Forex cards are the most popular and convenient method for international payments. And many abroad travelers prefer plastic money to make foreign currency payments instead of using cash, credit, or debit cards. While using debit or credit cards locally is very helpful within the country and offers many benefits, using them for abroad payment can bring high conversation charges, markup fees, and other additional charges. 

But a Forex card can be easily loaded with foreign currencies that you can use on your foreign trips to make payments. Also, it does not charge any extra fee for currency conversion, markup, and other high fees. So, if you are planning to study abroad, getting a multi-currency forex card or travel card is essential. It can also effectively save you money. But there are thousands of forex, so choosing the best cards can be daunting. Here we will share a list of the best travel cards for your help.

What is a Forex Card?

Before we share the list of best forex cards, let us briefly learn what it offers. A forex or foreign currency exchange card is a prepaid card that works similarly to international credit or debit cards. It is also known as a prepaid travel card. It is a ready-to-use card, and you can easily load foreign currencies for your abroad payments. It is an easy way to make foreign payments; you can collect cash from ATMs abroad and do not need to carry cash everywhere.

Also, the currency loaded in a forex card stays the same no matter whether the currency market rates go up or down. In addition, using forex cards also helps you avoid extra charges on making payments abroad and saves you money. 

Best Forex Cards for Indian students

There are numerous forex cards in the market provided by different forex dealers and bank authorities. Also, different cards work differently and offer special benefits to the specific user. For example, a student card is specially designed for Indian students studying abroad and offers exclusive advantages. But it can be tough to understand which student cards are best for you as there are many. So, here is a list of the best forex cards for your knowledge. 

Niyo Global student card

The Niyo Global student card is one of the most popular forex cards among Indian students who study abroad. It is a multi-currency forex card produced by Niyo Global, collaborating with State Bank of Mauritius (India) Visa limited. Niyo global student cards offer zero forex markup’ and lower charges making it one of the most convenient and suitable cards for Indian students. You can get this card easily through online application and minimal documentation. The card offers – 

  • Zero loading fee.
  • Zero currency conversion fee and zero markup fee. 
  • It does not cost any additional charge for activation or inactivity. 
  • It also offers a zero balance saving account opening.
  • You can load multiple currencies at a single time. 
  • It works in more than 160 countries. 
  • It offers 5% interest on your loaded balance. 
  • It allows you to load Indian currency and use them for foreign currencies to make payments outside India. 

HDFC Multi-currency Forex Card

HDFC multi-currency forex card is also popular among Indian students studying abroad. It offers 22 different currency loading options. So, students can use them in any country where they are studying. The card also offers free 5L insurance coverage against any scam or misuse of the card. 

  • It has a 500 INR issuance and 100 INR re-issuance charge.
  • It also has a 2% cross-currency foreign markup fee. 
  • The card has a 75 INR fee for reloading. 
  • One can load or reload money in the card through net banking.
  • Loading or reloading the card with 1L INR offers an Amazon voucher worth 1000 USD. 
  • Less cross-currency markup than many another international debit/credit cards. 
  • Free insurance worth 5L INR for purchasing it. 
  • Also, loading the card with 1000 USD or a similar amount of any other currency can cut out the issuance fee.

IndusInd Bank Multi-currency Forex Card

IndusInd Bank provides an advanced chip multi-currency foreign exchange card that makes international payments safe and secure against money scams and currency fluctuations. It is also best suited for Indian students, making their abroad payments easy. It is also good for net banking facilities. You can get an IndusInd Bank multi-currency forex card from your nearest IndusInd Bank branch or the Bank’s official website. The card can load 14 foreign currencies, and Indian students can use them in different countries to make payments. 

  • It has 300 INR for issuance and 100 INR for the re-issuance fee.
  • The inactivity fee will be charged 3.00 USD per quarter after 18 months of inactivity.
  • It charges 100 INR for loading. 
  • The issuance charge can be skipped by using a coupon.
  • Loading or reloading the card with 1L INR offers 500 to 1000 USD worth of Uber vouchers. 
  • Instant alert for your every transaction. 
  • Easy transaction facility.   

BookMyForex Card 

BookMyForex is also a reliable and one of the best foreign exchange cards for Indian students. This card is offered by Yes Bank and can load 14 different currencies with zero markup charge. It also provides free insurance against skimming, fraud, and liability worth 1.5L INR. The card is good for both abroad students and travelers.

  • It has no issuance fee. 
  • It has no load, reload or refund fee. 
  • The cross-currency fee is 3.5% on the transaction. 
  • 5 USD inactivity fee for every 12 months of inactivity. 
  • It offers the fastest transfer facility with \in 12-48 hours. 
  • It also offers free insurance of 1.5L INR. 

ICICI Bank Student Forex Card

ICICI Bank also offers international cards for Indian students called ICICI Bank student forex cards. It is specially designed for Indian students who are studying abroad. The card is easy to use and can be purchased/loaded/reloaded from your nearest ICICI Bank branch or the iMobile App. 

  • It requires 500 INR for issuance and 200 INR for an annual fee.
  • The reloading fee is 100 INR.
  • And the Cross-currency markup fee is 3.5%. 
  • It offers an international student identity card or ISIC and a membership of 590 INR.
  • Free protection insurance worth 1,600 INR. 
  • Free insurance against counterfeit, liability, and card loss worth 5L INR.
  • 40% discount on excess baggage and a 20% discount on couriers from DHI.   

 Benefits of Using  Forex Cards 

When you are going abroad for your higher studies, you have a lot of preparation, from documents to arranging money. And getting an international debit card is an essential part of your preparation that will help you eliminate extra fees on your foreign payments and makes your international payments hassle-free. And here is a list of benefits you can get when you choose the best forex cards for your abroad payments. 

Easy to Use 

These cards are the easiest payment method for people traveling in a foreign country. They are similar to credit or debit cards; you can use them to withdraw money from ATMs, make online payments, and much more. The cards are also easy to carry and use compared to traveler’s cheques, cash, or credit cards.  

Saves Money 

Using credit or normal debit cards to make payments internationally can cause higher fees and various charges like cross-currency markup, currency conversion fees, Annual fees, and much more. But when you use a forex car, you can avail many exciting discounts and advantages and avoid different transaction fees. 


Using raw cash or traveler’s cheque is troublesome and can increase safety concerns. They can be easily stolen, misplaced, or damaged by water, fluid, etc. But the best forex cards offer higher security standards and ensure safe transactions. 


Studying in an abroad country can be a dream for you, and you must ensure that you have prepared everything to make your journey abroad and stay smooth. So, if you plan to get a forex card for your abroad payments, you can benefit from it. Choosing one of the best forex cards will also enable you to enjoy easy foreign currency transactions with high levels of security. We hope your reading was helpful and knowledgeable!