As more and more individuals adopt Bitcoin and trade in different digital coins, we now see even top retailers and companies adopting the same for their payment options. The number of businesses is now adding up in businesses that accept BTC and other digital coins. Many people accept the same, from top food companies to beverages and financial companies. In this post, we will be talking about the top companies adopting Bitcoin, allowing their customers to pay in Bitcoin and other digital coins. However, if you intend to explore the sites in detail, you can visit BitQL App ™ – Official Site 2022 [ MOST UPDATED ] for more. Now, we will check the 5 top businesses that adopt Bitcoin the most, have a look:

1). PayPal 

The first in this list is the payment platform giant – PayPal. It helps in accepting Bitcoin as a payment. Not only that, but it also gives you a chance to buy and sell Bitcoin using their platform. Thus it becomes the best way to start your idea of trading in Bitcoin, and many are seen using it as an exchange-like platform. You also have to check the IDs and then start dealing with Bitcoin and other digital coins given by PayPal. It means you have verified users to deal with, thus having no chance of getting a ride. Many more retailers worldwide accept money on PayPal as a payment option. It means you are paying only with Bitcoin using PayPal to anyone worldwide. We now see that more and more stores and retail platforms accept payments that can help you pay at any time. 

2). Starbucks 

The next on this list is Starbucks, allowing you to deal in Bitcoin and other digital coins. It is a known coffee shop chain and has recently networked with Bakkt, a famous banking app that further allows them to run their business on the app. Thus using this app, you can now trade in digital currencies. Thus, Starbucks allows you to enjoy your coffee and muffins and helps you deal with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The company is also planning to accept Bitcoin as their payment with a successful run over the app. 

3). AXA Insurance 

One of the known insurance companies is AXA Insurance, and it is the first in the insurance sector to accept digital coins and Blockchain in this regard. Perhaps it can help give you no surprise that the insurance company is now accepting much more payment with the help of BTC. We now see many more insurance companies accept the technology of Blockchain to help in automating and thus speeding up the claims and processing and performing the required background checks while applying for any policy. We recently heard that AXA even offered BTC to its clients in nations like Switzerland as a payment choice. More and more customers are now using BC Suisse for paying for their premiums with the help of using the exchange rate as found in Swiss Francs and BTC.

4). MasterCard 

The company is known for its presence in the banking sector in a big way. You may not find its card directly in the market, but it has collaborated with various companies to pay in Bitcoin at various retail shops. One of the known companies, called MasterCard, seemed to have collaborated with the banking app Bakkt. It means that MasterCard customers can now deal with digital coins using the said app. You have the choice of applying for a BTC debit card that comes issued with Visa and MasterCard. You can use it at different places wherein debit cards are readily accepted, like most retail stores worldwide and even at all the ATMs.

5). Microsoft 

It is no surprise that the technology giant also takes a plunge in Bitcoin and other digital coins by accepting them as a payment mode. Many customers have been requesting to pay in Bitcoin to the company’s digital services with the help of adding a Skype account and other things. Therefore, the company has emerged as the early group to announce its collaborations with Bitcoin and other coins. It was the first company n the US which started to accept Bitcoin way back in 2014, and we also know that Bill Gates, the owner of the company, remains a big fan of crypto.

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