As you foray deeper into the specifics of online trade platforms to make your choice, look no further than DashStamp, one of the up-and-coming brokerage houses operating an online trading platform.

What Is DashStamp?

An empowering tool backed by great artificial intelligence, DashStamp offers an unrivaled trading experience. The basic principles that dominate its very existence revolve around empowering traders and investors. This broker knows exactly what it aims to do in the financial trading world. DashStamp is here for good. 

Their platform setup is unique. They intend to make things simple while also employing empowering tools offered by the sublime forces of technology. DashStamp is not your run-of-the-mill broker. Employing the dream team of talent from around the globe, DashStamp is intending to be a leader and not a follower.

DashStamp: What are the Types of Accounts on Offer?

Understanding and facilitating the investor needs of a diverse clientele, DashStamp has set up four types of user accounts as below:

These fall under:

  1. Entry
  2. Standard
  3. Premium
  4. VIP

Every account has benefits unique to the account user it intends to cater to. 

Furthermore, DashStamp keeps customer consent and feedback as a top priority. Customers are routinely encouraged to report any feedback or bugs within the trading interface so they may be addressed at lightning speed. Similarly, if new traders coming on to the platform have any suggestions from their prior trading experiences with other brokers, DashStamp not only encourages it but welcomes it wholeheartedly. The idea is to tailor the experience to the highest industry standards and meet customer expectations.

Account Opening at DashStamp

DashStamp knows that great things need not be complicated. Hence, their onboarding procedures for clients are simple, solid, quick, and effective.

  1. Registering your details: This is the part where the client’s basic information is requested. This information is your name, cell phone number, country, and email address. 
  2. Funding: Once the investor has decided which account type they would like to select for their trading, they need to fund that account type with the requisite deposit. The deposit acceptability is from visa, Mastercard, and bank transfers.
  3. Trade: let’s begin!

Documents Required for Verification

A basic requirement stemming from registering yourself as part of DashStamp’s client base involves vetting. The vetting process is not that difficult. Simply furnish proof of identification in the form of an ID document. This might be your passport or even your citizenship ID (in English). As long as your date of birth and photo are visible, this ID will suffice.

Similarly, in order to ensure all correspondence reaches your address, proof of address is required. This can be in the form of a letter from your bank or even a letter from your healthcare provider. 

DashStamp: How to Trade: The Platform for Trading 

There are two setups for the investor:

  • Web-based
  • Mobile application
DashStamp Trading PlatformsFeatures
This platform utilizes the web browser to provide a great trading experience to the end user. Market news is synchronized in real-time to allow for accurate decision-making.Analytical ObjectsTechnical Indicators
          Time FramesPending Order Types
1 Click Trading

Alternate to DashStamp’s Web-Based Platform

Perhaps as a trader, you may not find the web trading interface right for yourself. Perhaps you believe in trading on the go, for traders like yourself, DashStamp has an alternative: The DashStamp Mobile App (for both Apple and Android)

DashStamp Financial Markets Access

DashStamp offers trades on all major markets such as:

  • Forex: The world’s most traded financial assets
  • Cryptocurrencies: The highest growing digital assets worldwide
  • Equities: Choice for many. Traders can choose a variety of companies for investment or trading. 
  • Commodities: These are usually a diversity mechanism. A range of options exists, for example, wheat or natural gas. 
  • Indices: These are stock market indexes of any particular country that point to their economic superiority. 

Is DashStamp Brokerage the Real Deal?

As the world advances in leaps and bounds specifically in the digital sphere, you need to be thorough in your choices. Every individual deserves to vet any potential investment opportunity so as not to suffer ill consequences later on in life. 

DashStamp offers the investor security in the fact that it is compliant with the legal framework of its country of operation along with following KYC requirements.

Many users in the past have raised concerns regarding its trading sphere not protecting the client from market dips, also known as the stop loss feature. However, DashStamp has worked on this issue and is continuing to work on this adequately for its client’s betterment.

Since oftentimes the good outweighs any downsides, similarly, DashStamp’s platform along with its customer support provisions make it a worthy contender for many investors.

If this excites you, register with DashStamp today and start your journey into the financial realm as simple as 1,2,3.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.