Cleaning carpets may seem like a time-consuming and tedious task, but it’s easier than most people think. Don’t let those unsightly stains and spills intimidate you into living with a dirty carpet. 

Here, experts will offer nine cleaning tips that will eliminate stains and keep them looking new.

Steam Cleaning Protects Carpets and Prevents Future Damage

Regular vacuuming and spot washing, while effective, are no replacement for a deep steam clean. Most homeowners should have their runner cleaned twice per year, with more frequent scrubbing needed in homes with small children and pets. 

Unlike harsh chemicals that can weaken the fibers when used frequently, steam cleans it without causing any harmful damage. It ensures the longevity of the runner. 

On top of that, it kills bacteria and dust miles, preventing any health issues and also eliminating any bad odor. 

Don’t wait until they look dirty—schedule steam rinsing ahead of time. Homeowners can visit Safe-Dry in Desoto County to book the area’s fastest and friendliest carpet cleaning services.

Choosing a Vacuum Carefully and Using it Often

Most individuals vacuum to remove dirt and dust. If you’d like to extend its lifespan, however, you’ll need to make some changes. First, one must choose the right kind of vacuum which may take a little work.

First, determine whether the manufacturer has indicated some of the textile’s features. For example, some companies designate their offerings as “soft”. 

These runners need a different kind of vacuum than the one you’d use on pile one. Choosing the right vacuum cleaner and using it often will help landlords to keep them looking better for longer.

You can also go for the one with adjustable suction power. This will help you to adjust it as per the fabric of the runner. 

Remember to clean your appliance regularly such as its brushes, filters, and hoses to extend its lifespan. 

Keeping Carpet Cleaning Essentials on Hand 

Cleaning products

Carpet cleaning specialists often advise homeowners to keep certain wiping items on hand, including:

  • Dishwashing Liquid. It works well when blended with warm water. Just a few drops of it in the water or as per the area you want to clean, and you are good to go. 
  • Wet wipes. They work to remove the lightest stains. They are also handy and can be used for light spots like watercolor spills. 
  • Vinegar or Ammonia. Many people are using these two methods for effective cleaning. It’s cheap, effective, and works on a range of spots.
  • Shaving Cream. Surprisingly, it removes almost any smudge! Combine it with vinegar and water for even better results. 

You must come across various viral videos where people are scrubbing these marks with shaving cream. Apparently, the hack does work. 

When people keep these basics under the kitchen sink, they’ll be ready to tackle tough spots before they become unmanageable.

Testing Before Cleaning

The specialist in this field always recommends that homeowners test cleaning products and solutions on inconspicuous areas of a runner before applying them to other spots. 

This simple precaution ensures that solutions won’t discolor or damage the furniture. It is like when you skin test a particular product before you use it on your face or any other body part. 

Generally, you take a small amount of cream and apply it to your neck area to see if you have any allergic reaction or not. The same applies here. Try using the products at the corner to see if it is destroying the fabric or not.

Make sure to always wear gloves before you use such products, especially for people with sensitive skin. You never know what can cause you harm. 

Eliminating Spots

Carpet stains happen for various reasons. A spilled drink, a pet’s accident, a muddy pair of shoes—there are a few ways it can become stained. No matter how it happens, it’s best to blot the area around them, working from the inside out and using a dry towel. 

After most of the moisture is absorbed, rinse the spot with a solution of water and dish detergent and repeat the blotting process until the smudge is gone.

Acting Quickly to Prevent Carpet Stains

Another top scrubbing pros swear by is to tackle stains and spills as soon as possible. The longer spots sit on it, the harder they are to remove. 

Don’t be lazy and quickly proceed to clean the smudge. Fresh stains are easily removable. 

Using Area Rugs to Reduce Tracking

When property owners work outside or in the kitchen before going to carpeted areas of their homes, they often carry dirt or oil that can get stuck in them. 

Carpet cleaning experts often recommend putting area rugs and runners just inside doorways and thresholds to prevent tracking and smudges.

Rearranging Furniture

To minimize damage and prevent uneven carpet wear, the experts advise homeowners to rearrange their furniture periodically. 

Moving tables, couches, and entertainment centers will distribute their weight evenly and prevent permanent indentations. 

Although it’s tedious, this practice will extend its lifespan and keep it looking new.

Many individuals keep their carpets away from the entrance so as to keep them away from all the shoe dirt. 

Avoiding Oversaturation and Minimizing Health Risks

When they attempt DIY carpet scrubbing, many homeowners make the mistake of over-wetting it. 

The pros advise against this, as excessive moisture may lead to mildew and growth that will damage it and pose health risks. Follow the cleaning product manufacturer’s instructions and don’t use too much liquid.

Areas that do not have access to good sunlight might face a situation where the carpets do not dry properly and the moisture is still present. 

Follow These Tips for Cleaner Carpets

Maintaining fresh and clean carpets requires regular care and professional help. Frequent vacuuming, prompt removal of stains, and choosing the right cleaning products are some of the most vital things homeowners can do to keep their runners clean. 

Keeping these expert tips in mind and acting quickly when problems arise will make it possible to keep runners looking new throughout their lifespan.