Cooking is not a choice, but a necessity. Not everyone is an amateur chef or passionate about cooking or experimental with food. But even they need to cook to kill the hunger. No one is there who doesn’t know how to cook. Cooking is like having sex, everyone knows how to do it, but there are only a few who are good at it. 

If you’re a beginner in the kitchen or an amateur chef, I have some great cooking tips for you. Don’t bother about how your food looks as long as it tastes good. This is the difference between homemade food and restaurant food. You have nobody to impress with the garnish and serving ideas. When you cook at home, the only motto is to kill the appetite with healthy and tasty food. 

So Cookinglife shares these tricks to make your daily cooking easier. 

1. Don’t Put Ice cream Direct into the Freeze

Ice cream becomes hard as a shell when you store it in the freezer and takes a long time before you can finally have a scoop. To solve this issue, but the ice cream in a zip-lock plastic bag and then put it inside the freezer. It will help the ice cream remains as it was before. You can take it out and have a scoop anytime. Cookinglife doesn’t want your cravings to wait before having your favorite ice cream.

2. Use Banana as Delicious Ice-cream Base

First, freeze the banana and then mash it up like a dense smoothy. Banana is enriched with vitamins and fibers use the mashed banana for making ice cream. You can add other fruits the same way to make healthy homemade ice cream as dessert. Don’t forget to add some dry fruits as toppings. For more delicious homemade ice cream recipes, follow the cooking life.

3. Use Dental Floss to Cut Soft Foods

You might have a nice range of knives and chopper, but things often go messier when the food is softer. Cutting a Swiss roll, cheese, or pork belly for delicious ramen is not something a knife can do precisely. In that case, use Dental floss to cut this tricky sensitive food into perfect pieces. 

4. Cook Enough Food at Once and Store It in the Freeze

For people who don’t like cooking or can’t get much time for their busy schedule, cooking daily is a pain in the ass. To counter this problem, you can simply cook enough food for the entire week on the holiday and preserve them in freeze. It would save a lot of time and effort. Food stored in the refrigerator remains perfectly fine for at least a week. Just take the food out and let it rest for some time to acquire the normal temperature. Cookinglife has so many time-saving tips for you to save both your money and time.

5. Preserve the Herbs by Using Microwave

Herbs become bad quickly even after putting them inside the freezer. The moisture makes it dry and looks dead. To solve this problem, make a blend of your herbs and let them dry in the microwave. Give it intervals of 20 seconds until the herbs are dry enough to get crushed by hands. Now put the dried herbs into a container and it would remain the same for the next year without a refrigerator.  Cookinglife has brought this trick to make your cooking life easier. 

6. Let Your Eggs Stay a Few Days in the Freeze to Peel Them Easily

Boiling an egg sounds very easy, doesn’t it? But only experts know that it’s not. There is perfect timing for soft and hard-boiled eggs. The timing depends on how you want your yolk to look! However, just boiling is not enough, for a perfect breakfast you need to peel the egg perfectly without damaging it. 

Sometimes eggs are mischievously difficult to peel when they’re boiled. Let your eggs stay in the freeze for a week before boiling them, it would make the peeling process super smooth and easy. Try it now to see the difference!

Cookinglife is dedicated to making your cooking hassle-free and easy. We find ways to save your time and money and share the tricks with you. Follow us if you find these hacks useful. And don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us. 

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