. But we can take preventive measures to tackle troubles rationally. Tracking someone could assist them during emergencies as you can instantly trace their location.

  1. Counter Cyber Issues

Cyber dangers are widely spread over the internet nowadays, and nobody could claim that they are safe from cyber issues. Hackers can find their victims, for instance; your kid may chat to a stranger and inform them of important details, i.e., location, residential address, etc. It would be convenient for them to attack in real-time. Therefore, you must trace their whereabouts to counter cyber dangers exceptionally.

  1. Circumvent Sexual Predators

Digital predators are everywhere on the internet. They can easily approach your child or employee. To circumvent sexual predators, one must track the digital actions of their loved ones.

  1. Establish Safe Online Atmosphere

Mobile tracking helps you in establishing a safe and robust digital atmosphere. Digital accounts must be secure and smooth as most of the tasks are being performed through online sites.

  1. Backup your Data

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can quickly remove the data from that phone through an online control panel. In a couple of seconds, you would recover your personal data.

TheWiSpy Review:

We have tested many Android tracking apps & found TheWiSpy as the best Android tracking app among all. Features of TWS are admirable and effective. The app focuses on tracking all the major as well as minor activities of the target devices. For example, you can track call logs and messages of the target device along with advanced features such as keylogger & social media spying. Furthermore, you can look into the social media apps to find what type of content your kid or employee has discussed and shared. It also prevents cybercrimes and many other serious dangers that can destroy the mental peace of your child or employee.

Android keylogger apps are serving significantly. TheWiSpy is the best keylogger app in 2021. You can detect the frequently used keystrokes of your target device. The keylogger for Android is best for parental control and helps track your spouse or employees. A keylogger app will track every keystroke of the end mobile or tablet. Thus, you would have quick access to all accounts of the target device. 

Besides keylogger, this app also assists you in tracking valuable information about the target device. Social media tracker is another fantastic feature that TheWiSpy offers. Social media holds much data as compared to other Android apps. A significant number of teens use social apps to enlarge their friends’ circle or share pictures and videos. Among all social apps, WhatsApp has obtained greater importance as it is easy to use and well-supported. With the rapid increase in WhatsApp users, the need for a WhatsApp tracker app has also elevated. The central issue with WhatsApp is that some people use it to influence others while some use it for exploitation purposes. That is why parents are much more concerned about the digital actions of their kids than they were in the previous decade. WhatsApp spy app for Android is popular for digital parenting and tracking employees.

TheWiSpy offers four valuable software in tracking and spying on your kids, employees, or spouses.

  1. Android Tracking Software.
  2. Spying Kids Software.
  3. Smartphone Tracking Software.
  4. Employee Pursuing Software

Installation Guide:

Step 1:

Reach the official website of TheWiSpy; you will see various price plans there. Select the one that fits your requirements.

Step 2:

Now install TheWiSpy on the target device physically. And step up the process from settings. In a few minutes, the app will start operating on the end device.

Step 3:

Get your account fixed on the Control panel. Next, open your TheWiSpy account from the web browser and start setting your budget. Once done, you would begin to track your target phone remotely.


TheWiSpy provides three various packages with particular features like; Basic & Premium. Platinum plan includes all the advanced features that would best match your requirements. In addition, it consists of all modern features such as web browser history, social media tracking, spy camera, remote microphone access, 24/7 alerts, activity reports, and many more.


  • 1 month > $19.99
  • 3-months > $29.99
  • 6-months > $49.99


  •  1 month > $29.99 
  •   3-months > $49.99
  •    6-months > $79.99


  • 1-month > $49.99
  • 3-months > 79.99
  • 6-months > $119.99

Valuable Features:

  • Track All Incoming and Outgoing SMS & MMS.

SMS is the simplest and most usual way of communication. Along with this, many apps are being used as instant messengers, like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Unfortunately, many people also use them for exploitation purposes, so tracking messages & MMS can save your kid or employee from stepping in something weird. 

  • GPS Location Tracking History.

Tracking employees is undoubtedly a significant challenge. But now, you can quickly find out where your employees are through TheWiSpy.

  • Track Call Logs.

The primary source of communication is calling, and it has been used for many decades. TWS provides the best tracking services. You can track call history and would access contacts of the target device with contact details.

  • Phone Call Observant.

TheWiSpy gives instant call alerts of the target device. In addition, you can track call history, etc.

  • Spying Camera.

You can now have the evidence of crimes committed through the spying camera features. Camera spy allows you to capture the images or record videos by remote controlling the spy camera.

  • Microphone Access & Recording.

Technology is progressing rapidly; along with text messages, people can talk through voice messages. TWS allows you to record all the calls and voice notes. Furthermore, you can have remote microphone access to listen to the enclosed surroundings of the target device.

  • Access All Media Files in the Target Phone.

The younger generation of this era is more advanced. They mostly communicate through instant messengers and share videos or photos with their folks and family. Unfortunately, it is also a leading source of Sexual predation and many other cybercrimes. TWS helps you to track the media files of your kids, employees, or spouses to protect them.

  • Keep Track of Wi-Fi Logs.

To prevent your kids, or employees TWS allows you to review all the connected networks of the end-user. That will help you in tracing localities of them as well.

  • Spy on Social Media Apps.

It is possible that your employees waste their working hours’ surfing & using social media apps. TWS helps you in tracking the Social media applications of your employee.

  • WhatsApp Tracker.

WhatsApp is indeed a significant service of technology for linking to your friends and family. You can interact through voice messages and calls on it. But, possibly, WhatsApp can call cyber dangers into the lives of your kids or employees. To avoid online dangers, the Whatsapp spy app for Android is the premium possible solution & TheWiSpy is the best WhatsApp spy app you can use to track WhatsApp activities.

  • Track Keylogger.

The Android Keylogger app enables you to keep records of keystrokes from any prompt messages app. TheWiSpy is the best keylogger app in 2021. This keylogger for Android feature is suitable for parental control and helps track your spouse or employees.

TWS permits its users to access many more features, including; Geofencing, app monitoring, 24/7 alerts, etc.


  • TWS works in the background.
  • TheWiSpy encodes & protects your data.
  • It enables you to track activity updates of the target mobile.
  • It offers instant support.


We have tested TheWiSpy and found it unique & feature-rich. The main objective of the TheWiSpy Android tracking app is to facilitate precise info in real-times. It is adaptable with all Android devices. The affordability and flexibility are a great combo that you may look for while searching for any Android tracker app. It would be best to give it a try as it offers a free trial for its users initially.