Who doesn’t want to memorize the miraculous words of the Holy Quran after knowing the endless rewards Allah the Al-Mighty offers? But the question arises, how to choose the best Quran memorization classes when you have plenty of platforms available online to cater to your needs.

Today, I will tell you the tips to choose the best platform for hifz Al-Quran. Scroll down the page to enlighten yourself.

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1. Choose a Native Arab Quran Memorization tutor:

To start your online learning, the first and foremost question to search is to look for the one who is offering the professional Quran teacher? Numerous platforms offer native hifz tutors, but you need to be skeptical to hire the best one.

The point to consider is whether that teacher can help you pronounce Arabic letters perfectly? Are they dedicated enough to hold your hand and make the journey super exciting and easy with their practical tips?

An experienced hafiz teacher is the best one to hire as he/she knows how to make lessons retainable. Those who have memorized the Quran at an early age and have kept revising it, are the best ones to hire.

2. What Makes Our Quran Memorization Classes the Best?

In the race of worldwide online teaching, not everyone is given the premium quality features in online Quran memorization classes.

So, make sure the platform you select is replete with uncountable features that would attract clients. These features include:

  • Monthly competitions between Hifz students
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Weekly progress report of students
  • Rewards and certificates
  • One-on-one and group classes offer etc.

3. How Much Does Our Online Quran Memorization Course Cost?

Keeping the current pandemic situation and economic inflation into consideration, we know everyone would prefer an affordable package that suits their pocket.

Economical fee structure doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the

quality of teaching. Look for Quran memorization online courses that have a good reputation with clients and offer a budget-friendly package.

Several institutions have designed attractive packages for group classes, one-on-one classes, siblings learning together, and many more. It definitely makes it easy to pay according to your selective package.

Some premium online Quran classes also offer discounts which is the best feature to consider while searching.

4. Are They Offering a Flexible Schedule?

Memorizing the Quran online isn’t that easy, you need to spare time for it. In institutions, you need to walk in at a particular time and if you are absent, your lesson is skipped.

But the good news is, in online learning, many schools offer flexible schedules. You only need to talk to the administrator about the suitable time you have and they will provide you with the best teacher available.

If you are busy or have any urgent work due to which you are unable to attend your Quran lesson, just inform the administration beforehand and schedule that class accordingly.

You can decide your time according to your convenience and start the journey towards this divine learning.

5. Do They Provide a Well-Structured Hifz Plan?

Hifz is a responsibility that needs proper attention, dedication, and a well-structured plan.

Select an e-learning Quranic program which is famous for providing a very well-structured hifz plan by keeping the age and ability of learners in mind.

They have experts with them who discuss the plan with the students after several question answers and come up with the best solution.

These structured plans are helpful if you are willing to memorize the selective portions from the Quran or even the whole Quran in less time.

6. Is There Any Free Trial Option for Quran memorization Classes?

Another important question to consider when you are looking for an online Quran memorization program is about the free trial.

Many schools offer a free trial but the best ones are those that offer 2 free trials with 2 different teachers.

It is very feasible to avail of 2 trials from different teachers and to select one that you find compatible and easy to carry on with.

7. Do They Call for Feedback Meetings and How?

It is very important to get feedback about your or your kids’ progress weekly or at least once a month.

Select a platform that offers this facility of reflection meetings of the students’ advancement in the lesson, weak areas, and future strategies.

Some platforms give feedback forms in the form of questionnaires. You can complain if there is any problem regarding the teaching style, time management, lesson schedule, and you can even suggest some fruitful tips to help make things better.

This evaluation will help you keep a track of your Online Quran memorization course.

8. Are They Well-Aware of the Innovative Techniques of Quran Memorization?

With the evolution of technology, every online institution is becoming well-equipped with the latest and innovative techniques to be used for learning.

The same is happening in the field of Quran memorization. The best online institutes are backpacked with the usage of advanced methodologies and strategies to bring forth amazing results.

So, while reading out the offers and features of online Quran memorization classes, keep a reminder to check who among them are topfull with this point. It will become easy for you to handpick the one who is the best.

The main purpose is definitely to choose the suitable platform which excels in all fields to deliver the best they can. Whether you fall in any age group,

selecting an online Quranic institute will never be a problem once you put in some effort to scroll and find a befitting place to initiate.


Compactly speaking, there are a hundred and one ways to find out the best Quran memorization classes. These fore-mentioned ways are the ones short-listed to help in a result-oriented hunt.