Running shoes from New Balance seamlessly blends stylish design with high-performance functionality.

New Balance was founded in Boston in 1906 by William Riley, who began selling arch supports for shoes. Although the company did not produce its first pair of sneakers until 1938, New Balance quickly established a reputation for high quality.

The Trackster running shoe, a ground-breaking innovation since it is made to fit feet of various widths, was introduced in 1960, marking the beginning of its evolutionary progress. The 320 running shoe from New Balance solidified the brand’s position as the industry leader in running by 1976 when it surpassed all competitors.

Over time, New Balance created top-notch running and sports shoes and committed to producing some of them here in the country. And here’s a top 5 list of the best shoes for running that you can check online:

Fresh Foam 860v12

Not everybody has a body capable of participating in physically demanding sports. Few people engage in it for enjoyment. This new running shoe design from New Balance is no joke! The Fresh Foam 860V12 enhances Fresh Foam’s industry-leading cushioning performance with a strong medial post to add crucial stability. Even a test editor agrees that these shoes of Fresh Foam with a supportive medical post provide essential stability.

Fresh Foam 860v12

FuelCell Prism v2

FuelCell Prism v2

The New Balance FuelCell Prism gives the vibe of a stylish shoe that still prioritizes comfort and cushioning over stability and support. The best suggestion is that if you’re a neutral runner, this might feel like a dream for you.

This shoe’s design is specifically about the lightweight and bouncy FuelCell midsole foam. Neutral shoes generally are simple because they do not have added support to be lighter, yet they have additional cushioning, particularly on the heel. This new design of New Balance shoes delivers comfort and lightweight support, perfect for those who are neutral runners.

Fresh Foam Hierro v6

Fresh Foam Hierro v6

New Balance claims that the Hierro v6 is best for hiking and running on trails. It can be proven by the reviews of it on the website of New Balance. People find them the most comfortable shoes to hike in. Some say that they are positively addictive to wear. The Hierro v6 remains a reviewer favorite. Not only because of its running and hiking functionality but also its street-smart design.

That is why it is not surprising that this pair of shoes capture the hearts of adventurous people since their design is specifically made for them. The Hierro’s midsole and outsole create a cushioned barrier between the foot and the trail. It only means that it has stable control and impressive responsiveness.

FuelCell Rebel v2

FuelCell Rebel v2

Since this pair of shoes is light and airy, it is perfect for those who are daily runners. It has a synthetic/mesh construction for a locked-down fit, and the midsole provides an explosive energy return underfoot.

A Running Guru compared Version 1 to Version 2, and it makes more sense that this version of Rebel is much more flexible and softer. Additionally, the Guru stated that this pair of shoes are lightweight and are best for easy and steady runs.

Fresh Foam 1080 v12


With its thin cushioning, the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v12 takes the spotlight. The latest 1080 from New Balance has a complete Fresh Foam cushioning bed, making it fit for every type of runner. It is fit for everyone! 

Tips on Buying Running Shoes Online

People don’t argue that buying things online is much more convenient than going into physical stores, especially if you live far from shopping centers. Shopping online for the things you want takes less effort and time. 

Here are a few tips you can follow as you buy your running shoes online:

  • Make sure you know your right shoe size.
  • Check the description of the products thoroughly.
  • Make sure to check product reviews by other buyers.
  •  You can always wait and check for upcoming sales if you want to save some pennies.


Nowadays, it’s easy to check online sites to buy new shoes. New Balance shoes use a variety of innovative technologies to create one-of-a-kind experiences. Designers collect massive amounts of data from real runners to inform innovative technology that propels you forward faster.