The iPhone 11 Pro Max is not the most recent or strongest iPhone but, there are several reasons why you can consider it an option to buy. If you are updating from an earlier iPhone or are changing from an Android smartphone, you’ll discover that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has three important US carriers, and you can get high discounts when you are trading it in the earlier device.

To make things look fresher, iPhone 11 Pro Max was launched in the later part of 2019 and it was made to address one of the major complaints regarding its sequel, the XS Max, with low battery life. Apple has not just included a higher battery but has also made the premier of new camera features such as the night mode. This is what makes the iPhone 11 Pro Max feel like one of the most well-known iPhones manufactured by Apple. 

Apple is one such brand in the smartphone industry that keeps bringing new and updated smartphones almost every year. Sometime before, it launched the iPhone 11 series with different versions. Recently, many new models like iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 were added to the list too. Though iPhone 11 was released in 2019, it continues to become popular in the smartphone market now. It is one of the best budget iPhones you can buy with excellent features. If you want to own an iPhone 11 Pro Max then you can buy it online from this website. The price of the iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $849 AUD. 

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Though some of its features remain similar to other models of Apple smartphones, there are a few newly added features as well. Some of the very important features of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max are explained below as follows: 

Size and Design

Apple has made a great haul about how iPhones of 12 series look. It now comes with both flattened sides and a complete styling that can bring over older memories of the historical iPhone 4. Though most of it can look better in the pictures the fact is that with this very new design, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has gained more popularity. 

It comes with a thickness of 0.3” inches and is both taller and wider, and though it is not much, the feature of flattened sides can make it difficult to be held comfortably in your hand. It is also comfortable in the pocket, and when you wear tight-fitted clothing, it can be difficult for you to even tie your shoes with the phone in your pocket. 

Also, the iPhone 11 Pro Max continues to be in reasonable size restrictions and the curved edges of this phone can make it comfier to be carried. And, if you find that to be more important, iPhone 11 Pro Max is more practically designed.


For many years now, Apple has been the main lead in terms of the performance of its smartphones. With new models, it welcomes speed enhancement and so much more. But that doesn’t indicate that iPhone 11 Pro Max is slower in terms of perceptibility. Just the opposite, in everyday use, no such difference can be spotted between both. 

A bigger part of the difference is in terms of iOS. It is a well-optimized device with high-quality moves and animations just like other Apple smartphones. The performance of this smartphone is excellent and I allow rigorous multitasking without any lags or interruptions. 


The camera offered on iPhone 11 Pro Max is very similar to the one you can get on iPhone 12 Pro Max, a newer version. So, there’s nothing much you are missing out on. There is a high dynamic range of this iPhone and it offers pleasing and attractive pictures with well-balanced colors which look wonderful for all 2021 standards set for mobile photography. 


Apple claims this smartphone that its battery is assured to last almost 5 hours more than the XS Max from the earlier year, and the claim has been proven in the tests conducted to check the performance of its battery. It is superb when you play an HDR video on your phone and it offers a 20-battery life of 20 minutes for the multimedia that is quite appropriate. Overall, it has good battery power and life.

Are you still thinking if iPhone 11 Pro Max is worthy to buy or not? It is recommended for you to buy this smartphone particularly if you are in search of a phone that is priced more reasonably than other iPhone models. The iPhone 11 Pro Max doesn’t require you to compromise anything. The performance of this device remains unique from all the recently launched models for the majority of the tasks, the quality of the camera is excellent and the biggest concern remains with storage of 64 GB that is insufficient for a smartphone user in the present times. 

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