When parents decide to schedule extra-curricular activities for their kids, their checklist involves a few things. The kids need to have fun, first and foremost. Ideally, they also walk away with some useful skills or knowledge. 

Everybody understands the vital role technology plays in society. When it comes to keeping people connected to each other, getting the news, staying entertained, and more, we rely on digital technology.

That’s why parents want their children to understand how computers really work, but not every coding program is of equal quality.

Before enrolling your child, here’s what to look for in a program.

Video Games are Fun

Even if your child somehow learns nothing but has a blast doing computers, the program was a success! Taking coding throughout the school year should be a joy for children, not a chore.

Leading online computer coding programs revolve around teaching kids to design and code their own video games, ones they can play with friends and family after completing. Children get addicted to playing games, and they’ll love creating them even more.

Some coding classes use gamification concepts, harnessing what makes video games so fun and addictive for kids for learning. Have you ever tried pulling your kid away from a video game? Just imagine if they were that glued to their education, then you have an idea of how much fun they have learning to build their own computer game.

Learn the Most Important Coding Languages

General computer skills can’t replace knowing how to write code in the languages powering today’s most popular video games, websites, and apps. It’s true that learning to write code teaches numerous trickle-down secondary skills, such as how to think critically like an engineer.

There’s no substitute for knowing how to write code in the language used to create Minecraft, Netflix, and more. Look for a program that teaches kids how to write code in:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Future employers will look for coders fluent in these languages, so learning them is essential. The program should begin with the basics in each language and gradually become more advanced as the student’s skills improve.

Ample Teacher Support

Some programs try to pack in too many students per teacher and end up creating disorderly environments beset by classroom management problems. Instead, don’t settle for a program unless it offers small class sizes.

Leading programs cap class sizes at four students per teacher and will run a session even if your child is the lone pupil. Your child shouldn’t have to speak over their peers to get their teacher’s attention, and small class sizes ensure they won’t have to.

Young Teachers

It makes sense that kids should learn how to code video games from teachers young enough to have grown up playing them in their youth. College Students know when their teacher is genuinely passionate, and this first-hand experience should rub off on them and make the sessions more exciting.

The best online coding classes hire computer science and computer engineering undergrads who know what it’s like to be a gamer. They can also answer practical questions about how coders can navigate the job market and get lucrative work one day.

Parents don’t have to know how to code to identify the best computer programs. Just keep the above criteria in mind, and your child will have a blast while learning about coding.

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