Like everything else in the world, marketing has evolved. The use of emails is a very important part of how businesses disseminate information about themselves and engage with their potential clients. Sending out bulk emails is undoubtedly efficient, but how will you know if the recipient has read it or clicked on the link that will give them more information? Enter email tracking software.

Take the Kohl’s ad or the Walmart Christmas catalog as an example; these specials target a very specific audience, and the companies know that some engagement and sales will result from sending out bulk emails of these promotions. Making use of email tracking software narrows down your recipients to a very specific audience that will not only be receptive to it but will follow through with it. Gmail has gone bigger and bigger over the years and with a lot of businesses using it for their communication, there is a need to see if the marketing is ticking all the right boxes.

We are going to give you some of the best software currently available for tracking emails on Gmail and what their packages offer. 


Mailtrack works as an extension in Google Chrome. It offers the following features:

  • You will receive notifications when your email is opened
  • It will tell you how many times the email was opened
  • It is free for tracking an unlimited number of emails
  • Offers a limited free tier; paid pro tier goes up to $9,99 per month.


Offers the following:

  • Email scheduling
  • 5 email templates
  • Real-time notifications and open tracking
  • Activity dashboard showing 25 recent actions
  • Does not have a branded email signature
  • Saleshandy is entirely free for Gmail users


Created specifically for sales and marketing people, it offers:

  • Sales templates
  • Public calendar and meeting scheduling
  • Interactive email features like the CTA button, embedding polls, and SMS widgets
  • Tracking up to 100 emails per month
  • It will show you who has opened the email on the paid plan
  • Paid plan starting at $9/month includes removing the watermark and increasing tracked emails from 100 to higher


Works as a tool that visualizes your email activity. Features the following:

  • Calculates average email response time
  • Sends you daily and weekly email activity reports
  • Identifies your top senders and recipients
  • Helps you discover your busiest email days 
  • Offers a free14 day full features trial and thereafter packages start from $5/month

As its name suggests, this email tracking tool focuses almost entirely on your customer and creating targeted marketing information. It offers:

  • Marketers are empowered to send contextually relevant communication to customers
  • Harnesses real-time behavioral data – did the customer read the email? Did they click the link? How many times? Did they continue to purchase?
  • Sends targeted SMSs, automated emails, and push notifications
  • While a bit pricey at packages that start at $150/month, it is a tool to employ when your drive is to push email marketing and focus on your customers and not how many emails you can send out. It means you tailor-make the emails to meet your customer needs and it will give you feedback from the customer.

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We have given you only a handful of email tracking software that is available, but there are plenty of others like Bananatag, Boomerang, and Yesware that are worth exploring. The key is to find which software serves your needs best and to use it to its full potential.