The changing trends in education have led to significant innovations in the field. Schools have switched from conventional methods to digital platforms to deliver a top-notch education to students. The education system has recently adopted online learning platforms to serve students. According to a survey, over 70% of people prefer incorporating digital tools over traditional ways. 

Additionally, the global online education market was over $300 billion in 2021, projected to rise at an accelerating rate by the end of 2030. Certain top universities and schools have resorted to incorporating online tools. When it comes to virtual learning, specific devices like Chromebooks or tablets are ineffective. In such cases, devices such as macOS, iOS, iPadOS, or tvOS are deployed. It is done using MDMs or mobile device management solutions. 

Certain trustworthy platforms deliver the best solutions for carrying out virtual schools efficiently and securely. Read this comprehensive guide to learn about the best enrolling devices for K-12 that assist schools in maximizing their opportunities. 

Understanding Device Deployment In Online Schooling

Most of the devices need to be compatible with allowing access to online educational materials. These devices include mobile phones, tablets, or Chromebooks. It is because these devices are not compatible with running certain necessary applications. 

While most devices are incompatible, certain macOS, iOS, iPadOS, or tvOS devices can be incorporated into eLearning tools. These devices blend in seamlessly in most learning environments. This process is made more accessible with mobile device management solutions (MDM) and Automated Device Enrollment. These technologies have opened doors for more significant opportunities in virtual classrooms. 

Besides, automated enrolling devices for K-12 assist in creating more accessible communication with employees securely. Several reliable platforms provide easy accessibility to a safe and secure learning environment in this context. Read below to find out the top benefits of incorporating the best enrolling device for K12 learning. 

Why Do You Need To Consider Enrolling Devices For Virtual Learning?

If you are wondering why you need to consider enrolling devices for K12 students, here is what you need to know. Below are some of the top benefits you could avail of such services. Read below to find out. 

Zero Touch Provision

Enrolling platforms simplify the entire onboarding process by offering zero-touch provision. Moreover, this technology assists in adding new devices without making any physical touch rightly termed as a ‘zero-touch provision.’ 

Flexible Options for Integrating Various Devices

Another crucial aspect of such devices is that it assists schools in connecting to important platforms, such as Azure AD, Office 365, Okta, and Google IDP. Easily. Thus, the device flexibility allows automated device enrollment features. 

Improved Management

Enrolling platforms assist virtual schools in managing devices effectively, making the entire experience effortless. Furthermore, it offers enhanced security while integrating several devices. Further, certain trusted companies offer exclusive MDM software to help schools complete the process more quickly. 

Quick Software Updation

Some companies provide robust MDM software to ease learning through seamless support for exclusive device management facilities. Besides, end-to-end encryption offers enhanced security regardless of network size. 

Manage Devices Efficiently

Specific reliable platforms provide you with complete authority in the learning environment. Hence, associating your organization with such companies is always a brilliant idea. 


Device enrollment programs have become the need of the hour for the students of the K12 group. Certain reliable and trustworthy companies offer effective device enrollment programs and numerous benefits. Some primary benefits include enhanced security, quick software updates, and an easy enrollment procedure.