The online landscape is constantly evolving. As new technologies emerge, old ones fade into obscurity, and trends shift with the whims of popular culture. As such, what’s hot one day may be obsolete the next. 

How can you keep up with everything you need to know to maintain your position at the top? Can Renewal Digital offering website design for WordPress websites get you off on the right foot? Well, here’s our comprehensive guide to creating a website in 2023.

Start with a Plan

You can’t wing it and hope to make it, right? Building a website requires prior planning. Otherwise, how would you know what you’re getting into in the first place? 

What elements do you need to consider while setting up a website? Here are a few:

  • Your sitemap- pages and sections to include
  • Focus/purpose of your website
  • Headings or subheadings
  • Design- sidebar, header, footer
  • Topics you’re considering

Select a Domain Name

To build your brand’s identity and articulate your distinct value proposition, you must first choose a domain name. However, a website builder can assist you in incorporating some brand components into your domain name. Additionally, they can create a custom logo for your website, which simplifies the process of addressing the fundamentals.

Above all, your domain name should be simple enough to elicit an emotional response from your stakeholders. Additionally, it should be professional and evocative to ensure that it is easily remembered.

Choose Your Platform

Once you have a domain name, you’ll need to select a platform to build your website. WordPress is a popular option for many businesses, as it is user-friendly and offers a wide range of features and plugins. A knowledgeable professional can help you choose the right platform for your business and even build a website on your behalf.

Design Your Website

After getting down to business, you’ll need to develop a user-friendly website. A website builder can supply you with many templates and themes to get your project up and running quickly and easily. Additionally, you may use customized material to build a unique website for you and your organization.

By developing an engaging website, you may make a favorable impression on prospective visitors. Your website should, in general, check the following boxes.

  • It should be mobile-friendly for easier access. 
  • It needs to be customizable for easier differentiation
  • It should load quickly to avoid turning away potential visitors
  • It incorporates visual aids- videos or infographics

Set Up Your Pages

One of the ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors is through the pages you select for your website. Remember, you’ll use these pages to tell your business or organization’s story. Ideally, the most relevant pages to include are the following:

The Homepage: This page tells the world what your site is about. Ensure it sports a compelling design that paints a picture of your brand identity. The page needs to include your entity’s name and logo.

Product or Service Page: Your products or service offering needs to shine here. A product page lets you show the value you offer in the hope of nudging prospective customers through your sales funnel.

About Us Page: On this page, you can include the firm’s vision, values, or ideals. Personalize the page to create a unique impression.

Contact Us Section: Give your audience an easy time reaching you by including your email, phone number, and other contact information. You can also use a WordPress booking system so that your clients can book appointments with you directly instead of contacting you for that..

Blog Section: A blog section can be a handy tool for delivering value to your visitors, depending on your goals or niche. On that note, regular blog posts can boost your search engine ranking and traffic.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)  

How easily can people searching for related content find your website? Without visibility, website creation is a fool’s errand. SEO is all about generating organic traffic to your website. In turn, more traffic can convert potential leads into paying customers. In short, once your website is live, SEO can help you promote it to improve site visits.

One way to optimize your site is to choose your keywords carefully. These are the words or phrases that people are most likely to search for when looking for something related to your business. You’ll want to use these keywords throughout your website, including the blog titles and content.  

Publish Your Website

After you’ve completed your website, it’s time to publish it. However, it would help if you considered previewing it beforehand to verify that all of your ducks are in a row. Click the “publish” button on your website builder platform if all is well. After publication, your website will be visible to the entire world. That is all!

That concludes our definitive guide to creating a website in 2023. We hope this was beneficial and that you now have the information and resources necessary to construct a fantastic website. If you require assistance, contact a respected web designer or developer.