If you are just starting your business, search for a great website design. An online store should look great if you plan to launch an advertising campaign. After all, a person will get to an uncomfortable, aged, and not attractive portal before going through a link or a banner. Therefore, they are more likely to abandon the idea of ​​a purchase. Remember, you don’t need a lot of money to get a chic, stylish, modern, and comfortable appearance. Bike HTML templates on the marketplace TemplateMonster are inexpensive. Any startup business can buy the service.

Today we’ll figure out what to look for to make a startup website get the best look.

Make The Right List Of Proposals

Take, for example, TemplateMonster, where there are hundreds of design-ready-made options for online stores and websites. Go to the specific section, and select your CMS. It can be Magento, WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop, and others.

Next, you receive a suggestions list for improvement. There is a filter on the left. There you choose your business type. This point is important because each activity field has characteristics and requirements for appearance, colors, and functionality. Developers approach the issue individually and create real customer-oriented products.

If your business isn’t listed, select a similar one. For example, in the absence of proposals for the sale of climbing equipment, choose other sports-related or about nature.

Choose a Right Color

The next step is to decide on the colors of the bike HTML template. There are two strategy options in this case:

  • Choose themed colors. Active people riding motorcycles and similar modes of transport love the drive, stylish design, and certain types of graphics. Dark tones combined with details of catchy shades are the perfect option. After all, among the buyers are not only men but also women.
  • You can build on the official corporate symbols of the company. You probably have a logo or plan to create one. Choose layouts that perfectly contrast or complement its main coloring.

Remember, developers often offer color schemes to choose from. There is a design presented in the Demo – not the final version. Most often, there are 3-4 more options.

Carefully Study The Functionality

You think that the product’s characteristics should be the same. The difference is only in appearance. However, this is a common mistake since there are many developers on marketplaces like TemplateMonster. There are differences in the offers’ content. Each company tries to make sure that its product is bought. Hence, cool options or great bonuses are often added. For example, free plugins, various integrations, multilingualism, multicurrency, and free support.

Here is a list of required features:

  • SEO friendly. It’s useful because it prepares the website for further promotion in search engines. In this case, all preliminary work has already been done. Your marketer or SEO specialist will be pleased.
  • The responsive design of the bike HTML template. Often sales come from phone users. Every year the trend gets stronger. The interest of business owners in users of different devices is growing. It would help if you looked competitive against other online shops. Responsive design, in this case, is a great solution. It adapts to any screen settings. It doesn’t matter if it’s vertical or horizontal.
  • Product comparison, wishlist, and quick view. These three possibilities are basic if you aren’t a manufacturer but a seller. Options increase the convenience for visitors and make the portal customer-oriented and useful.

All other features are a great plus. Read the descriptions and only then buy.


When you start your own business, it isn’t easy to cover all the tasks. Don’t be upset even if you didn’t immediately create such an online shop that you would like to have. You may always get down to business and bring the design to the desired result. Buy themes at any stage of the firm’s development. The main thing is not to forget the basic rules of choice and rely on personal experience and knowledge about the potential audience.


ANS: The product is an excellent inexpensive solution for a startup business. It gives a new look, more stylish and modern. Also, the resulting page layouts are easily editable without special skills since the creator firm provided such an opportunity.

ANS: Find theme data on TemplateMonster. This resource has stood the test of time. It differs in that all payments from customers are protected. There are a lot of choices, various developers, and even permanent promotions.

ANS: The question is difficult because often, marketplaces select the best offers from developers. Remember that the most suitable proposal is the one you choose based on individual needs. Also, don’t forget about the necessary options we discussed earlier.

ANS: Settings – a separate topic for discussion. The recommendations are general for any business. Most third-party developments have instructions and facilities for customization. Read documents and innovate.