As far as I remember my childhood, I never liked the four wall boundaries of the classroom. Just like me, many students, if asked, will reply that they like to study under the open sky in a meadow and in a space where they can breathe and learn playfully. This is no more a mere imagination these days. Nowadays so many experiments are going on in the field of education that almost every sector of education is experiencing innovation and old methods are going through renovation. These days new methods of teaching students have created a revolutionary pattern in the field of education. Today students are very curious to learn anything and this curiosity has made them perform their own research work such as if they have the curiosity to know about LMS full form then they can search about LMS full form through various mediums, either online or through any education app like a classroom app because this classroom app helps the students to resolve their various issues in many effective ways. But apart from such facilities students always search for independence and freedom during their studies. In an open and independent environment kids always learn happily and are full of joy. During the Covid-19 pandemic world of education has seen evolution at a vast level. These days many schools are recreating interests in the students and kids by setting their complete school setting in outdoor space by setting benches and seats outside in the ground and teachers teach them having stood on the podium created temporarily. This outdoor spacing provides fresh air and a new environment to the kids which makes them learn happily in the class.

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This is a very important factor these days because of how the students love to study because being robust can’t be the only solution in the world to make them study or learn. Now if we see kids of today then we can clearly see that they are quite better researchers than we used to be at that same age. They can search anything these days online and so anything related to their study work. But what they don’t get is outdoor studies. These days school management uses LMS i.e., learning management system which these days is promoting teaching students in the lap of nature and fresh air. This is so because students are nearly fed up with the same traditional teaching method which used to be one way oriented and comfort of students is never considered till now but these days online learning and education apps have made teaching and learning very easy for the students as well as it is student-oriented. Here are some benefits of outdoor learning:

  • Whole-body of students or any individual needs to be energized & have fresh air. It is proven under many studies and case histories that a student’s body and mind need fresh air and belongingness of nature to learn more effectively and in a happy environment.
  • When students learn academic subjects and sports in the lap of nature and in a natural environment the ample number of physical activities inspire and motivate them. Being active and sportive due to this kind of curriculum kids and students take more interest in learning and enjoy learning there.
  • Outdoor learning asks for collaboration and team building. To go through this kind of curriculum kids communicate with each other and solve the problems together by collaborating under team building. This creates healthy relationships among kids also and makes good bonding between students and teachers.
  • When students learn in a bounded space this makes them learn under boundaries and their creativity also gets bounded. But when they are taken outside the classroom to learn, their imagination takes a flight of innovation and this works as a catalyst to make them think out of the box regarding their studies.
  • Learning outside makes students enjoy their studies and learning due to which they start to follow all the instructions and remember the steps of tasks they have to perform. This improves their memory level and memorizing power.
  • Apart from the academic studies and learning process when students come outside along with natural beauty and so much in a natural environment which inspires them to put the stress of their academic and personal life aside and enjoy learning as well as life.