Benefits of Watching Together

Not every date night can be a thrilling event in the town. Sure, it’s fun to get out and party all night long, but sometimes you just want to hang out. The problem is that you’re bored with the usual board games and the chitchats. 

So, what can you do? You can watch something together, and we are not talking about watching something on TV, you must try online streaming platforms. This blog covers everything about it, keep on reading till the end. 

How to Bring Streaming Entertainers to Your Relationship in 3 easy steps

Watching streamers is a hobby that many people have, however, the idea of viewing a good video is not something that a lot of people think of. But it is just as legit as spending a night with Netflix.

So how do you view a stream with your loved one? It’s actually a lot easier than you think!

Find Out What Kind of Content Your Partner Likes

When most people think of streamers they may immediately think of video games. However, just like every other form of content creation, they can do almost anything. They can teach you a class, or they can draw art, cook food, or just talk with everyone on chat. You can try it by yourself — just visit Hily app and launch your own channel to see how fun it is!

The best way to find a creator for both you and your loved one to watch is for you to explore what kind of content your companion likes. After all, just because they may like playing video games does not mean that they enjoy watching others play games. 

Using What You Learned, Find a Streamer to Watch Together

Now that you know what kind of content your partner enjoys, you can find something for you both. By looking through the tags or the search bar on many of the major channels you can break down the categories of each and find out exactly what, and who you and your friend can cherish together. 

Look at All of the Different Streaming Platforms

There are many different kinds of platforms, each one of them having different benefits from each other. Here are just a few different platforms that you and your partner can check out. 


YouTube has been a popular platform for people to post on ever since it was first released. With YouTube, you can not only view live-action videos from your favorite creators, but you can also have fun with old versions of their videos as YouTube will usually post the completed live video as a video. 


This is possibly one of the most trendy streaming platforms and it is easy to see why that is. In fact, it is the best place where online game streaming originated. 

Games are the most popular streaming category on Twitch. The average Twitch user is male at 65% and about 75% of its users are under the age of 35.


Discord is a great place to stream, especially when you only want the support of those you are already connected with. By watching the stream through Discord you and your friend not only get to be entertained, but you also get to support your friends as well. 

Nobody. Live

This is a great service if you cannot really decide who you should watch, or if you want to support a new creator in some way shape or form. Nobody. Live selects streams that have nobody watching them and puts them forward to you. 

By using this streaming service you end up being the person giving someone their very first piece of support, which can really give them the boost that they need for their online streaming journey. 

IBM Cloud Video 

It is a VOD-hosting platform that lets you broadcast multiple types of content. You can host great office meetings and virtual parties through this platform. The features include live chat, polling, captioning, 720p broadcasting, and video analytics. Note that the services given by the platform are not free, you can choose any plan after the 30-day free trial period. 


Vimeo is one of the biggest video hosting platforms in the market. It caters to all types of businesses, from small to large scale. The best part is that video hosting is free on the site, however, you need to take a subscription for video streaming services. It has live chat, polling, and QnA features and has unique and interesting graphics which makes it stand out from its competitors. 

The constantly growing demand for streaming videos for entertainment has a large market share worldwide as seen in the graph below. 

Market Share Development of Different Streaming Platforms 


Another great video hosting platform is Wowza. It is best for the new creators as it has a simple and beginner-friendly interface and functionalities. You can host videos on the platform’s cloud system or through your own server using the Wowza server network. Moreover, you can see real-time video analytics, integrate ads, and manage the video players of different devices. 


Dacast is trusted by millions of people for hosting their videos because the platform gives password protection to lock their videos and make them private anytime. The features include a video chapters maker, playlist scheduler, integrated paywall, analytical dashboard, and multi-user profiles. 

It does not offer any free plan, it immediately adds up the band witch usage cost. The subscription packages start from $39 per month. Moreover, you can customize the volume and connect to customer service anytime you want. 

So these are the platforms that you can use from live video hosting. We would suggest you take a free trial of each of them and then decide which one is best for you.

Why Should We Watch Streams Together?

Watching Stream together

The best part of watching videos together is that you don’t have to be together to actually watch them. Even if you are in an online dating relationship and haven’t met in person yet, or are doing a long-distance thing due to a situation such as military or career. You and your partner can always enjoy a good time with each other.  

Watching live is a great alternative way for you and your partner to spend time together. Not only will you both get to enjoy something that you both like, but you will also be able to get some much-needed inspiration. Who knows, maybe with time, you and your partner will go from viewers to creators.