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GoDaddy’ is an American internet domain registrar and a web hosting company that offers one sort of platform for domain registration, virtual servers, email and web hosting as well as software and services related to it. In fact, GoDaddy also has other valuable services to offer and thus, considered to be one of the most popular and desirable web hosting companies across the globe. However, as a GoDaddy user, you might have experienced either of the following GoDaddy email problems

Top 5 Common GoDaddy Account Issues

Issue 1: GoDaddy Email Account Cannot Send & Receive Emails 
Issue 2: Cannot Log in to GoDaddy Email Account
Issue 3: GoDaddy’s Email Associated Website Not Showing in Google
Issue 4: GoDaddy’s Email Account and Website Got Hacked or Spammed 
Issue 5: GoDaddy Not Working in Outlook

If so, then today with the help of this guide we’re going to enlighten you about the solutions that you should definitely try to get rid of these above-listed issues completely! So, without wasting any further second, let’s get started—


Ways to Fix Above-listed GoDaddy Account Issues One by One

Issue 1: GoDaddy Email Account Cannot Send & Receive Emails

Not many of you know that GoDaddy uses only one centralized mail system to run all of their clients email accounts so, of course there are technical pros and cons to this setup that all GoDaddy users have to face from time and again. 

To be precise, while they deal with their entire client’s mail though this single choke point, it is quite normal for users to experience periodic GoDaddy email outages, slowdowns issues such as GoDaddy email not loading, and cannot send & receive GoDaddy emails to their respective email accounts. Having said that, if you’re wondering what you should do in such a scenario then, have a look— 

Solutions for Issue 1:

Check If GoDaddy Is down?

As said above, GoDaddy’s users might find themselves unable to access any ‘web hosting’ options. In fact, they can’t even access the client server cPanel. So, if you’ve also experienced such similar situations and issues like GoDaddy email not working, GoDaddy email not being delivered or received and cannot access GoDaddy’s website then, simply what you should consider doing is ‘check if GoDaddy server is down or not! Well, because all these above-mentioned scenarios can be the outcome of GoDaddy’s server facing some outages

To get assured of the same, visit this link. Here, you’ll get the complete status report of GoDaddy email service’s server, whether it is down or not! Well, in case, if it is down, you’ve to wait until GoDaddy resolves its temporary server issue. 

godaddy email server

However, if the GoDaddy status page indicates that service is up but still you’re having issues then, you can either consider contacting GoDaddy customer support while checking everything on your side, or you can move on to try the next given solution!

Change Your Firewall, Pop-up Blocker, Browser Security Settings

In case you can’t receive or see emails in your GoDaddy email account then, it might be because your device’s firewall settings are preventing GoDaddy’s Workspace Webmail account from working properly. Considering that in mind, you can change your firewall or pop-up blocker, or even your browser security settings to see whether it helps in receiving emails in your GoDaddy account. 

Additionally, you can also adjust your firewall settings, security software, or browser settings to allow pop-ups from GoDaddy’s Workspace Webmail. However, remember that after you make any firewall, software, or browser changes, you must—“Log out of your webmail account and then, clear your respective browser’s cache, cookies and browsing history to remove any stored passwords or auto-fill data.”

Check Your DNS Records

The next possible reason behind why you’re not receiving emails in GoDaddy could be the settings that you’re using! So, having that in mind, you can consider going to DNSChecker to check your Domain’s default MX record (directs email to a mail server) value there. If needed, change the value in your website’s DNS Zone Editor and by this, hopefully GoDaddy’s email service will start working again in the next 24 hours.

Log Out and Log In to Your GoDaddy Email Account

Although, it may sound outmoded, logging out of your GoDaddy’s email account and then, logging-in back to the same, is suggested as one of the tried and tested solutions to reinstate the proper functioning of your GoDaddy email account when you experience “unable to send or receive  email” issue within your GoDaddy’s email account.

Issue 2: Cannot Log in to GoDaddy Email Account

Well, no doubt all email accounts are bound to face login related issues and there’s hardly anyone who hasn’t faced login issues yet while accessing their respective GoDaddy’s email accounts. So, if you’re also particularly having a problem of logging in to your GoDaddy account then, try out these solutions to get rid of the same!

Solutions for Issue 2:

Reset Your GoDaddy’s Email Account Password

If you’re experiencing GoDaddy’s email login issues then, most of the time it’s because you can’t remember your GoDaddy email account’s password, or someone has hacked your GoDaddy’s account and changed its password. However, not matter what; you can get rid of the issue by try resetting your password via following these steps—

  • Step 2: Once you reach the reset password page of GoDaddy email, enter the “Username or Customer ID” that is associated with your GoDaddy’s account.
  • Step 3: After you’re done entering the username of your GoDaddy’s account, simply click on the ‘Continue’ button.
reset your godaddy's email account password
  • Step 4: Next, in order to move further with the password resetting process, complete a ‘Security Challenge’ when a “Security Challenge” wizard box will pop-up on the screen.
  • Step 5: Upon finishing the security challenge, click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Step 6: By doing so, you’ll receive an email in a few minutes that contains a password reset link for your GoDaddy’s email account. 
  • Step 7: Once you receive that email, open it and just click on the link that it contains. 
  • Step 8: On clicking the link, you’ll be taken to the final ‘GoDaddy’s Password Reset Page.’
  • Step 9: There, all you’ve to do is enter a new “Password” for your GoDaddy email account in the ‘New-Password text-field.’
  • Step 10: In continuation, confirm your password by entering the same password again in the ‘Confirm New Password text-field.’ 
  • Step 11: Once you successfully confirm your new password, follow the on-screen instructions to finally complete the password reset process of your GoDaddy’s email account.

Recover Your GoDaddy’s Email Account Username

If you are fully sure that your GoDaddy’s email account password is correct but not sure about your username and thus, not able to get access to the account then, follow these below-given steps to get your GoDaddy’s username—

  • Step 1: To begin, head towards the ‘Retrieve GoDaddy Username’ page from here.
  • Step 2: Once you reach there, enter the ‘Email Address’ of your GoDaddy’s email account.
  • Step 3: Then, simply click on the ‘Continue’ button. 
retrieve username
  • Step 4: After that, if offered, you need to complete the ‘Security Challenge.’
  • Step 5: Next, if you’ve a GoDaddy domain name that’s associated with the account then, enter the same in the ‘Domain URL’ box and just click the ‘Filter’ button.
  • Step 6: Once you do so, GoDaddy server will immediately send you a one-time-use ‘PIN’ in your account email address.
  • Step 7: So, as soon as you receive the PIN, enter it in the ‘Verification Code’ box, and click on the ‘Continue’ button to let the GoDaddy’s server shows you, your username and Customer Number.

Two-Step Authentication

The next possible reason why you cannot login to your GoDaddy email account is that you’ve enabled the two-step verification feature but aren’t receiving the codes for successful login. So, instead of the code if you’re getting error messages then, look at the below-mentioned list of solutions that you can apply in their respective situations, you might have encountered in this case! 

Not receiving the 2SV code on your mobile.You should ensure that your carrier isn’t blocking +1 (480) 360-5516.
You’re receiving an error message that says, ‘Due to too many code requests, we locked this verification method for 24 hours to protect your account.’When someone asks GoDaddy server to “resend code” too many times, it locks the 2SV method. So, in this scenario, you must wait for 24 hours and then, you can try again to receive a 2SV code.
You no longer have the mobile device or number that you’ve used to set up for 2SV You can visit Request to disable 2SV page and send GoDaddy your ‘cancel 2SV’ request and a copy of your photo ID.  
Your 2SV doesn’t work, and you wanted to cancel 2SV but were unable to do it without using 2SV to log in.In case you don’t want to use the 2SV method as it doesn’t work then, select ‘No code?’ link to choose your backup method from the list. [Note: You’ll find the link right above the text-field where you’re asked to enter a 6-digit code.] 

Fill the Regain Complete Access Form 

Well, if nothing helps, you can consider filling out this ‘Regain Access form’—

associated information

In this form, you’re asked to enter the following associated information one after the other—

  • Domain Information
  • Your Information
  • Provide Identification
  • Company Information
  • Additional Information
  • Confirmations and Agreements

To be precise, you should fill this form and send to GoDaddy server in order to log in successfully to your GoDaddy email account or domain (s) if any of the following below-mentioned situations occurred—

  • Situation 1: If you’ve lost access to the email address of your GoDaddy account.
  • Situation 2: If you’re not able to validate your GoDaddy’s email account with GoDaddy’s Customer Support.
  • Situation 3: If you’re listed as the ‘Registrant’ on either one or more domains, but have no access to your GoDaddy account that contains the domain(s).
  • Situation 4: If you receive this message that GoDaddy will respond to you as soon as possible however, allow up to 10 business days for an initial response but nothing happened after that!

Apply The Correct Procedure To Login

Although rarely, there are some users who face this particular ‘cannot login to GoDaddy email account’ issue just because they’re not logging to their account via using the correct login procedure. So, considering this as a possible cause behind the encountered issue, if you’re also not sure whether you’ve applied the right procedure to login to your respective GoDaddy email account then, you can visit here to get proper step-by-step guidance on “GoDaddy Webmail Login” procedure!

Issue 3: GoDaddy’s Website Not Showing in Google

Well, this is the fact that GoDaddy’s website builder is designed to make things super easy for the novice in getting GoDaddy’s email associated website online in just a few minutes. But, despite this, there are mistakes made when laying out a website with the website builder that make the site invisible to various search engines, leading to experience issues like “GoDaddy’s website not showing in Google.” 

Solution for Issue 3:

To get rid of this particular issue, it is suggested that you should use the WordPress platform. This is a platform that is typically installed for free by GoDaddy itself. GoDaddy designed it as a ‘Search-engine friendly’ which allows your website to easily distribute your content all across the internet and lift its ranking within the search engines. However, the only downside of WordPress is that it’s a little more complicated to set up than that of Website Builder. So, if you consider using it in place of Website Builder then, keep this in mind!

Issue 4: GoDaddy’s Email Account and Website Getting Hacked or Spammed

The incidents of ‘phishing attacks or installing viruses’ in devices for hacking and spamming have become a common scenario in today’s advanced technological world. Almost all the email services and websites that are up on the internet are vulnerable to cyber-hacking and spamming, including the GoDaddy platform. However, worry not! If you’ve strong intuition that your GoDaddy’s email account or associated website got hacked or vulnerable for hacking then, try out these solutions for the same—

Solutions for Issue 4:

Change Password At Regular-Intervals

As given in solutions of issue 2, if your GoDaddy’s email account got hacked, you can reset its password and simply regain access to the same. However, that’s not it! To further secure your GoDaddy email account and not to experience such a situation again in the future, you must consider updating your GoDaddy account password at regular intervals of 30, 60 or 90 days. And, if you don’t know how to change GoDaddy’s email password, again consider visiting this guide.

Set Your GoDaddy’s Workspace Email Account to SSL Mode

Well, if you want to secure the GoDaddy website from getting hacked or spammed, you can make sure to have an SSL certificate installed on your respective website as well as email server. Wondering how this helps? Well, let’s tell you that it will encrypt your connection you sign on to your email or admin accounts. This way, you will be able to hide your credentials from hackers and spammers. 

So, having that in mind, consider setting your GoDaddy’s Workspace Email account to SSL mode via following these steps—

  • Step 1: To set up your GoDaddy’s account to SSL mode, click on ‘Settings’ in GoDaddy’s Webmail classic view.
  • Step 2: Under settings, select the ‘Personal Settings’ option.
  • Step 3: Then, go to the ‘Security’ section and under it, select the ‘Use Full-Time SSL Mode’ option.
  • Step 4: And, in the end, just click on the ‘OK’ button.

Add GoDaddy’s Website Domain to Your Approved |Trusted Sites List

Next, in order to secure your GoDaddy website and ensure its proper functioning, what you can do is add “” to your list of approved sites. However, if you’re wondering how to do so then, have a look at the below-mentioned steps—

[Note: Considering that Google Chrome is the most used browsers across the world, we’ve listed the steps of how you can add GoDaddy’s domain to your approved sites list on Chrome. For other browsers, you can easily get the instructions on the internet.]

  • Step 1: Launch Google Chrome, click on its ‘Three horizontal lines’ icon from the top-right corner of the Address bar.
  • Step 2: In doing so, a contextual menu will appear and from the same, click on ‘Settings.’
  • Step 3: Then, on the settings window, scroll down to the bottom and there, click the ‘Show Advanced Settings’ link.
  • Step 4: Next, you’ve to simply click on the ‘Change Proxy Settings’ option.
  • Step 5: After that, click the ‘Security tab’ followed by ‘Trusted Sites’ icon.
  • Step 6: In continuation, click on ‘Sites’ section.
  • Step 7: There, enter the URL of your Trusted Site, i.e., of GoDaddy domain.
  • Step 8: Once you’re done entering the site address, click the ‘Add’ as well as ‘Close’ button simultaneously to finally add GoDaddy domain to your trusted site list. 

Constantly Update Servers and Software 

Apart from the above solutions, you can ensure that “Servers and software” like [WordPress] should be constantly up-to-date as hackers are constantly finding new ways to take advantage of your vulnerabilities. So, the only way to stay ahead of the hackers is to make sure that all your system, server and software are kept up-to-date.

Add Multiple Layers of Security

In order to make sure that you’ve multiple layers of security, firstly run your web & GoDaddy email server on a premium firewall that will automatically block suspicious activities like too many bad password attempts to hack your GoDaddy email account or website domain. 

After that, the second thing to consider is that if you run WordPress then, install WordFence as it offers a free WordPress firewall and will also notify you periodically about the things that you should watch for on your GoDaddy’s site. 

Thirdly, check if your website is more than 3 years old or has never been updated! Well, because if that’s the case then, it’s the time for you to—

  • Move onto a new host computer that too with the most up-to-date operating system &
  • Re-design/Refresh it to make sure your website is secured and protected from hackers and spammers.

Issue 5: GoDaddy Not Working With Outlook

Last but not least, being a GoDaddy Workspace Mail user, you might have also faced GoDaddy email problems with Outlook, especially while you’re using Microsoft Outlook 365. Having a note of that, we’ve also described some troubleshooting steps to help you to get rid of ‘GoDaddy Email Problems with Outlook.’ Have a look—

Solutions for Issue 5:

Make Sure Proper Connection for Workspace Mail

Until and unless you’re not connected to a proper (strong, secure and stable) internet network connection, you’re likely to continue facing the discussed issue with your GoDaddy’s workspace mail account.

Check Login Credentials

In this case also, you must not forget to check that your GoDaddy’s workspace email account is valid, and you have entered the correct associated username and password of the same. So, basically, you can cross-check your account’s login credentials to see if you’ve entered the valid one or not! Well, if not, correct them to successfully get access to your GoDaddy’s workspace mail account.

Double-Check Your Settings

At times, account settings mismatch errors can create situations where you experience GoDaddy email account problems within Outlook. Therefore, it is necessary to double-check your settings to ensure whether you’re using the right server ports as well as the right incoming and outgoing server names (Hostname). However, note that it completely depends on your respective email plan and your method of purchase.

Change SMTP Port Settings

No wonders, you can also make changes to the SMTP port settings if none of the above-mentioned solutions works in your favor to help you get rid of the Outlook email problems that you’re facing! To do so, you can execute these simple steps—

  • Step 1: You’ve to simply launch the ‘Microsoft Outlook’ application on your respective PC.
  • Step 2: Once it’s opened, click on the ‘File’ option on the taskbar.
  • Step 3: In doing so, a menu will appear on the screen and from the same, select the ‘Account Settings’ option.
  • Step 4: Then, in continuation, select your GoDaddy’s ‘Account’ and simply click on the ‘Change’ button.
  • Step 5: After that, choose the ‘More Settings’ link followed by clicking the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  • Step 6: Inside the same, change the ‘Outgoing Server Port Number’ to “465.” 
  • Step 7: Next, you’ve to change the ‘Encrypted Connection’ to “SSL.”
  • Step 8: Once you finish doing so, click on the ‘OK’ button followed by the ‘Next’ button.
  • [Optional] Step 9: After changing the SMTP port number, if you find out that the 465 port number does not work in your case then, you can alternatively consider changing the port number to “25.” 

Once you’re done with the SMTP port number changing process, check to see if this helps you fix the issue of GoDaddy email problems with outlook!


Bottom Line

That’s all! Hopefully, these respective solutions of each of GoDaddy’s email account and website related issues that we’ve listed and discussed above will help you get rid of them entirely. So, with the guidance of this guide, you can resolve problems with GoDaddy email like: GoDaddy email not working, cannot login to GoDaddy email account, GoDaddy email problems with Outlook and GoDaddy emails not sending and receiving error, etc.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated or associated or officially connected with GoDaddy. We have just written this blog to help millions of businesses worldwide that currently use GoDaddy’s email service.