In recent years, e-commerce has become a player in global business. According to Statista, over two billion people purchased goods and services online in 2020. 

 According to Statista, over two billion people purchased goods and services online in 2020. 

If you’re running a start-up or an e-commerce business, chances are you are plotting ways to beat the competition. That’s where online marketing comes in as online marketing tools will help you achieve this goal. 

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The Relevance of Marketing for E-commerce

E-commerce marketing makes it easy for customers to find your products. Here’s why that is important:

a) It Broadens Your Brand and Expands Your Business Reach

E-commerce marketing is an excellent approach to transitioning your brand from a traditional brick-and-mortar to a cutting-edge online business. 

With e-commerce, you can fully interact and engage with the target audience, market your brand, and even persuade them to become regular customers.

b) It Helps the Business Go International

Unlike running a physical store where you can only offer products and services to

consumers around that geographical area, e-commerce marketing allows you to host an online brand without borders, reaching customers worldwide.

c) Enhances the Image of the Business

A good reputation helps you stand out from competitors. Online marketing may improve the brand appeal and capture customers’ attention. Consumers’ interaction during marketing can give you suggestions and feedback on areas that need improving.

d)  Increases Sales

Marketing informs clients of the latest news about your products and services. Information on up-to-date products creates awareness and entices customers into making the purchase, increasing sales.

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Online Marketing Tools That Will Boost Your E-commerce

1. SEMrush

SEMrush helps in keyword research, traffic analysis, and competitor analysis. With SEMrush, you can track competitors’ marketing strategies and perform product ads, information that may assist in plotting strategies.

2. Omnisend

It is a marketing automation platform with tons of features like push notifications, pops-up,

segmentation, social media, and Google ads integration. 

With this tool, you can set up timely campaigns that spark notifications on various channels and set auto discounts codes, things that improve customers’ experience.

3. AdEspresso

The online tool allows you to create and manage ads across multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. You don’t have to hire staff for each platform or switch from one to the other. 

Using AdEspresso helps track your marketing campaign, highlighting areas you need to improve.

4. Google Analytics

Its powerful analytic tools will aid in tracking data such as bounce rate, conversation rate, and traffic sources. Google Analytics helps discover the customer journey, interests, and values. Using these statistics effectively will help attract more customers.

5. Google Ads

You can advertise on various platforms, utilizing different campaign types and ad formats. To increase product exposure and improve your brand, use Google Ads to create marketing campaigns.

Some Extra Tips on Running an Effective Online Marketing Campaign

Having a visible presence on relevant social media platforms is crucial for the success of your business. 

Consumers are mainly using mobile phones and tablets to access the web. 79% of them have purchased something over the internet in the past half-year. 

For that reason, optimizing your website for mobile browsing is vital, so develop your website and content to accommodate portable devices.

Using infographics in your campaigns can attract more consumers as the brain processes pictures faster than texts.

Lastly, combine SEO and content marketing. Providing valuable, reliable, and original content that answers the search questions, helps in ranking and builds trust with consumers who can become potential buyers.


E-commerce is a lucrative business venture. You can succeed in this crowded market by employing the best online marketing tools like SEMrush, AdEspresso, and Omnisend.

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