Did you ever wonder why lingerie is always limited to female fashion? The fashion world is taking new forms, with new trends coming up every other day with a more inclusive approach. Men have adopted such trends making them more conscious about what they wear inside their fancy clothes. 

With this, underwear designers have started focusing on men’s underwear equally as they focused on women’s lingerie. Men have various types of underwear to choose from, such as briefs, boxers, thongs, and many others available in the market or on online websites like Daily Jocks.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than wearing the wrong underwear as it starts bothering your daily lifestyle. So, selecting the right underwear based on your body type is very important. And if you want a good and sexy one, make sure you keep your comfort level in mind as well.

However, is it easy to choose the best and sexiest underwear among so many different options? Certainly not, but don’t worry. We are here to help you. Check out some of the tips we have listed down just for you so that you never come across bad underwear.

Size and Fitting:

It is very important to know measurements well before going underwear shopping. Just because you find underwear sexy, don’t buy it. Do check the size and fitting first before spending your money. Bigger underwear can look loose and won’t provide the necessary support you might be looking for. In contrast, smaller ones will be too tight and uncomfortable for your male parts. So, give priority to your size and fittings.

Must Be Comfortable Enough for Daily Activities:

If you are involved in many physical activities like walking, working in an office, or working out in the gym regularly, you need underwear that moves well with your every move. So, make sure to choose sexy underwear that moves effortlessly. Many briefs are made to make it comfortable for you to keep up with your regular job, and select your pair keeping this idea in mind.


As mentioned before, everyone should take their intimate hygiene and health seriously. And your underwear plays a very important role in this. The fabric of your underwear should be breathable and of good quality. Mostly cotton underwear is preferred by men. It helps keep lower body temperature in balance as well as absorbs many body fluids like sweat. You would never want to sweat and stain your pants awkwardly due to a wrong pair of undies. So, buying underwear with good fabric is very important.

Occasion Specific Underwear:

Different underwear is available for different occasions and different styles. So, be wise enough to choose the right underwear for the right occasion. For instance, boxers are more comfortable, but you won’t be wearing it to a gym, right? On the other hand, Briefs are known for providing good support and making you feel sexy about yourself. Thongs are again on the sexier side of the column. You can consider wearing them for date nights or when you’re going out.

Try Different Looks:

Trying different underwear, a bit different from what you usually wear, for some special occasion or when you want to feel sexy and good about yourself, is nothing wrong. The change from loose-fitting boxers to brief can be very exciting. Other than the usual fully covered briefs, many underwears have different styles with lesser fabrics and are available in the market. Try undies with straps, G-strings for men, or jocks if you want to have a more sensual appeal.


It may not seem like a usual discussion, but intimate area hygiene is very important for women and men. Yes, you heard it right! Men care for intimate hygiene too. At the same time, it is not discussed as much as women’s underwear, men’s underwear deserves to get a bit more attention, considering how the fashion world is changing every day. With that, men’s fashion is changing as well.

You should always choose underwear that makes you feel sexy and good about yourself. It should fit well and be comfortable enough for your crotch area. Always keep trying different styles of underwear with different fabrics and choose what is best for you.

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