Emails have always been a great door to communication and found to be a staple for both business and personal communication and as the number of users is growing, it becomes obvious that safety and security concerns will arise.

And, to provide an extra layer of security, the majority of the email services ask for a phone number and it makes all sense. But, here comes the concerning part, that despite providing phone numbers in the name of security, there are still cases coming out of data breaches from the leading providers.

Next, the most general question will pop up in every user’s mind: why should they provide their mobile number, if it is not safe? 

And, what’s next? As wherever you go online, you will require an email to access things and you can not use your original email everywhere because of privacy concerns.

Now, what’s the solution?

The solution to the query of millions of users including you is a free email service provider that offers free email without a phone number.

Yes, you heard it right, you can create an email account without giving out your phone number. Sounds engrossing, right? 

We knew it! You are indeed going to like it. So, hop on the ship, and we will sail you to the island email providers that offer free email without verification.

Emails that Do Not Require Phone Number

After performing a core examination and analysis, here are the best email service providers that deliver free email services without any registration or verification.

We have cited these email services in the most simplified manner so that you can easily choose which email service provider you wish to go with.

And, as the saying goes,” Time is money”, so without affecting your fortune, let’s head straight to the email service provider one by one.


Want to create an email without a phone number within 2-3 minutes?

Then, is the name you can rely on. It is one of the best free email providers that allows users to opt for an email address without asking for any kind of registration in return.

Apart from a free email service, it offers various alluring features to users such as 65 Gb storage to free users along with large file attachments up to 30 MB. The list continues with features including two-factor authentication (2FA), support of free online and iOS as well as a free online office suite.

And, when it comes to servers, trust us, they are tremendously rapid and reliable.

ProsCons enables users to sign up for a free email account without a phone number.It asks for an existing secondary email account for verification.
It offers access to over 200 unique domain names to choose from for instance:- or etc.Users have to foresee ads in the free version. However, users can enjoy an ad-free experience.
It is powered with security features prominently known as two-factor authentication and virus/spam protection.Storage space in the free version is very finite.
It has the option to add and manage multiple email accounts.———–

Tutanato is also a reliable option that most people opt for as apart from the free email services it offers ace-level security by offering end-to-end encryption.

In simple terms, what end-to-end encryption does is provide an extra coating of protection and for your information, Tutanato is a free and open-source project which is sponsored by donations and premium accounts.

Its ad-free services make the experience more user-friendly and seamless as well as it would be worth mentioning that it is absolutely free for non-profit organizations.

Tutanato mail offers an intuitive signup process.Users will get only 1 GB of storage space in the free version.
Easily accessible with a large range of devices with apps available for iOS, Android & Desktop platforms.Tutanato is incompatible with PGP and IMAP.
Premium plans available at Tutanota are proportionately inexpensive.(Starting from just 1 euro per month)Storage plans are extravagant compared to others.
Tutanato delivers a no logs policy for improved privacy.It doesn’t offer a auto-response feature.
It does not platter disturbing advertisements.———–
It also provides ace-level security with AES end-to-end encryption.———–

The third contender in the list of best email service providers that offer free email sign-up without a phone number is ProtonMail.

If we peek at its background, Protonmail’s hometown is Switzerland and if we talk about its traits it upholds many which prominently include highly secure encrypted emails and self-destruction messages.

The free version of ProtonMail offers 500 MB of storage space whereas premium account users can enjoy 5GB of storage and be able to send 1,000 mails per day. For self-destruction messages, you can easily change the period of expiration as per your wish.

ProtonMail provides high security with end-to-end encryption.It offers a limited amount of storage space for free users.
Users can send self-destructing messages that vanish after a certain period.There are certain prohibitions with free versions.
With Protonmail you can send password-protected emails to non-users.———–
It does not ask for any sort of phone number to sign up.———–

You may have come in contact with such sites that ask for an email address or sign up before accessing the site, but you didn’t want to give your original email address and that’s where TempInBox comes to the rescue.

TempInBox is basically a free email service provider that avails users of the feature of creating a temporary and anonymous email address. You can in no time sign up for TempInBox for free but the only sticking part is that you can only receive emails not send them.

However, it would be a great deal, if you only use email for websites, as we have cited in the beginning.

TempInBox delivers a quick and easy registration process.With TempInBox email, users can not send emails, only send them.
It averts unnecessary emails with the help of spam filters.Servers are comparatively slow to other services.
It aids in creating email without a phone number.Anyone can view your inbox as your email address is public.
It also offers a temporary disposable email address.———–

Wish to distance your email from spammers?Then, meet Mailinator.

Mailinator also offers you the facility of free email without phone number verification and delivers unique features through which you can choose an existing email address that has been taken by other users.

Isn’t it great? But, that simply means others can also choose your email address. We also advise you not to store or share personal details on Mailinator as it can be viewed by anyone.

Mailinator provides free email without phone number verification.It doesn’t provide a confirmed email account.
Aids in averting your real email address and securing it from spammers.Do not share personal or sensitive information on Mailinator as it can be accessed by anyone.
No phone number verification is required in order to sign up.Emails can be accessed and used by anyone who is acquainted with your email ID.
After 1 hour, emails get automatically deleted.———–
Guerilla mail enables users to attach files up to 150 MB.———–
 It provides users the support of temporary disposable email addresses.———–

Hey! What About an Email Service Provider from Russia?

Meet Yandex mail! A Russian email service provider is also prominently known for availing users’ email without their phone numbers. You can also grab the hands of Yandex mail, if you are looking for an intuitive interface with captivating features for instance:- 10 GB worth of storage space, virus protection, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

All you have to do is reach Yandex mail’s official website and during the registration process, you have to choose the option,” I don’t have a mobile phone” to avoid sharing your mobile number.

Yandex emails safeguard your account from spam and fraud.It doesn’t come with formatting toolbars when it comes to writing letters.
It offers cloud storage of 10 GB for free.A certain amount of language interfaces are available.
It provides features such as a built-in language translator.———–
It delivers users the support of an in-build antivirus that protects your mails.———–
Yandex Mail comes amongst emails that do not require a phone number.———–
email on desk

Guerilla Mail Twin?

EmailOnDeck or Guerilla mail twin, you can say both as the respective free service providers offer services akin to Guerilla mail. With EmailOnDeck, you can easily opt for a temporary email address for a one-time use without giving out your phone number, and thanks to its user-friendly interface, which makes the whole registration process more seamless.

So, this is a short overview of Guerilla mail, now you can check out its pros and cons.

EmailOnDeck comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.Users can not retrieve deleted emails from EmailOnDeck.
It helps in keeping away from spam emails.Users will lose all their emails if they close the EmailOnDeck browser window.
In order to safeguard users’ privacy, it offers the feature of automatic deletion.———–
In return for email services, it  does not ask for phone number registration.———–
Mailnesia offers the feature of  disposable email addresses.Anyone can access Mailnesia as it is publicly available.
Users can opt for a free email service without any registration or verification.Users can not send emails.
It also offers features including HTML support, RSS channels for every inbox, alternative domains, etc.———–
GMX mail offers free emails without phone verification.GMX mail does not ask for a prior email for registration.
It supports IMAP4 and POP3 protocols.Users may have to deal with the advertisements.
GMX mail gives users 65 GB of free cloud storage.———–
The respective email service provider also delivers a clean and easy-to-access interface.———–
It is Compatible with apps available for iOS and Android.———–

So, these are the best, savvy, efficient, and reliable email service providers that offer the facility of free email without phone verification or registration. 

Ending Note

In today’s time, as cases of data breach are coming out in abundance, people tend not to provide their number in return for email services. Despite that, several businesses/employment opportunities want to communicate electronically and they have their reasons too.

After acknowledging this concern and giving it the utmost priority, we have come up with the name of the best email service provider that offers free email without asking for a mobile number in return. That simply states that you can create an email account without giving out your phone number or if you do not wish to share your original email address.

We hope that the name of the email service provider we have cited in this article aid you in giving your desired outcomes and avoid your personal data from getting leaked or may be breached.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ANS: The answer to your query is, Yes, these email services are absolutely free to use and for more advanced features and storage, you can also opt for the paid/premium version of the respective email service.

ANS: Yes, these email services are absolutely safe to use, in mere time, you can easily opt for an email and start using it.

However, it is advised not to store and share personal or sensitive information as some of the email services are open for everyone which means anyone on the internet can view the inbox.