PDF is a text format that is easy to print and circulate, and users can only edit it through an editor. Today, I will share with you 5 must-have PDF skills, so that PDF is no longer difficult to start.

pdf tips

Lighted Area

step 1. Click PDF Editor on the AbcdPDF aggregation page.

Step 2. Upload the PDF file that needs to light up the text.

step 3. Select “Highlight Area”.

Step 4. Use the cursor box to select the text area where you want to set the highlight.

lighted area

Insert Picture

step 1. Click “Add Image” on the online Word editing bar.

Step 2. Select the local picture to insert.

insert picture


step 1. Select the “Signature” tool.

Step 2. You can choose text and pictures for the signature.

step 3. To select an image, click “Image”. If you select the text, first select the text color and then enter the text in the Text field.

step 4. Click “OK” after signing.

signature tool

Delete Text

Deleting text is one of the most commonly used functions, and the method is equally simple. First, click the Edit tool, then move the mouse cursor to the text, and the text box will be displayed.

Click the left mouse button to enter the edit mode of the text, so press “Backspace” to delete the text.

Deleted text

Convert PDF to Word

pdf to word is a free tool to convert PDF to Word on the AbcdPDF aggregation page, easy to use and the conversion effect is satisfactory.


Step 1. Visit the homepage of the AbcdPDF platform and click “PDF to Word”.

Step 2. Click “Upload file” to select the local PDF file.

Step 3. After waiting for the upload to complete, select “Convert” to convert, and a percentage progress bar will appear on the page.

Step 4. After the percentage progress bar is over, come to the following interface, and click “Download” to download to the local.

convert pdf to words

All file uploads are encrypted via HTTPS to protect your PDF file content. The files are stored in a secure database managed by a large cloud service organization, and they regularly clear the data on the server every day.


The above articles share with you tips on lighting areas, inserting pictures, signing, deleting text, and PDF to Word, hoping to help you deal with PDF problems efficiently and safely.

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