There are many arguments in favor of the fact that face-to-face learning and live communication with the teacher is stronger and more effective than distance learning. Of course, there is some truth in this, but if the virtual format was weaker in everything, it could not develop and occupy its niche. Language learning apps like help you learn a language at any time because all the materials are in your pocket.

Consider some of the advantages of this format.

Time Saving

Even if the courses or school are five steps away from your home or office, you still spend an average of one to three hours getting to the classroom and back. It is much easier to study remotely: just take a laptop (tablet, smartphone, etc.), connect – and voila! You are already in class.

Comfortable Environment

Certain innovations, of course, can be introduced in face-to-face classes, but still, it is not as convenient as organizing a workplace at home or even in the office. Here you can completely arrange the workplace the way you like because the fantasy is not limited by anything.


We not only save time by taking online English courses, but we also have the opportunity to do it literally everywhere, without being tied to a specific place. You can go to the country for the weekend, go to visit friends, or even go on vacation without missing classes – they will simply “go” with you.

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Unlimited Information

Access to materials and an educational platform allows you to study at the intensity and speed that suits you. At any time, there is an opportunity to work out on your own or ask a mentor for additional tasks.

Virtual Reality Glasses: How to Learn English on the Internet?

Yes, there is quite a lot of information on the network now, but how to choose the right one from the general flow and build the learning process in such a way as to get the maximum of useful skills and knowledge?

We recommend that you take the following steps to get started.

Take a Level Test

Online testing can be found on the websites of language schools, foreign educational institutions, and international educational organizations. If you doubt the objectivity of the result, take 2-3 different tests and compare the results. Remember that tests can only give a rough understanding. For an individual assessment of the knowledge, consult with the teacher.

Assess Gaps and Weaknesses

So, you know the level. What was the most difficult, and what did you manage without problems? Reflect and note for yourself: what should be given more attention? Listening? Conversational speech? Grammar?

Define Time and Format

Be honest with yourself and decide right away: how much resources are you willing to spend on learning a language? Set a real bar and systematically move towards the goal, this will allow you not to run out of strength, trying to jump above your head. Remember that organizing yourself for distance learning can be even more difficult – there are too many distractions. It also takes strength to develop self-discipline. Soberly evaluate yourself.

Practice in real-time. This will help to focus on the subject of study and understand how to overcome the fear of speaking in English by regularly communicating with the teacher and classmates in the online audience.