With the increase in urbanization, the need for service businesses also increased in the past few years, especially the HVAC service business. As per a projection estimation by Statista, the market volume of the HVAC market is likely to reach 151.1 million units by 2024.

This shows a blooming business opportunity as every new day, the number of new private and public properties is increasing, and so is the demand for HVAC installation and services. But, to automate and fasten some of the business operations, you must use HVAC apps that help you schedule jobs, maintain data, generate invoices, and much more.

If you have already established an HVAC service business or are planning one, this blog is for you. We have researched and explained the 5 best HVAC apps for service techs that help build a robust business model.


Jobber is a trusted service scheduling HVAC app among users. It provides practical solutions to service business owners. They cover everything from job scheduling to client management and estimating to invoicing.

Jobber is designed specifically for the busy HVAC professional who needs a tool that delivers on-demand maintenance scheduling and online business management solutions.

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Jobber gives you access to all your customers’ information in one place. You can see all your customer’s history, including previous jobs and projects they accomplished.


  • You can generate batch invoices.
  • It gives frequent updates so you can keep up with the new features.
  • Its integration system merges with other CRM solutions.


  • Jobber is a bit overpriced compared to other HVAC apps.
  • Ideal for small and mid-sized HVAC businesses only.


FieldCamp is one of the most preferred HVAC apps by service techs. Because of its many useful features and quick customer service, FieldCamp is leading in the HVAC market.

FieldCamp helps you with all the operations essential for your HVAC business. It saves hours of job scheduling time by eradicating paperwork and enabling you to schedule jobs in moments.

FieldCamp automates 90% of your business operations and saves 95% of job scheduling time. Along with job scheduling, it automates operations like dispatching technicians, reporting, tracking, invoicing, and payments.

Also, FieldCamp generates reports of your technicians’ and company’s performance at different time intervals. So, you can improvise the sectors that are lagging. Basically, FieldCamp is your all-in-one HVAC app easing your managerial tasks. 


  • Reschedule jobs anytime before their start time.
  • Provides easy work automation.
  • Less subscription price compared to others.


  • It doesn’t provide route optimization.

Housecall Pro

Some of the features of Housecall Pro are different from others. Like it directly integrates with Quickbooks to help you manage your accounting and finances. Also, it has in-built GPS vehicle tracking that enables you to track your workers dispatched for the job.

Also, Housecall Pro has in-app chat support to get solutions for your problems on the go.


  • Set and send auto-notifications to your clients.
  • It has some useful in-built marketing tools.
  • You can add payment notes.


  • Customer reviews are not satisfying.

Service Fusion

Service Fusion is helpful in service scheduling because it allows you to create a schedule that fits your business needs. Service Fusion helps you easily manage and coordinate all aspects of your service operation, from scheduling and assigning employees to performing preventative maintenance on equipment.

Service Fusion is a cloud-based platform that helps organizations to manage the entire service management process. It automates the service management tasks and streamlines customer engagement with the organization.


  • Manage all your resources from one place.
  • Create schedules for multiple channels and locations.
  • Use it to create a production workflow.
  • It has an easy-to-use UI with drag-and-drop functionality.


  • Reporting is limited and not accurate also.
  • It doesn’t give a free trial.
  • Backend support is terrible. Lacks attention to reports and bugs.


ServiceFusion is another popular service scheduling tool that helps you manage your business by giving you advanced features like time-tracking, employee management, and invoicing.

It has the ability to organize and schedule all your employees, customers, and any other resources. Using ServiceTrade, you can schedule your tasks in advance, reduce the total cost per hour, and ensure that your employees are not overworked or under-utilized. 

It can also make sure that there is no overlap between any of the times

you have set for different tasks. You can create a schedule for all your services, assign them to different employees, track their work hours, and more.


  • Quick in solving issues reported by customers.
  • It integrates easily with Quickbooks and Intacct.


  • There is no free trial period available with them, so you will have to pay the full amount before you can use their services.
  • There’s no customization option to set settings according to your business requirements.


Running an HVAC business is profitable, yet it requires a lot of management. So, choosing the right HVAC app is crucial. Once you select the right HVAC app, scheduling jobs and managing other operations become easy. 

We hope this guide has been useful to you in choosing the right HVAC app for your business.

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