We all know the usual talents people hire for parties. Music, comedians, and violinists or pianists. These are the most common people we would expect to see at a party. 

Having an unusual or unexpected talent may actually bring a park to your party. Having your party being the talk of the town because of the booked talent is something you definitely want.   

Unusual talents will have your guests wanting more. It will be the life of the party and their favorite party in their lifetime.

Making sure your guests are having a great time is one of the most important things. Having your guests think about coming back because of an unusual act you booked, is a great thing. 

God of Fire

You do not really tend to see a fire act in real life, it is one of those things you see in a movie and wonder if it is real. Well, it is real.

Fire acts are crazy, unique, and will get your party jumping. The thrill of the fire being thrown into the air while the thought of possible danger to that person will get the adrenaline of your crowd going. 

Having your guest on the edge of their seat or at the tip of their toes is exactly what you want when hiring an act for your party.

A “god of fire” act will have your guests questioning if their life is a movie, and that is what you want. You want your guests to question whether this is real life or not while experiencing something out of a movie. 

Balloon Talent

We all know that feeling when we were a kid getting a shaped balloon from a circus or fair, it is a great feeling. Bringing that feeling back will have your guests constantly coming back to your parties. 

Balloon acts are just very cool. They twist and turn balloons to look like any animal or shape you could think of. 

They are a great little side act to your party. They are a type of unique talent that will catch your guests’ eyes and surprise them. Surprising your guests with that type of little kid excitement again will have you sweeping them off their feet. 

Paparazzi Entertainers

Making your guests feel special is probably top of your list. This can be easy to do with fake paparazzi!

Having a red carpet and flashing cameras as your guests arrive will make them feel special. It will make them feel like they are at an actual event in Hollywood. 

Getting to dress up and be called like real paparazzi will make them feel like they are having a good time before already getting into the actual party. 

Seeing them dressed up in pictures with poses is just such a fun little entry to foreshadow what a great party there is waiting inside for them! 

This unique talent from these fake paparazzi will have your guests intrigued for your next party!